Journal of the Rising Sun Fellowship (IC #2)

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Alenthis neared the mansion and stopped. He stared at the destruction. Demons, ogres, forsaken, and void creatures lay strewn about the manor grounds. Bit's and pieces of creatures lay everywhere. Beneath the house at what looked to be at one time a stable was a large crater. Blight was gathered around the ground and different limbs lay strewn about. No creatures moved. It began to rain. The burning mansion slowly began to put itself out. Alenthis walked through the battlefield up towards the manor. Halfway up the path, Alenthis came upon a half dead ogre writhing in pain. Blight and ooze dripped off of him. Alenthis approached the ogre and calmly asked, "Where is your master? Where is Viragona?" The ogre looked at him for a moment, terrified.

"Me no know dat! Please pointy ears, help me!" Alenthis scowled at the ogre.

"I suppose we're going to do this the hard way." Alenthis called on the powers of death itself and stared into the Ogre's eyes. He leapt upon the ogre and placed his hand on the massive forehead. He pulled back and jumped backwards. The Ogre's body went limp and it's screaming soul was trapped in Alenthis' hands. The Death Knight fired a beam of darkness directly into the spirits head. "I will rip the secrets from you, if you won't tell me!" He searched through the ogre's thoughts and realized after several minutes that the blasted ogre really didn't know. Either he was really that stupid, or the Witch had placed barriers in his mind. Alenthis sighed and let go of the spirit, releasing it into the nether-world. He made his way further up the path.

Alenthis reached the Manor and went inside. He searched everywhere. But could find nothing. He hoped that someone had gotten there before him and that Cyaer was safe...Alenthis Sunstrider stood on the staircase of Greymane Manor. He no longer wished to ever see this place again. He turned and flicked a torch into the remains of the house. As he walked away he prayed that the fire would consume the entire house and hopefully his memories as well...
A pitch black journal sits in a dark colored steel box with multiple locks that only Keyadrion has to the key to sits in Undercity, a Voidwalker hidden closeby to protect it for its master.

Keyadrion Blazestride

I have returned from the dead... again. It seems nothing will let me just lay down and die. Oh well, I have found something to do with my third life. I have begun to study the arts of shadow and demonic power, training to be a Warlock. I have also decided to again find my brother and that mage I told him he loves, the one that killed me. I'll check on the two, see how they worked out, maybe if I'm bored even mess with them. Like attack one of them from time to time and run, or capture one of them and torture them. Maybe send Plague (His black poisonous snake) to poison one of them, and force the other to watch as they slowly die... boy, would that be fun. I'll have to find out where they are though, first. I've been lead to the brother of a Death Knight, says that he is every where and that he might be able to help me out. Well then, off to find the man who can give me some help on make my brothers life terrible!

Keyadrion shuts the journal back in the lockbox and walks off, whistling a merry tune.
Tislina quietly woke up. She slowly sat up and yawned, stretching so as to work the stiffness out of her muscles. "Wonder what time it is...." she thought to herself. She glances over at the sleeping form of Kreindis and softly smiles. Reaching on to the ground she removes her journal and her quill.

I think I just had the best sleep I've had in months. Usually I get nightmares, or can't sleep at all. Not this time though. I slept good and I feel great now. Part of it was probably knowing Krei is safe. He practically gave me an emotinal breakdown because I was told he was most likely dead. So, Kel and I went off to look for him and we found him lying in a pool of blood next to the translocation orb in the Ruins Of Lorderon. We took him to Brill and Kel managed to heal him. All I really did was stand off to the side and silently beg him to be okay. Thankfully, he will be okay. I sat on the bed with him in the house we took him too. The two of us ended up falling to sleep next to each other. In other words, my life could be close to perfect. Of course it's not because the Fellowship has all these problems we're still trying to work out, but other then that life is good. Hopefully things will stay like this, and the only difference will be the Fellowship solves all it's problems. Anyways, I think i'll sit here and wait for Krei to wake up. I know just how to pass the time.....

She places her journal and quill back into her bag. She waves a hand over her bag, and arcane magic shimmers in the air around it. She removes a rather large book and opens it to where she last left off. She began to laugh softly as the fiery warrior again slipped into the river.
Alenthis Sunstrider slipped from tree to tree. He moved stealthily through the underbrush of Redridge Mountains. Detheroc had reported to him earlier that day that a concentration of Fel Energy was gathering in the mountains. Detheroc had done a flyover and tentatively told Alenthis that Viragona could be there. And so Alenthis moved from house to house and settlement to settlement, looking for a trace of evidence. So far he hadn't found anything. He scowled through the bushes at an Alliance patrol as it passed by.

