Edge of Extinction Recruiting for 10/25man

EoE is a lvl 25 guild hailing from Thunderlord. Left the server because of it just slowly dying down and becoming a server that has 2 guilds that anyone knows. We were a 25man guild for 3-4 months and the only 25m to be on that server for most of the time. I brought the guild here in hopes of starting anew and building up another guild for 10/25man raids. I have alot of experience raiding/leading and hope to find some good players interested in hitting the expansion competitively.

My main is Boduh, recently transferred him so it would not let me post on him for some reason, probably hasnt updated. Anyone interested can check his achievements for any past experience u may want to know about.

We will be a 10man guild to start off with, hope to build enough roster to become 25 if the guild feels alright with it, and im looking for some new founding members to start the expansion off right with.

Raid times are 6:30-10:30 central time. (server time)

Hit Boduh up in-game if you have any questions!
Welcome to Sargeras.
Ty evenfall hows angel doing?
Terrible. If you played with him then you already know. He can't even solo heal H Ultra. Luckily, I don't think he knows how to read, so no way he sees this.
haha, i heard he farts in jars to open them later and sniff them.
Welcome to Sargeras! Love all the new 25m guilds coming over :)
Bump for cool guys!
07/25/2012 06:33 PMPosted by Demoniss
haha, i heard he farts in jars to open them later and sniff them.

only on weekends
To be fair, Angel is playing on a commodore 64 in the back of an ice cream truck. While the cooler temp is certainly helpful, if I had a nickle for every time I could hear kids screaming for ice cream on his vent, I'd have several dollars. Seriously, give the kid his ice cream.
Any idea on what days you plan to raid on?
Raid times 6:30pm -10pm central time tues-thurs
I always had a hunch that Angel liked to lure kids to his van. Just never knew ice cream. Clever guy.
still wanting peoples!
You guys interested in a sexy !@# holy pally?
I am possible server transfer ilvl 392 Arms Warrior (3/8H) looking for a guild to raid with when MoP launches. I am MS Arms right now, but I am looking to switch to MS Prot in Mists (willing to reconsider if I find a solid raiding guild looking for a mdps).

I took a long break just before DS hit (I pretty much missed the entire tier) so I am looking to get back into a progression focused raiding guild and right into raiding come MoP.

If interested in a solid and dependable tank/mdps come Mists of Pandaria, add me to realid: supersruzz@hotmail.com.

I believe these three players are looking for a new home.
thanks czar, and hey crazys hit me or lostwolf up on sargeras for more info and we can figure it out
bump still need more peoples, solid players here wanting more!

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