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Hey Cabal, if you still have that extra beta key and check this post I would love to have it. ^.^
watch out i received a phony email, or at least i think its fake. since the link led to


which looks like battle.net but is not in fact batle.net because i oped my battle.net account signed in and than refreshed the page that the link led me to and i was not signed in, alos all the other hyperlinks on the fake page lead to battle.net pages.....and for a minute i was so excited when i saw i got an email from "blizzard" (the email name says blizzard entertainment.....)
I thought it was phony as well... Googled it and this post came up. My Mac even warned me it may be a phishing website.

Activate the Blizz Police.
i mean if its still alowed
can i get beta?

i lol'ed and reported.
First off, holy necro batman. Secondly, no you can't, the beta has been over for 7 months.

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