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Hope I get a chance to test out the Beta!
works fine on Chrome too.
opted in over 2 years ago, and no invite to Cata or Mists beta's, so I'm not holding my breath
I wonder how many actually did apply.
How do I "Opt IN"??
I see people talking about an annual pass and not having to worry about it. What is this annual pass? How do I get one? I don't want to worry about it either, but sure would like to get into the beta.
I don't use facebook and I never win sweepstakes. :p But I entered anyway (using the alternate method). Hope springs eternal!
My beta=youtube/streams. Too easy.

Still Opt'd tho. :)
can you maybe send me one?
if u get a beta key for a friend do u get two one for u and another for the "friend"?
07/31/2012 02:25 PMPosted by Thirons
if u get a beta key for a friend do u get two one for u and another for the "friend"?

You have a chance to win two beta keys and you can give that extra beta key to one of your friends.
Need a dev got an email from


Looks legit

Shouldn't it be "@blizzard.com"? Whenever I get email from them (Blizzard Entertainment), it always ends in @blizzard.com.
Yay for having annual pass and not worrying about it.

If there was a Mists CE "sweepstakes" i'd be pretty excited.

Yay for having the annual pass and still no beta invite.

Same got annual pass and no invites till now....they should void the annual pass since they did not fulfill the contract on blizzard side.
I mean.. I didn't get Beta access to Cata and I still haven't gotten anything for MoP.
I've been playing since 2007, and have purchased all the Limited Edition boxes.
Shouldn't they see that and be like, "Oh, she should get a beta key!"
GDI so annoyed.
I'd be happier with out the beta then.

I'm sure as hell not going back to facebook/twitter.
There is no links in the email they send. Only the code so you manually go on Blizzard and add the code. Riskfree.

Just got mine :)
Congratulations to those who got a beta key.

Three more chances for me to get a beta key :)

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