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So I have a bit of a weird issue. I am from the EU side and my account is EU and I came to the US forum to read on some topics. I then noticed I was logged in on my own account (like normal) but I see someone else's character list. So this post is made from a character that is not mine. I can see the persons characters/his auctions and events so I'm not sure what is going on here but it does seem like a big issue. Made a ticket but it's not really an in-game issue so the GM couldn't help me with it and told me it's better if I post here.

What is causing this weird glitch?

PS. sorry for the guy whose character this is but I'm sure he wants this resolved asap as well.

EDIT: For some additional info, I logged out, in cleared cookies and tried another browser all with the same result.
Same here. Its actually funny.
Little bit. But pretty sure this should be fixed pretty quickly.
Going to bump this since to me it feels like a huge glaring security issue really.
hmmm this doesn't sound very good at all.


same issue here

i think its something with pre order MoP license

all chars EU users can post with are unaccessable in armory... maybe deleted old chars or accounts
I'm even in a guild XD Weird stuff.

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