Experienced Raiders LF MoP Guild

Hello all!

A friend and I have recently re-rolled to this server, due to our current server decreasing in population. We're both experienced raiders and have extensive raid backgrounds, mind extending back to Vanilla, and his to Burning Crusade. As far as our Raid Progression this Tier.. We both went 6/7 Heroic FL Pre-Nerf, and went 6/8 Heroic DS just after the 10% nerf came out. I went 7/13 Heroic when BWD/BoT/Tot4W was progression as well.

At the time we both played Resto Druids and my friend will be continuing in that role. I however will be switching to Warlock come MoP and more than likely playing Affliction (Can switch to whatever raid needs however.)

What you can expect from us:

  • You can expect us to come to raids prepared, on time and ready to down content!
  • You can expect us to pull our own weight, min/maxing where possible.
  • You can expect us to perform optimally and take constructive criticism where it is needed.
  • Most of all, you can expect us to treat guild members and those outside the guild with respect, we're all here to have fun and I believe it's important to remember that! (While downing content of course :P)
  • What we're looking for:

    Basically, we're searching for a late night Raiding Guild, preferably Alliance. What I mean by this is starting sometime around 11:30 PM ST. End time does not matter, but as we both work second shift, it is imperative that the group start late at night. We also expect the group to have a progression mind-set and have a desire to push content when MoP is released. Players who do their research and know their class inside and out, and perform optimally in their roles.

    If you sound like something we would be interested in, then I urge you to post your information below! If you'd like to leave your real ID, do so and I'll add you in-game (Or character name)

    we might be interested, were currently 5/8 H and we may need a lock and resto druid, if your interessted, let me know, we are raiding on the weekends in mop at 1:00pm server sat and sun

    Let me know

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