[H] Social Guild Solaris (8/16) Recruiting

Yawn. It's too early, but hey.. TGIF!!!

With the launch of Mists of Pandaria, we are adding new members daily. Plenty of people coming back to play after an extended break and people just looking for a guild after switching realms or factions.
If you're looking for a drama free guild (and want to keep it that way) and don't mind showing your inner nerd, stop on by. We'd love to have you =D
Aaaaaaand it's Monday.. grumble.
Welcome to all of our newest members. It's a pleasure having you =)
11/02/2012 05:56 AMPosted by Imtar

You have such a way with words...
Happy Tuesday morning everyone.
LFM to join me in the always exciting chore of cleaning up after 4 boys and 1 husband. Bathrooms are a mess (I thought hair products were supposed to go on the head, not the counter/mirror/sink), and there's a huge pile of laundry to be done.

Anywho, it's Friday. And that's a good thing.. right?

In other words.. bump!
Hi everyone! Oh man, holidays are killing me. I have no time to play. Alas, the perils of retail management.
11/28/2012 02:21 PMPosted by Daggaeroth
Hi everyone! Oh man, holidays are killing me. I have no time to play. Alas, the perils of retail management.

Well, someone's gotta make sure my dogs and cats continue to stay fat and healthy =)

Miss you!!
Still looking for DPS?
I actually ran with a few of your members in my first heroic at a 90 yesterday. (I believe Imtar was tanking).
As I said, I just turned 90 yesterday and have a ways to go in terms of gearing up, but I know my class and am a quick learner. I was a hardcore raider in BC/beginning of WOTLK on Hydraxis, where my guild, Greatly Exaggerated, gained most server firsts in MH and BT (including Illidan) and most server firsts in the beginning of WOTLK until I quit a short time after. I'm looking to get back into a semi-causal raiding scenario.
Hi Kelmor,

Imtar would be the guy you'd want to try to catch in game. I'm not 100% sure what we're looking for at the moment =)
Hello Kelmor,

We'd be happy to have you as a social member, but I don't have any open spots on the raid team right now.
Yikes this forum moves fast.

Still adding new members to our guild. If you're looking for a fun, relaxed atmosphere to hang out or level a new toon, we just might be the place for you. =)

PS: All active toons are welcome. So bring your alts!!
Happy New Year!!!
I'll join just to have people to chat with till I find a raiding guild if that's cool, new to the server so tryin to find friends >.<
Hi Wildkill. We'd love to have you until you find a raiding guild to your liking.
Hey Imtar. My wife and I are looking for a raid group. She is a holy priest and I'm a lock. She has been running MV while I was gone for the past two months. I haven't really played mop at all but I was in a top guild back in bc and have been good dps since. So I was wondering if y'all have any raid spots open atm.
Hi Blackstock,

You might want to toss Imtar an in game mail, or try to catch him when he's online. Unfortunately we get so busy with our lives at times that it can be days before we actually check the forums, and I don't want you to think that you're being ignored.

Hello Blackstock,

We do have raid slots open at the moment - in fact, we're looking for both a dps and a healer for our regular team. However, I admit that a warlock isn't my first choice for DPS to add to the team as we are a bit cloth heavy at the moment. Do you have a different character you'd be interested in playing?

Feel free to send me a message in-game if you wish to discuss it.

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