[H] <VEX> 10M - 12/12 - Heals & Tanks

Area 52
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LOL... Zephrosa don't make me use my old man strength...

Sifon, as Zeph stated, raid days/times are as follows, in server time or EST:

Wednesday: 9:30 PM to 12
Thursday: 9:00 PM to 12
Monday: 9:00 PM to 12
LOL... Zephrosa don't make me use my old man strength...

Sifon, as Zeph stated, raid days/times are as follows, in server time or EST:

Wednesday: 6:30 PM to 12
Thursday: 6:00 PM to 12
Monday: 6:00 PM to 12

its 9 now drudge gawd give the right info, i dont think these people want to raid for 6 hours >.>
lol, i was just noticing this....6 hour raids huh? You guys are hardcore!
if u r interested in joining fill out an app on the website vextheguild.guildlaunch.com
recruitment raid is gonna be on wed the 8th, ill be sure to look ath the apps b4 then, if u pst me in game asking ill direct u to the site to fill out an app

we use mumble if thats an issue dont app (dont know y it would be sound is soooo much better and hell u get to raid so download it free and get over it)

most nights we get 6/8h the first nite if we dont have to wait on ppl and take min breaks

make sure u know the fights, that means looking them up if u havent been there (but by now most ppl should be)

we normally have feasts and cauldrens but make sure to bring one flask and food if u dies pots r up to u and remember this is u showing us what u can do, im hoping not to get ppl who "space out" and forget a fight causeing a wipe /angryface
still looking for a tank (haz a dk)
a healz (running shammy druid)
and dps (prf ranged as we have a war and druid)
we can work around what we have and 2x up on some and if we get enough even start a 2nd raid group and then start getting alt raids going
still have openings in guild for dps/tank/healz for the main raid group and will be doing a run on wed 8/8 looking to clear atleast 6/8 heroic app on the website vextheguild.guildlaunch.com we do use mumble so have that downloaded and ready to go
raid starts 9:30ish server hopefuly a little sooner
Bump, corrected
Ups for updating info...
we r still looking for strong players to fill out our raid team as well as pplz to join us in MoP just put on ur app that ur looking more for the xpact then DS, we r hopeing to get ppl lvled and geared and raiding within a month min of MoP, it will start as first come first serve until we get ppl geared for raids and groups split up(hopeing to run 2-3 groups) most likely be 10 man raids as ppl lag in 25s raid time will be set up according to what ppl can run. atm to finish off DS were raiding 9:30p server to 12:30ish server. app or send an igm/pst to drüdge or canabully (drüdges u is alt 0252) or reply to post
Do you still need all 3 of the positions you list on your main page? I may be able to fill all 3 with 3 very good raiders who have raided together for a long time. It would be a Feral Druid Tank (404 ilevel), Mage (400 ilevel), and a Holy Pally(404 ilevel).
That would be excellent Faowar. Contact me in game on my RealID, joe.stariha@att.net. Let's set this up, and see if it works.

If you all are able, we may be able to get you into this recruit run this Weds/Thurs.
Thats what i was hoping for Drudge. We come in this week and see if its a good fit for everyone. We all know 8/8H, and if you guys are really that close to downing Spine we'll down it this week and possibly Madness too. I'll be on later tonight for a bit and I'll look for ya.
Good deal. Look me up. If I'm not on, have Canabully call me.

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