Stuck on Guild Chat- Two Different Characters

Mobile Bug Report
Good evening, I was using my Armory App earlier today shifting around different auctions as I usually do on break and tonight when I got home there is now three of me logged in. 2 of my characters this one and my hunter Ziellah are logged in with Remote Chat and my third my DK is logged in through the WoW client.

I've had one character stuck before and Tuesdays Rolling Restart did fix this, everything was fine for 24 hours now I'm stuck again
When you exit the Mobile Armory, are you logging the character out manually from the Guild Chat page? Or are you minimizing/closing the app without toggling them offline? Your characters should remain in a Mobile Away state if you minimize the app or let your screen timeout.

Please also provide your device model, OS, whether it's jailbroken/rooted, the version of the Mobile Armory you're running, and how often you login via WiFi and 3G/4G. Do you notice the issue after switching from 3G to WiFi, WiFi to 3G, coming back from going idle, etc.

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