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I hope i win beta key :) i think i won it because some emails got deleted like only 10 but i bet it was not there if it was i will be sad :(
Getting a beta key is just a hope
07/25/2012 01:41 PMPosted by Jaquiny
sending out beta invites to players who have opted-in

Opted in over 4 months ago.

Doubt most who opted in will get invite.
I don't think you look at your email because blizzard is always saying look to see if u been flag on battle.net XD but ehh i just want beta key D:
If you’d like to enter, but don’t have a Facebook account (and don’t want one), you can click on the “Alternate Method of Entry” link at the bottom of the official rules page.
The link takes me to page with Heading "Mists of Pandaria Beta Key Sweepstakes" with blank box that just says *indicates required fields. Theres nothing for me to enter with. Please help.
ill buy a beta key.. mail me ingame

Yay for having the annual pass and still no beta invite.

Same here!!
good luck!
Just got my Sweepstakes key yesterday.... But I remember at some point being promised another key to give to a friend. Is this still in, or removed?

07/25/2012 01:19 PMPosted by Kaivax
Out of those 2,000 winners, half of them will receive an additional key to give to a friend, sent to the email provided in the entry form.

I didn't read this part. Bummer! My buddy really would have enjoyed playing with me. He's considering quitting WoW, and I wanted to give him some hope of what was to come:(

07/27/2012 04:48 PMPosted by Deathyoda
opted in over 2 years ago, and no invite to Cata or Mists beta's, so I'm not holding my breath

I opted in EARLY Burning Crusade, and never didn't get one until my luck finally pulled through now. The only time I had Beta access was the final week before SCII release, when they were stress-testing their login servers.
I won a beta key from Facebook sweepstakes but for some reason am not able to access MoP. Any idea why I can't make a Pandaren? It tells me that MoP is needed to create a Pandaren.
And I gave my friend the 2nd key and she was able to go to the server that she wanted but I can't.
08/11/2012 04:23 AMPosted by Freakunique
I won a beta key from Facebook sweepstakes but for some reason am not able to access MoP. Any idea why I can't make a Pandaren? It tells me that MoP is needed to create a Pandaren.

What you need to do is follow the instructions on the email by adding a Game Code via battle.net. Once you have entered in the code, you will notice a new game has been added to your battle.net page. It will be titled "WoW1" unless you already have installed and used the PTR, in which case it will be titled "WoW2".

All you need to do after this has been completed is launch your WoW Beta Client (The same one you have been using for the PTR, if you've been using that) and type in your information. There will be a pop-up box asking which account you wish to log into. Choose your Beta account (WoW1 or WoW2) and click "Okay". It should take you to the Character Selection/Creation screen at this point.

You're most likely accessing the PTR Realm List when you log in, so make sure that you log in correctly. If the realm list has realms such as "Broxigar", "Anasterian", "Nobundu", etc, then you're accessing the PTR and not the Beta.
I hope this sweepstakes is the real deal, im finding it harder and harder to log in. With most of my guild in the beta i have been left to fend for myself. I opted in a while ago and signed up for the sweepstakes, if anyone has a clue on how to up my luck in this situation I would appreciate it and definitely give anything a shot at this piont.
I won a beta key, added it to my account, downloaded the game, but I cannot get on a beta server, it says they are all offline?
If you do win its always on the battle net. Summary there be a box of MOP and would say beta on it. I know form passed beta's i looked there and had mine for the last two. But I have done both op in and the face book and still have not gotten a key.
I have also opted in quite some time ago and entered the Facebook sweepstakes...still no key. Makes me sad :(
Hey me too, but the real game is almost here. Even though I haven't played in any of the betas and really wanted to play in this one, I think i can wait. I wont die. :)
I think there should be another class called a Sage. They are the great knowledge seekers and have a great focus on the cosmos. They are a mix of druid and priest. They act as spiritual healers with their vast knowledge, bring in the priest aspect. They use pure energy for there resource because they are celestial beings. They are druids in the sense that they can turn into celestial beings and animals. There is already one celestial being in the game called Algalon the Observer. He is a duel wield and that i would like to add that he has the ability Ascend to the Heavens, which is a great example of the tie between priest and celestial being aspect to the Sage. I would also like to add two other abilities that he has Phase Punch and Quantum Strike, this also gives a better idea for what the class is like. Some animals that are celestial are Celestial Steed, Reins of the Spectral Steed, Reins of the Spectral Wolf, Spectral Gryphon, Spectral Wind Rider, Reins of the Swift Spectral Tiger. I would also like to say that there is a Sage class as a NPC in the game called a Ghostly Sage which can be found in the Borean Tundra. I would also like to point out another NPC that has has the word Sage in his last name, has a moon on his head, and is a priest trainer, Tahu Sagewind, (http://www.wowhead.com/npc=43796). There also a number of quests like
    Find Sage Mistwalker
    Return to Sage Palerunner
    Sage Highmesa is Missing
    Sage No More
    Sage's Covenant
    Sage's Oath
    Sage's Pledge
    Sage's Vow.
The quest Find Sage Mistwalker says "He spoke of a recurring vision that he had of a wolf", which is more like a druid but this NCP is a Sage. The thing that i find interesting is how the quest Sage Highmesa is Missing is that it is in the caverns of time, which the place is a cosmos/time area, and the quest giver (Soridormi) is someone that can turn into a spectral dragon, i mean use this (http://www.wowhead.com/npc=19935#.) and look at the screen shots of her until you see the small little spectral dragon. I would also like to add that the quests Sage No More, Sage's Covenant, Sage's Oath, Sage's Pledge, and Sage's Vow are all from the caverns of time. I think that the sage class should be put in with Mist of Pandaria later in the game and since all the NCPs that are Sages seem to be different types of cows. I think the the class should be introduced with the cows in Pandaria. I think it would make a good fit for wow, for example: quests- Sage No More, Sage Highmesa is Missing, Find Sage Mistwalker, and Return to Sage Palerunner make me think that a Sage is more of a class that is already in the game. This idea for a Sage class has already been used in the game Eden Eternal (http://www.aeriagames.com/wiki/index.php?title=Sage&game=edeneternal). This is my idea for a wow class and would love some feed back.
Woot! I got mine 3 days ago. Thank you Blizzard. =D

EDIT: I'm also one of those that got an extra beta code. So if anyone wants in, just reply here (first to reply wins) and I'll mail the code to your character using in-game mailbox.

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