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Willie thrown out of the surprise there. Dat Hantz family temper. I like how at the beginning he was like "I'm not anything like Russell". HA

Anyway I'm still 100% rooting for Team Britney! Hopefully Shane and JoJo can survive this week by getting Danielle evicted! My least favorite people in the house are Joe, Janelle, Boogie, and Frank. On the other hand I like Britney, Shane, JoJo, Ashley, and Jenn.

Any other fans out there want to weigh in?
Honestly, I used to like the US version of Big Brother. Watched many seasons of it.

Then I checked out Big Brother UK. Man, it blows away our version in every way. Since I started watching theirs, I haven't bothered to watch ours anymore.

The first Big Brother that aired here used the same format as other countries. Then, for some reason, we changed the game. And we are the only country to have done so, in the way that we did.

The UK version has so many interesting aspects to it.

First off, it's on British TV, which means... pretty much anything goes. They don't censor bad language, nudity, or anything of that sort.

Although the housemates over there nominate people for eviction, the public chooses who stays and who goes. Thus, the fake/rude/lame people get what they deserve... they generally get booted out.

And when they do leave, its not into a quiet, private environment like with Julie Chen. Huge crowds gather outside the house for every eviction, holding up signs and chanting to "get <person> out!", or to cheer them if they were liked.

Over there, they show a one hour highlight show every day to keep you up to speed. In addition to that, there is a companion show, "Big Brother's Bit on the Side", which runs an hour and has celebrity guests, previous housemates, etc. on for interviews and stuff. It's a really, really funny show on it's own.

There are other differences too, like the fact that it is against the rules for the housemates over there to talk about nominations in any way or influence the votes of the others. If housemates break the rules, generally the housemates are gathered and the "private" conversation is then broadcast to everyone.

The people they choose to live in the house are genuinely interesting as well. Not like the plastic, fake people we have on over here.

If you love Big Brother, and you want to check out a really, really cool version of it, check out Big Brother UK. You can watch it on youtube or find a torrent.

The current season is really good, but I'd suggest BB7 as the best. Pete Bennett was simply an amazing contestant.

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