Enchants for MoP

I'm looking to bank some gold by farming enchants for the new pandas, but I have no idea which enchants are in demand. Which enchants are in high demand and would it be better to sell them now or wait til MoP drops? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
imo sell them now.

not very many people enchant much gear while they are leveling, your best bet is probably heirloom enchants.
Heirloom enchants are definately going to be the top seller from what you can currently make.

I would say to wait on selling them, people are always buying heirlooms and after mists they have a better chance than now to make a new class needing new heirlooms with enchants (and even new players coming in completely), the prices after mists comes out though will go up due to a general increase in value that has been in every expansion so make the enchants now, sell them later.

Enchants like 15 strength, 15 agility, crusader, 22 intelect ect are the best enchants.

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