He found himself on a high ridge overlooking all of Redridge. He sighed. "Perhaps Detheroc was wrong."

"Perhaps I'm not." A voice echoed from behind Alenthis. Alenthis jumped and whirled around. The Dreadlord stood calmly behind him. He glared at the demon.

"Don't sneak up on me like that. What do you mean your not wrong? I've searched everywhere. There's no sign of her." Detheroc took a step forward and placed his hand on Alenthis' shoulder. He turned him around and pointed him to the Southwest. In the distance, almost hidden by tree's was the roof of a tower.

"She's there. I'm sure of it. There's necromantic powers within." Alenthis stared at the demon for a moment.

"I'm taking a huge risk trusting you, Detheroc. If she's not in there then-"

"Then you will have lost nothing. Do not become so attached to this Fellowship. Or your new master may find you are not up to his job anymore." With that, the demon flapped into the skies and flew south. Alenthis scowled after him. He moved along the ridge till he found a perfect spot to sit and watch the tower. He sat there, counting guards and memorizing details.

He frowned as the demons words haunted him. He wasn't attached to the Fellowship...was he? He had to keep up appearances. And his appearance was a loyal follower of the Dark Lady. They didn't matter to him...did they? Then why did he stand here in the Redridge Mountains rather than in the Tainted Forest, attempting to break Marl. He shook his head. Appearances. He had to appear loyal to the Fellowship. He thought for a moment. He did like some of them. Perhaps even become friends with several. Maybe...just maybe-NO. He thought of his wife and steeled himself against his feelings. He must have her back. He knelt down on the ridge intently watching the tower.

This isn't what I would have wanted, Alenthis. His late wife's voice filled his head. He pushed it aside...and it returned louder than before. Don't betray my memory.

"SHUT UP!" Alenthis cried out. "I'm doing this for you! To see you! Don't you see?!" No reply came. Alenthis Sunstrider sunk back to his knee's and wept silently.
The Dark Knight has a happy grin spread across his face, His thoughts? elswhere he is happy and complete that is all that matters to him know,

A New journal, less dark and unwelcoming, A green leather journal, bound by a rubberband, he opens it and writes.

Yesterday, I saved her, I brought her back to me from an evil crime lord that wanted to keep her away from me, I killed three people to get her back, Rattlecage Joe, The Rose, and Elrian Falconsky...It was a horrible way to get her back, but nonetheless, I got her back, My love my life...My new Wife, That is right! We finally married, I hope that I am a good husband, and a god man to her, as she has been with me, She can put up with me, she knows how to handle me, when im mad, when im upset, she is calm and understanding, that is one of the many things I love about her.

When she came back from finding Azmos, I walked with her, And talked with her, and Well, I asked her to marry me, She said yes! I was a bit afraid at first, I spoke with Mother Ana, and She married us next to the river In the eversong woods, I love her, I love Auxilia with all my heart, And I am glad that we are One now, Solorin, And Auxilia Sunsorrow, It has a ring to it no? I am happy and glad it ended up this way, and I am glad it was her, I would not have it any other way!

I Yelled at kel today, Not one of my proudest moments, but it had to be done, She needs to understand that Im only looking out for her, helping her realize whats best, she Is my bestfriend, and im tired of not being able to help her, She cant just run off in the dark like that..She could get hurt like she did, Kel, please understand that your stubborness gets you absolutly no where...Learn please, and Dont Go runnning around in the dark!
The manor house was strangely quiet. The woman with the brown hair reminded herself that the last time she was there it was full of people. Their footsteps echoed as they walked across the stone tiled floor and up the stairs. She was led through the double door that opened to Falconsky’s private wing and when they shut, she cringed.

She could do this, she had to.

What truly concerned her was that Tirastrian wasn’t there to greet them when they entered the house. That struck her as odd, but hopefully she would see him soon. She prayed that he had not been pulled from the assignment or out on an errand.

They stopped at the room that looked like it was decorated for a woman. Falconsky ushered her inside and went to a chest of drawers.

“We will get proper clothing for you soon, I will make time to go to Silvermoon with you,” he pulled out a blue nightgown and handed it to her. He gazed at her simple clothing with a critical eye. “Functional, perhaps for Booty Bay, but here I want you to wear something more elegant.”

He gestured to a screen, “Change there, my dear then meet me in my room.”

