LF PvP Guild

I'm looking to do rated BGs and possibly arena. 0 interest in raiding, will maybe be up for dungeons in Mists. I don't have any qualms about switching factions: my present guild is dead and I'm the only player. I will even transfer all chars to Ally if I like the guild. As I'm solo, I haven't been doing RBGs and so my gear is 390. I could grind more but ATM my focus is on bringing all my 85's to 390 as I find more fun in that as a solo player. Here's what I have:
Sleeparchive - Disc 390, Shadow 390
Rhotwang - Frost Mage 390
Tessier - Affliction Lock 390
I do have a frost DK but haven't grinded yet on that one (only like 366 or something).

I play after work, so after 6 or 7pm PST. Tend to be available every day/weekend. As I make video games for a living, periodically I have times when I work 60-80 hours a week though that won't be happening much for a few months. I prefer a mature guild (regardless of age) that's less focused on trash talking and more on giving feedback/providing tips/strategy/etc. Won't reveal where i work unless I join (and uh no not Blizz) ;)

Don't wanna give out my real ID on the forum due to security concerns so just reply here or message me in game. ATM I'm grinding w/ Threejane, my frost DK, so you could try that route.

Sounds good, I'll be in touch soon.

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