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Could someone help me ,my DPS is always the lowest in a group what can i do to up it?
You have an agility trinket on that is doing nothing for you plus your spec and glyphs look like they have been chosen at random, go here:

While you are there check out your rotation and stat priorities.
thanks for that
Can someone help me please. Im using this addon called "TellMeWhen." Pretty much what I want it to do when i activate my shadowfiend is to show a timer countdown until my shadowfiend is no longer.
well ur missing 9 enchants and 4 gems (with a belt buckle) and uve got a healing trinket on for a start. just bcoz ur gears not epics doesnt mean u shouldnt spend a couple hundred gold getting enchants for it, just buy the cheaper ones coz ur gonna replace the gear soon enough anyway. If you bought some enchants and gems youd prolly reach the hitcap at least.

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