She took the gown and turned her back to him so he wouldn’t see her gritting her teeth. She moved behind the screen and changed her clothing. She didn’t like the idea of going to his room but she could well imagine that he probably didn’t want her out of his sight for awhile. Once changed, a guard led her to Eliran’s bedroom—a large area with a fireplace, sitting area, and balcony.

A fire was crackling happily in the hearth and Eliran was standing in front of it, having changed from his traveling clothes to a dressing robe. She wasn’t certain if she liked the implication his attire suggested. In his hand was a glass of what appeared to be port and when she entered, he turned and offered the glass to her.

“Perhaps something to help take the edge off the evening’s events?” Again, it wasn’t a suggestion.

She accepted the glass and took a small sip, moving closer to the fire. She could see him studying her out of the corner of his eye. Finally, he moved to a table a picked up another cordial glass and splashed a measure of the dark ruby liquid in it.

“I must apologize,” he spoke as replaced the cork in the bottle. “I did not realize that you had been mistreated. I will see that it is dealt with immediately.”

Which means it won’t bode well for the Rose. The woman with the brown hair wasn’t certain if she wanted Sol to find the blonde or one of Falconsky’s men. Either way, it would not end well for the conniving woman.

The two stood in front of the fire for a few quiet moments, sipping the port. Finally, he spoke.

“You must be tired,” he reached out and took the port glass from her, some of the wine still left in it.

She watched as he placed the two glasses on the side table next to the bottle before returning to her. He cupped her cheek with a hand as he looked down at her with a quiet smile.

“It is good to have you home,” it was a soft whisper, his well cultured voice drifting over her like a warm wind.

He was about to kiss her. She could feel his hand tighten on her face, a clear warning that she was not to object. She closed her eyes and imagined that it was Sol standing there. She could feel his lips against her, lightly at first, then more demanding. Finally, he lifted his head and looked down at her.

“Good night my dear, you will be sleeping here tonight. I do not want you to feel alone your first night here,” he turned her towards the bed. “I know you are exhausted, I shall conduct myself as a gentleman.”

It was suble, but the manipulation was there, but she was not going to argue. She did not want to be compromised by this man, but her window was narrow. It would not be long before he decided to take their ‘relationship’ to more intimate levels. She needed a way out of there and she needed it soon.

As it would turn out… she didn’t need to get out on her own…

(New entry in a plain brown leather journal)

I do not know how I managed to garner the attention of Falconsky, but somehow, I made a good impression—too good. He paid someone a great sum of money to retrieve me and I am left to wonder why. He would have treated me very well, given me anything I wanted, but for a price—total obedience. In the end, I would have been given silks and jewels, but at the cost of my freedom. Not just being able to leave when I wanted, but to be anything other than the woman he thought I needed to be.

Thank the light that Sol, Kel, and another death knight—Alen—found me. I do not know how they tracked me and I really don’t care. I am home—my home, not Falconsky’s—and more than happy to be there.

The poisons that were used to sedate me were special brews… nothing standard of course. Now I am undergoing a series of antidotes that will flush my system. For the next week, I will be subjected to drinking vile concoctions twice a day until they deem me flushed. Horrible… but necessary.

Today Sol asked me to be his wife. I was so stunned that I barely remembered to answer him. Part of me wondered if he wanted to back away; I was not certain how he would take the news that another man paid for me to be ‘returned’ to him.

We are a most unconventional couple… there is still much we need to work out, but I connect with him on a level that I have not found with anyone else. I thought that we would have time to talk things through, but he asked a good friend of his if she would officiate the wedding and she opted to do it as soon as he asked. I suppose she didn’t want one of us to change our mind.

Going into this, I had no idea of what it would look like and I still don’t. Things are complicated but I have faith that we will figure it out.

The woman with the brown hair set the quill down and gently blew on the page before shutting the book. She paused for a moment, her gaze going to the heavy truesilver band that was now gracing her hand.
It was in the middle of the night. The Witch, Krystala, sat by a roaring fire in the middle of a cave, her gaze lost within the flames. She had been waiting for her puppet to return after she had stormed off mentioning something about 'finding something to take her anger out on'. The Witch knew that it would get her no where, but she let her go on anyway, trusting that she wouldn't do anything rash.

The sound of snapping twings and leaves had caught her ear, but other than that she reacted very little, for stumbling out of the bush happened to be Aseria Sunblade. The Pyromancer seemed calmer that she was earlier, walking casually towards her pack and pulling out her journal before conjureing her quill. Sitting down by the fire, she undid the golden rope that bound it and lowered her quill to start writing.


