[H] Social Guild Solaris (8/16) Recruiting

Ever logged in dreading the latest news in the guild drama mill or tired of putting up with that one guildie who drives everyone nuts? Doesn't it just suck the fun out of the game? I agree.

Solaris was formed in the twilight days of Ulduar by a small group of friends who had been burned by guild drama and were seeking to create a place where they could play the game in peace among friends. Now, we're looking to broaden our circle of friends. Our goal is quite simple - be the Best Damn Social Guild on Thrall.

We want to goof off, have fun, socialize, help one another and make lots of new friends in the process. We're a laidback, silly group who love cracking jokes, telling silly stories, making fun of the things that make this game such 'srs bsns,' and just generally enjoying WoW in a positive, healthy, social environment. We enjoy PVP, hanging out in vent, long walks on the beach, walruses, and candlelit dinners.

Solaris also has a 10-man raid team built of players who still enjoy raiding but want to have fun while doing it. We believe player performance is important but that a player's attitude is moreso. We raid 2 nights a week (Wed/Sun 9:00-11:30pm server time). We are currently 6/6 MV, 2/6 HoF.

Right now, We are looking to add a melee dps and a healer to our raid team. A frost DK or druid would be preferred, but other applicants will be considered.

Does Solaris sound like a place for you? If so, visit our website at solaris.netai.net or contact myself, Nedaria, or Daggaeroth for more information.
PS: Imtar dies a lot.

And I have absolutely nothing to do with it.... /innocent whistle
I'm really excited about the addition of the raid team to Solaris. I know everyone in Solaris really enjoys the casual, no-obligation atmosphere but a lot of our members want something more - more frequent dungeon runs, more achievements runs for old content and new, and more guild achievements. We've also set a new goal - to hit level 25 before the expansion. As it is, we've completed guild level 20 in less than a week and unlocked the Dark Phoenix mount in a single night.

I can't really express how thrilled I am that Solaris members have banded together to make this happen and how proud I am of their efforts. I look forward to meeting new members and growing Solaris into one of the premier social guilds available to players across all servers.
Awwww, that's so sweet of you Dag <3
Thanks Dagg

Also, we are currently 4/8 HM DS
Haven't been very active in the guild, but I will say that they are very welcoming and it's a great environment. Would love to see some more folks join up and get things rolling when Mists launches! :)
Hmm if you guys are so awesome then how come the guild was dead for most of Cata?
why troll from an alt, how does what they do have anything to do with you...go crawl back under a bridge.
Heh..funny only the no lifers think you must have an 85 for your post to matter. Nope.
Haha, thank you for the support Balefire. Jihl is right, though. It was actually pretty dead for most of Cata. We started strong but the early frustrations with the dungeons (read: all of our healers rerolled or quit!) and the initial difficulty of the expansion made a lot of casuals quit and the rest of our players went to join raid guilds. I didn't really see the point in growing the guild since I wasn't playing much myself until the last few months.

I think Pandaria gives us a chance to start fresh with an expansion that's slightly more amenable to a casual playstyle. Additionally, Imtar's newly formed raid team adds another dimension to the guild that we lacked before.
Also, hate to double post but thanks for the kind words Rainhoof. I'm sorry I missed you in guild chat the other day. I was AFK fixing some snacks while you were chatting. I felt bad for unintentionally ignoring you! I agree - I look forward to seeing what Mists will bring.
Ditto that Ben. I'm looking forward to Mists myself.

Just a thought... you might want to change your website, which says there are no guild sanctioned raids :)

Are you looking for any specific classes? Anything you don't need?
A website overhaul is in the works, Triskelia. :) There's actually a LOT on there that needs to be updated and edited and we're just going to play with the entire setup in the process. I'd like to have it done before Pandaria launches.

As for what's needed, that's Nedaria or Imtar's field. I don't think they're particularly picky at the moment, though, with the expansion so close.
The raid team's current needs are 1 dps and 1 healer. Going into MoP, there are no classes I'll reject out of hand, but I'm most interested in adding any of the following: Rogue (any), Shaman (any, Resto preferred), DK (Frost or Unholy), Druid (Resto)
We're definitely not a picky bunch. Since he's already mentioned the classes we're looking for atm, it's just as important to us that whoever joins the guild, or even the raid team, is someone who fits in personality wise.

Honestly, I think prospective members should spend a raid night with us in vent. If they're not scared off by then, they're a perfect fit =D.
(Ask anyone who's raided with us in the past. We're positively goofy!)
Nedaria is the goofiest. But looks aren't everything.
08/26/2012 02:49 PMPosted by Daggaeroth
Nedaria is the goofiest. But looks aren't everything.

I'd like that title please.

<Nedaria the Goofiest>

Hurray for level 25!
Borderlands 2 or WoW? Argh, the choices.

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