[A] Cybertron 8/8H Looking for new recruits

08/05/2012 03:15 PMPosted by Starcruiser
Lol rubber duckie mad. He's nerd rage could power a thousand suns.

roleplaying and singing queen songs? i really had no idea you were this big of a geek....i mean come on dude

Thank you for the bumps rubber duckie. Still looking for ranged DPS for DS and MoP!

im a helper

Welcome to the Server Best of luck for raiding and recruitment, I like to see new guilds come to the server.

Still looking for rdps
Bumping for funsies!
MOP soon still got some spots for 25's for MOP.
Few more spots for 25 for MoP.
Looking for a few more ranged and healers
Is this recruit ad still effective?

Pally healer, details you can see from my armory.
Over the Top
hello, i have a question for you guys. with my work schedule, i get home sometime between 9:30 and 9:55. would that be a problem with your raid schedule? i see invites go out at 9:30, but raid doesn't actually starts until 10. if it isn't a problem, i will probably toss up an application. i have an 85 of each class and can competitively play any spec in the game.
That would be perfectly okay!

We are still currently accepting applications for both of our raid teams. We are running 2 10mans for MoP for the time being :)
Starcruiser is right. there can really only be one, and since he has so much more swag than you i beleive he is the only one. GOOD DAY
Greetings from Simplicity!

We recently resurrected our guild from 6-10 months away. We are also re-building ground up, let me know if you need a healer, I would be happy to join you although I am a bit behind I am a solid player. We also have mage/shaman and soon spriest dps as well as a war tank if needed.

Hope to hear from you!!
I approve of this guild name. Unless it's tied to the michael bay movies, in which case I hope you crash and burn.
We are still basically accepting apps of all classes to fill out our 2 10 mans, and if the time comes we will merge the two groups and make a 25 man. As to Sprick's comment, forget the movies, a lot of us have obscure names from different transformers series, including beastwars and whatnot.

Anyway, still look for recruits, please app at cybertronguild.com or try to speak to an officer in game.
a la cumbre con usted

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