New home for MoP and beyond

I am looking for a new guild to call home on Turalyon. I have no issue with my current guild on a personal level, but I was more or less drafted in by a friend in the guild, and it's not quite fitting with my play style.

A little about me: I have been on Turalyon for a little over 3 years now on one character or another. I got into the more hardcore side of raiding during mid- WoTLK, and continued with a hard mode progression guild up until about a month after DS was released. I have since changed jobs and now work a schedule that makes committing to that kind of schedule impossible. I am knowledgeable of my class as well as several other classes that I play as alts, and love healing on my druid. I really enjoy doing achievements, especially ones that award mounts or titles, and never have a problem helping friends or guild mates finish up achievements to get the things they need as well.

What I'm looking for in a guild is a group of mature players, preferably around my age or older (27). I like to joke around and have a good time, but I'm not looking for the type of conversation I could have in trade chat to be in my guild chat. I'd like a guild that is active in running dungeons and raids on a regular basis, but with a relaxed schedule that would understand that my job and family comes first and that I would not be able to always make every raid every week. I'm looking for a place to have fun and have people to quest, dungeon, raid, and explore all the new stuff coming around with the new expansion, and to make some new friends in the game.

I would prefer an alliance guild, but I am not completely opposed to going horde for the perfect fit.
Kae is a good healer, any guild would be picking up a solid addition by adding him.
Thanks Glade. :) Miss you guys and wish I still had the time to raid with you again. :-/

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