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Bleeding Hollow
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Aw man I missed it...
09/05/2012 11:23 PMPosted by Rubine
Gnome warrior inc!

/gremove inc!

You can't do this to me! I will be a sad cat D;
Any who, anyone going panda when mop hits?
Are you still recruiting moonkins? Also what are your raid times/days. They might have been in the post sorry if I missed them. I'm horde now going alliance
I just realized my Druids profile comes up not my rogues. My main is rogue and ele/resto shaman both 8/8hm 25 408 ilvls. I'm on my phone at work so can't post armory links until later
We are, and it is. Re-quoting for ease:

Our raid days are Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 8:00-11:00pm EST
We could also really use a mage!
Or 3.
Cutes stuck on gw2, I have no friends to pvp with :(
09/15/2012 06:14 AMPosted by Cutes

Sean Paul <3
Updated recruitment needs!

WTB mage, hunter, boomkin, and may an ele shammy!! As well as maybe another healy priest!
I still have no resto druid friends =(
If i had the funds/time (just moved and job hunting around new orleans yay..not) i would bring my druid over to boom for you
*Walks through smoke*
*Poof a little gnome appears*

/cast fireball @ deathwing

Other than that mages seem really fun!

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