[H] <VEX> 10M - 12/12 - Heals & Tanks

Area 52
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We are looking to build some depth to our raid roster, as well as fill out our 2nd team. Our preferences are for individuals with raiding experience, however, initiate raiders will also be considered. We have no problem helping good players, with amiable personalities, achieve raid-readiness.

Currently Recruiting:

TANKS: Paladin > Warrior = DK
HEALS: Holy Pally or Disc/Holy Priest

***Exceptional raiders of any class will always be considered***

Interested players should go to vextheguild.guildlaunch.com and follow the "Apply to Guild" link on the right hand side of our website. You may also contact me in game @ DrudgeUrFace#1674.

Good Hunting,


About VEX:
VEX (LVL 25), established 3/14/2009 on the Misha server, is a casual-progressive raiding guild. We transferred in late July of 2012 to the Area 52 server to rebuild for MoP.

Our mission is to bring all competent raiders to the level of experience, raid progression, and gear level that optimizes their enjoyment of the World of Warcraft.

Raid Group:
Team Last Pull Buff & Short Bus Schedules:
Mon: 9:30 PM - 12:30 RT
Weds: 9:30 PM - 12:30 RT
Thurs: 9:30 PM -12:30 RT

Our Mist Progression:
ToT: Team LPB: 12/12; Team SB: 4/12
HoF: 6/6
H-HoF: 3/6
MSV: 6/6
H-MSV: 5/6
TES: 4/4
H-TES: No Pulls

Our Cataclysm Progression:
DS: 8/8
H-DS: 8/8

FL: 7/7
H-FL: 6/7

BoT: 4/4
H-BoT: 2/4
BWD: 6/6
H-BWD: 5/6
TotFW: 2/2

Our WoTLK Progression (Final):
RS 10: 4/4
RS 25: 4/4
ICC 10: 12/12
HM ICC 10: 11/12
ICC 25: 12/12
HM ICC 25: 8/12

If you have any in-game questions, please feel free to contact any of our guild executives online.

OFFICER: Canabully
Bump for a new start.
MISHA!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3
Is that you Bridge?
You will find Pugging people to be an improvement to recruiting pretty much anyone on Misha, there are many PUG groups that have completed 8/8 hm. If you're lucky you can find a few good ones that'll stick with you guys.
Hey Dabeef!!!

You look sexy as a goblin. My RealID is listed above. Hook up with me, it would be nice to chat with you and Rif, it's been a long time.

I hope all is well, and good luck on your move to the states.
Best of luck to you all. You all will be missed.
Thank you Hruuk. We made a lot of friends on Misha, and appreciate the kind farewell.
Changed my Race, Changed the Heading... go Goblins
Hello, I am just curious as to what days you are raiding.

I'll be getting my 6/8H this week with a possible Spine kill.

I lead a 6/8h group on Alliance 2 days out of the week and could fill up more days raiding on other toons.
we raid wednesday thursday and monday. unless the old man decided to switch our raid days. curse you drudge >.>

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