No longer recruiting
Restoration Druid and Ret Pally spot filled.

Still on the look out for individuals with a great personality!

We pay our raiders to raid! More info just direct your questions to our officers.
Still on the lookout!
Still on the lookout for a Mistweaver and a DPS shaman! Filled our DK and Rogue spot.

Our 10 mans combined into the 25 ~28 confirmed on our roster.
Still looking for great players with epic personality! Also, we have bacon bourbon.
yay 25s!
Filled the Mistweaver spot, now on the lookout for a Windwalker!
Still on the lookout!
Looking for more!
I see what you did there with the guild name, and I like it.
Still on the lookout!
Looking for more! 25 mans!
Finalizing out recruitment. Don't miss this opportunity!
Looking for amazing players!
Still on the lookout!
Get paid to raid!
Still looking for talented individuals.
Hello there, my raid group recently broke up and I am looking for a new team. I'm familiar with 1/6H MV, 4/6 reg HoF, and 3/4 reg Terrace. I hope to hear from you soon by in-game mail or whisper.

DW frost dk
488 iLvl

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