LF Heroic raiding Guild Horde side, 6/8H xp

Looking for a new raiding guild for my Disc/Shadow Priest. My disc spec is 399 and Shadow is 397 (stuck with LFR Tier, but I do have my 4 piece). I have another toon that runs Thursday and Friday evenings, so I need anything that doesn't include those two nights.

I have 6/8 Heroic experience on this toon. Haven't had a decent shot at spine yet, but I have studied guides and videos for all the heroic encounters. My goal is to get the Savior title before MoP hits, so I'm only interested in guilds that have done that or plan to work towards it aggressively. As someone has pointed out in here, I didn't bother to get my Shoulder Enchant... If entry into a raid hinges on that, I will finish grinding it, I'm not that far from it, I just didn't care, lol.

You can reach me by responding to this thread, in game, or you can reach me thru e-mail at MasonDV@live.com
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Lol the sad thing is Im the g lead of his guild and he had no herioc kills before he joined so amen to him gl with your new guild!
Stopped looking at your gear when I saw no shoulder enchant. Not optimal.
Jinova is the reason we aren't 8/8 H

edit: this is clubbed, not trying to hide anything!
Yeah, I'm the sole reason you haven't cleared 8/8, right... Sorry, progression doesn't happen in less than 3 hours a week. Kilin doesn't wanna work on progression, he wants to farm and whine.
I'm done with drama, lol. You can't win on the forums anyway, just turns to endless flaming. Yes, I never bothered to get a shoulder enchant, I planned on my DK being my main. Just wanted to put that out there. I just wanna get savior on one of my toons before MoP hits and this guild isn't going to do it raiding less than 3 hours a week with a whiny GM, a super low dps lock and the RL tanking and not being able to take any hit without a cd.

Raid times a bit late for me too.
Savior really isn't worth a crap anymore. It's not like you can flaunt the title in MoP at this point unless you have a good kill date. That's not trolling, that's just DS being the joke of a raid that it is. Wearing savior in MoP will get more loling than awing.
Yeah, I know... This is my first patch I started raiding in tho. I wanna work towards being kind of hardcore. I understand that 30% nerf Savior isn't going to get me Blood Elf girls hanging off me, but what else is there to work on before MoP comes out?
Tieranny yup I'm that guy. But trolling Jin is fun, and he's bad so why not.
07/27/2012 08:51 PMPosted by Tieranny
Looks like you're not winning in Trade chat either Jinova... lol

I'm honestly not that worried about it. Making an alt to flame me in trade. That's mature. I think anyone with half a brain will see that as a poor reflection on Eternium rather than me.
Oh, i have a good excuse. I'm saving the deepholm quests so I can get guild rep quickly when I find my new guild. Think anyone will buy that..?
We wouldn't have bothered trolling so much if he wasn't such a moron. I heard you're supposed to avoid the moving ice wall...

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