<Divergence> 5/8 H

Divergence is a Rading guild off the server Uldaman (US). We stopped raiding 2 and a half months ago due to players having to stop playing because of work, family situations, waiting for MoP, ETC. Uldaman is not a very vibrant server to recruit serious raiders especially this late in the patch. I will be moving our guild (lvl 8) to Garrosh because I have spent a week or so on the server and I have enjoyed it and I also think it will be a better opportunity for my guild to get 8/8 H before MoP.

Im leaving this post because I would like to start looking at applicants and get to know anyone who is interested in joining. The guild we be transferred by Friday the 27th of this month. My main is already transferred to Garrosh you can send me a pm or in game mail or hop on our mumble server. Ill send you the info if you contact me in game. My UN is Slåpyoho. Hit me up for any info or questions.

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