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No, this isn't about the movie or recurring skit on All That. It's about the actual Good Burger restaurant. I was in Manhattan the other day (I live in NYC) and stumbled upon a real Good Burger and was a little surprised when I found it. I think they're relatively new, and they apparently have a few locations throughout the city. The burgers and made fresh and are so freaking good. If any of you guys are in the city or will be in NYC any time soon, definitely try it out!
Did the cashier say "Welcome to the Good burger, home of the Good burger, can I take your order?" If so, then this would be the perfect place for me.
07/26/2012 02:49 PMPosted by Darthvixxen
might try them next time i wander into Manhattan, but for now Five Guys are pretty much worth the trip to Brooklyn (live on Staten Island)

I'm on SI too, but the Five Guys in Bayonne is closer to me since I'm a 3 minute drive away from the bridge. The fries at Good Burger aren't as good as the Five Guys ones, though.

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