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I live on west coast USA. I am often up until wee hours, I am looking for Aussies or Oceanic, anyone who is up and active around midnight pacific time. I am wanting to do some serious rp with a small group.

Lore compliant, non whiners, immersive players who stay in character and portray their race to the best of their abilities. No dragons, druids stuck in kitty form, vampires, werewolves or childish fantasies.

I know you are out there, I see some signs occationally that real rpers who enjoy acting and writing are in the game. Perhaps you read the forums and bemoan the fact, as I do, that FIRP is not taken seriously. If you have to ask what that is and have no clue how to rp or have never done it, please go to the newbie forums for beginners.

Let me know here if you are interested. I will be rerolling on a new server for this. Probably on a rp server that is not high pop, because I like it quiet and a small group to interact with rather than a huge server full of random silliness.
I'd be interested, hit me up anytime, I'm not exactly oceanic or anything, I'm actually mountain, but I'm a chronic insomniac so I'm often up late as well.
Thanks for the reply. I am hoping to make a core group of 5, tank, healer, and 3 dps. It makes sense to me to all be the same race and of course faction. As for server, I have 85's (gold and support) on Moonguard, Wyrmrest and Cenarion Circle. But I am open to any other rp or rp/pvp server.

When we have enough we can start or join a guild. I am hoping for serious rpers.
dangit missed you, i didn't realize you were online, well, I'm online as Chrisone if you want to ad me?
It does not have to be on Wyrmrest. I would prefer getting some serious rpers lined up and some kind of storyline figured out before I go full bore on this.

What kind of backstory do you have for the character you want to use?
Name: Soliel Ienne

Race: Kaldorei/Highborne

Gender and Age: Female, 450

Class: Mage

Brief Bio: Soliel was raised in the area around Hyjal, a remote village that was simply a place where she and her parents studied the forbidden arts of magic. There were others with them, some related and some not. They made do with what they could raise and harvest from the forest. Some among them were hunters, and some were warriors. But they all suffered from the stigma of being banned from their beloved culture because of the magic that some of them were studying.

They made no excuses, and were able to eke out a meager living hiding in the wilderness and dreaming of one day the magic they studied would be accepted. They were careful, they did not abuse their knowledge. If any showed signs of being power hungry or harmful to others, they were quickly subdued and done away with. Harsh? Yes, but also necessary to their survival.

As the need for the magic of their ancestors was made apparant, and the intervention of some of the mages of the Alliance who had pity on the displaced elves finally made it possible for them to come out into the open. They were grateful and pledged their support to the Alliance.


Tell me what you think, and any glaring errors I can fix. I have no idea how Blizzard was able to explain why magic was banned from the Kaldorei and now suddenly it is ok. I took some creative liberites. If it does not ring true I will change it.

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