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Bleeding Hollow
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12/06/2012 02:01 PMPosted by Aimee
Added Holy Priest to this list. Possibly some other healer classes being added to the list soon.

Was I fired? :'(


We need more healers.
3/6H MV! Two new heroic bosses down tonight.

Holy Pally also added to the list as ours is going to have a schedule change in January.
Mornin' folks!

Come join us!
Still lookin for more peeps!
Boomkin back on the list!
I want some new friends!
Oh herro.
Up! Have some core spots available for the classes listed in the first post! Check us out!
My kingdom for a mage.
Mages...the lost class.

Bump for more people to apply please!
Updated progression.

Blade Lord went down tonight on Heroic.
Not official progress, but we killed Elegon in 10man tonight. Hooray trinkets!
Hectic holiday season, but still killin' bosses. Come join us!
12/20/2012 09:19 PMPosted by Rubine
Hooray trinkets!
Not enough of them. Need more.
In 5.2 your raid comp. will be full rogues imo

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