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To help clear up some concerns regarding the recently-announced World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria Beta Sweepstakes, we’ve put together a quick FAQ featuring the most common questions that we’ve seen from the community.

Q. Why did you replace the opt-in with a sweepstakes on Facebook?
A. The Mists of Pandaria beta opt-in has not been replaced. The sweepstakes is an additional way for us to randomly give out keys to our Facebook followers, but it has not replaced the beta opt-in. We’ll still be sending out beta invites to players who have opted-in, as normal.

Q. Why Facebook?
A. When we release important news and announcements about World of Warcraft, Facebook is among the ways we get the message out. Since a significant portion of our players have Facebook accounts, we’d like to encourage them to follow us so that they can stay up-to-date on the latest news and events. Most every news item and story that goes out on our website we also send out on Facebook, so it’s a great way to keep up on World of Warcraft and Mists of Pandaria.

Q. Why is my country unable to participate in the sweepstakes?
A. Unfortunately, some countries have laws or restrictions which prevent us from making contests available to their residents. The beta opt-in is still running, however, and does not have the same rules and limitations. If you’re unable to participate in the Facebook sweepstakes we encourage you to sign up for the opt-in through Battle.net Account Management.

Q. Do I need a Facebook account to enter this promotion?
A. No. While entering with a Facebook account will provide you with some additional benefits, such as sharing if you’ve won with your friends, you don’t need an account to participate. If you’d like to enter, but don’t have a Facebook account (and don’t want one), you can click on the “Alternate Method of Entry” link at the bottom of the official rules page.

Q. The contest states that Facebook will not be given my personal information. What do you guys need it for?
A. If you’re selected as a random winner, we’ll need your name and email address to ensure that you receive your beta key. We will not use this information for any other purpose.
As for the Facebook application itself, while it will request access to your Friends List, it will not generate any unwanted notifications, messages, or wall posts. The request will simply allow the application to show you your friends list in case you want to let them know about the sweepstakes.

Q. When exactly will the weekly drawings be held?
A. Drawings will be held every Tuesday, starting July 31. We’ll gather up all of the entries submitted before 11:59 p.m. PST, Monday and then randomly select 2,000 qualified winners from that pool. Out of those 2,000 winners, half of them will receive an additional key to give to a friend, sent to the email provided in the entry form. Winners will be removed from the entry pool and the process will repeat again the following Tuesday. A total of 5 drawings will be made, with the final drawing being on August 28.

Please note that if you are randomly selected as a winner, it may take a few days before you are notified and receive your beta key via email. In the meantime, we ask that players please refrain from posting on Facebook or the official forums about whether or not they’ve been selected.
07/25/2012 01:19 PMPosted by Kaivax
sending out beta invites to players who have opted-in

Opted in over 4 months ago.

Doubt most who opted in will get invite.
So this is just to get into the beta that is out now? Or is this for something different?
So, with the release being announced as September 25th, and it is currently July 25th, and this Sweepstakes runs until August 28th:

Are we not getting a pre-content patch? Or are we only going to get a few weeks this time, as compared to the month or two we've gotten before? 4 weeks tops after the Sweepstake ends, Beta comes out. I'm not sure what to think of this...
I get emails about beta winnings, but they are fakes.... some are hard to tell. If I win and get an email, I dunno if I will be able to trust it. XD
I don't even know why blizzard even got the opt-in. Since blizzard is giving keys to contest winners from fansites, addon devs, annual pass holders, An now this contest.
I think that if we pre-purchase we should get the pre-view. It only makes sense.
You said,

If you’d like to enter, but don’t have a Facebook account (and don’t want one), you can click on the “Alternate Method of Entry” link at the bottom of the official rules page."

Umm, the rules page and other link takes us to Login page of Facebook, we need facebook to get to rules page so we don't have to sign up for facebook?

Hooray, another contest for the beta key where I'll probably lose. Again.

Even with all the contests showing up for the beta key, I never seem to get it.
was going to do this, but i'm already opted in


that and i'm not ' of the age of majority '

i sad :(
I'm confused:


I get that when I try to go to the official rules. Is something missing from the bottom of the page?

Clicking any of the links either refreshes the page (and does nothing) or takes me back to the "Do you want to opt in / pre-order" page, and when it does, it cuts the bottom half off and won't let me scroll down. Am I missing something? Does it just refresh and tell you nothing after you click the "enter sweepstake" button? o.0

EDIT: Just to confirm, the entry form wasn't loading either when I clicked the button, it was like those rules, it just cut off at the bottom. That was in Chrome. It worked fine in Firefox, so...ignore this post >.>
I swear, some people are just plain retarded.


or if you're too lazy to scroll to the bottom.


You are the one who doesn't know how to read. Let me spell it out for you as simply as I can --

Here we go, stay with me now:

Blizzard said, "If you do not want to sign up via Facebook, or do NOT want to create an account with Facebook, then use this alternative method."

Are you with me so far Retaliate?

However, the "alternative method" they say to use, can ONLY be seen IF you sign up for Facebook, that "method" is HOSTED by Facebook. That link they give you to click on takes me to the Facebook sign-in page.

EDIT: So in order to use the alternate method I have to sign up/sign in with Facebook to read the alternative way on how to sign up for beta invites WITHOUT having to use Facebook.

So as I originally said, I have to sign up with Facebook in order to see how to sign up for beta without using Facebook.

Do you comprehend now?

You're welcome.
Alternative method does not work. Goes to


then is a dead end.

I've removed that link above, as it's not universally useful.

Anyone should be able to follow the link to the official rules page, and then follow the alternate entry method link that is generated for them from there.

Thanks for the heads up.
@Kaivax, you said you removed the link and that we should be able to follow the link at the bottom of the official rules page. That link above in original blue post for the official rules still takes us to Facebook.

I don't want to use Facebook or sign up with facebook. OP said there was a way to sign up for beta w/o Facebook, can you give me a correct link to use that does not require Facebook?

Link in original blue post is --- https://apps.facebook.com/worldofwarcraftkey/contests/260415/rules

See how it redirects to Facebook?
Yay for having annual pass and not worrying about it.

If there was a Mists CE "sweepstakes" i'd be pretty excited.

Yay for having the annual pass and still no beta invite.
Don't feel bad Kenno I am a AP holder and got the beta invite was allowed to play for about 45 minutes and then my beta time was up. Wish they had made it clear on the contract.

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