Aseria stopped, interupted by the sound of childish voice of which was Krystala's. She looked up to meet her shimmering jade gaze, it had seemed that they were pierceing into her very head, and into her mind. It was then that she felt her presense with in her head, gathering the information before withdrawing. The Witch sighed in dissapointment and lowered her gaze back to the fire " pulled 'that' card out of your sleeve? Out of all the other things you could have done?". Aseria said nothing at first, her quill poised over the blank page "I tried something new, that was I said, I felt that she would fall for Cy at some point again....I mean....the next Rune they are going for is Desire, right?"

Krystala said nothing for a few moments, silence fell upon the two for a while, the only noise being the crackling and popping of the fire. At last, the Witch broke the silence "It's foolish to believe that a trick like that would work. Did you even noticed that she was thinking of her Husband through the whole ordeal?" Aseria looked at her words, seeming surprised, which made Krystala sigh again "As I're losing your touch a bit, Ash, if you are ever going to destroy the Fellowship....for're going to need to start paying attention" she looked up at the Pyromancer "Do I make myself clear?"

Ash stared at the Witch for sometime, confused on how to answer the woman's question. Suddenly shearing pain began to flood her mind, spreading through her body like a wave. She yelped and cringed, slowly nodding and growling "Y-yes...Krystala...". The Witch smiled at her answer " may continue then"

Taking a few breaths to get over the pain, Ash flashed a glare at the Little Witch before lowering her head to begin writting.

With the recent loss of the Rune, anger has seemed to get the better of me, and I found myself wanting to take it out on something....or some one...

That person just happend to be Kel'Tira, the leader of the Fellowship.

I tourmented her, I beat her, I made her beg for mercy. I used a new spell that I learned to make an Illusion of myself when I found out she was in Brill, I slipped passed the guards disgiused as a Forsaken incase there was a bounty on my head. I had found Kel praying...and I had my presecnce known. We struggled a bit, she had raised a sheild to block my attacks, but I managed to wear it down and beat was then I began to torture her.

However, before I had the chance to cause her pain, Sol happened to arrive, so I vanished, useing arcane to cloak me from being seen.

They had taken her up into the hills, in Hillsbrad, to a hold where they thought she would be safe. I made her flee, it was pretty easy.

I made her flee to Scholomace, where I had continued to torture her, only I used my Illusion spell to look like Cy. The details I will spare, for now though....I need rest. Something tells me that the Witch is going to have me go out and find another artifact for my accension, not that I mind..but I just know it's going to happen.

That's enough writting for now.

Ash closed the journal, the quill vanishing into thin air as she bound the book back with the golden rope. When she had finished, she stood up and began to walk towards her bed roll. "Good night, Ash...sleep have another artifact that you can go after when you wake up tomorrow morning.

Aseria mentally swore in her mind
"Yep...totally not unexpected" She thought to herself before laying down and closing her eyes, sleep taking over quickly.
Kreindis slowly awakes in the early morning. He looks at the sleeping Tislina under the blanket that he wove beside him. He smiles, and pulls his journal from his bag and begins to write.

Kreindis Blazestride

I have recovered well from Terokkar. I am good enough to return to training, but for now I am with Tislina at our spot under the shade of two trees. We both fell asleep fast last night while we were here, when we came after we left the guild meeting. Oh, and at the guild meeting I met two new members of the Fellowship. One was Lyrilia, and the other was Krelethyn I think. I look forward to further knowing them.

Kreindis pauses writing for a moment, and looks at the sun to see what time it is. "Oh damn! I'm gonna be late for training!"

I have to leave Tislina though, now... I'm going to be late for my training session that my trainer personally asked me to him for!

Kreindis places his journal in his bag after closing it along with his quill. He places a kiss on Tislina's cheek and runs for Silvermoon, leaving her under the shade of the trees with the blanket he wove.
Keyadrion seems oddly happy as he sits in Undercity and begins to write in his journal that he pulls from his lockbox.

Oh, it was wonderful... I sent the mage running for my brother, afraid for her own life. I suppose I should write what entirely happened. I was looking for her in the Walk of Elders, when she came up behind me. She didnt recognize me, but I explained to her who I was, without giving her it directly. What would be the fun in that? She thought she was dreaming that I was here, and that she was sleeping somewhere else. To prove her wrong, I used by sharp, spiked fingers to poke a hole in her arm. -That- seemed to get her. I revealed my being a Warlock by transforming into a demon right before her eyes, and sent her to tell my brother that I am coming. I also added in that she should spend as much time as she wants with him, as it may be limited... oh, they are going to be fun to play around with in the future...

