Twin Peaks Achieves 8/2/12

Hello all, your fellow Xej here again!

I will be hosting Twin Peak achievements *Double Jeopardy* & *Twin Peak Perfection* on Thursday, August 2nd at 11:00 CST am or (12:00 - noon EST). This should go until around 2:30 CST or (3:30 EST). I need 2 epic healers and 7 more epic dps.

If interested, sign up on openraid (most effective way) and look under my name/raid for Twin Peaks or mail me in game your info + Real ID or simply reply to this thread with your info.

Thank you and please be prepared to have the latest version of Preform AV Enabler installed & ready to go.

Lets Kill
Hi there! We did our ulduar drake metas together like a year ago...I remember cause your name is a bunch of jibberish and stuff...I would like to come along! I'm already logged off in mah pvp gear too.
Aw yes, I remember you with Ilililili or whoever lol Yeah man, good times! And sure, a boomkin would be great fit for this! Just mail me your Real ID or reply it here or simply sign up on openraid & I'll accept you!

Still need more!
Maka another thread if you ever want to knock out some Battle for Gilneas achievs, its my final of the eight 'Master of {Insert Battleground name here}'

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