391 Ret Pally LF Raiding Guild

Burning Legion
391 Ret Pally LF Raiding Guild. I'm a strict ret pally and have been a ret pally since vanilla. When BC came out I switched from Ally to Horde to play with some RL friends. I have 8/8 Normal Exp and have had attempts on H Morchok. I am willing to raid 10 or 25, and would to start heroics.

*Things You Should Know*
-I can make almost all raid times
-I Know all the fights for heroic (I do my research)
-I've been playing since vanilla.
-I can use mumble or ventrillo. Both are set up and ready to go.

*What I'm Looking For*
-A good group to raid with that will progress and get 8/8 HDS before MoP
-Not only a guild, but a family that has minimal drama

If you're interested, add me with RealID- Dee@eoigaming.com
Or message me in-game @ Commaloco
Or Reply to this thread.

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