Thats all I have to write for now... I'm going to go back to increasing my power...
Kreindis Blazestride

My brother... he is back... Tislina called me over the guildstone and said she needed me, and I came to her as soon as I could. When I found her she looked pale and was clutching her arm. She told me I should probably sit down, and I did. She sat beside me. Thats when she told me about him coming back. She said he also has a poisonous snake named Plague and he is a Warlock, which is not good. She gave me proof of him coming back... my brother stabbed her arm. He's going to pay for that... I healed it, as well. She looked close to tears, then, so I put my arms around her and pulled her close to try and comfort her. It seemed to work. I promised her that I would keep her safe from Keyadrion, and that seemed to help too. She is asleep right now, and I stay up on guard for her. She says she has wards that will keep Keyadrion out, but that snake could still get in... So I need to stay on watch for it so she can sleep knowing she is safe. Before she fell asleep though, we talked for a little on what to do about Keyadrion. Our only two options that we could come up with are kill him, or make some kind of deal as a last resort. We both fell asleep after that... Nothing much else has happened.

I have nothing more to write of.
I do not blame him. It was my idea, really.

When I met Shadow, I wasn't fairly very well. Crippled, my weakness returning to drop me to my knees, I wouldn't be here without his sudden arrow saving me. So I repaid him in kind. A kiss, without comment or without follow up, before leaving. Words needn't be exchanged for such a meaningless gesture, but how hilarious was it that he was old fashioned enough to say it was something reserved for intimacy.

Then I got to know him. He's like me, but not. He chooses to run in the wilds, away from society for its freedom, unlike me. He does as he pleases, when he pleases. Like me. He communicates with animals and sees them, not as pets, but as friends, unlike me. He laughs at the foolishness of those bound to social standards, like me. On and on it goes. But I have come to recognize him as kin to my loneliness and a beast to not be harnessed. Still, I have set bait for him to have some sort of encounter with the Fellowship, because he would not disappoint me and dances to my whims.

It was hilarious when I shoved the stolen Guildstone down his pants. It was not hilarious when he decided to tell me that he would have me. And as common law abides, a law that no one bound to the norms of the world could understand, I have lost my freedom and now belong fully to him. He bested me, I could not stop him. But I am still proud and myself. Would he deny me myself, I would rather take my own life than be a puppet or a shadow of myself.

Still, I nearly skulk in his shadow, defeated. I haven't a clue what to say to this 'alpha'. But that suits us just fine. We never speak much when commencing mass murder, except on the rare occasion. I feel as if I should say something to him, but I do not know what. Some whimpering voice in the farthest reaches of my skull says I should cry r'ape. But the majority of me, and who I am, denies that voice for even existing. I'm no longer elven of any acceptable sort. I've accepted this long ago. I do not want their pity anymore, those who look at my mangled form and wonder how I still walk and breathe.

At least Shadow understands the unspoken. Though I might smack him the next time he compliments my appearance, it would also be for naught. Should I continue my ploy to make Shadow and the Fellowship dance for my amusement, or should I retreat into the woods forever? Part of me remembers a distant promise, but who did I make it to? Someone wants me to be social and try with people. Someone wants me to remember that I'm more than just a monster, I'm still a person.

I don't know who it is. Maybe I killed that person. My memories are too hazy. I should forget these promises I've made to a faceless person. But I still remember. I was someone's crutch once. Someone trusted me with their life once. No. More than one person, I remember that. Was it the Wardens, or someone else?

I am no longer second in command. All sense of duty and leadership are gone. I don't have to be kind. Tender. I don't have to portray emotions I do not feel.

So why do I keep coming back...

And what do I do with this male who has taken me as his own?

I saw a lonely fire in the sky today. I wish to ride it.

~ Silver Truesong
((This journal was meant for early yesterday >.>))

An ornate scarlett leather tome with an intricate gold lock and clasp, and gold-edged pages. The name Lyrilia Dawnblade is inscribed on the bottom left corner of the cover, in a flowing, gold script.

"Oh look, it's Lady Temper!" A man appearing much older than his age sneered at Lyrilia as she entered the house.

"You know I hate it when you call me that, Alarius, dearest brother." She quipped back, glaring at the man. "Go play important with your house politics why don't you?"

"Why are you even here. In my house? It's not like you care about your niece or anything. And, if you are so interested in House politics, why don't you come here more often and then you can tell me how to do my job." He spat on the floor, his own famous Dawnblade temper rising.

"Don't you imply I don't care about her, you know I do! I might come around more if that psychotic wife of yours didn't hate me so much. I care nothing of house politics, and you know that quite well, Al. I just came for this and then I'll be off." Fuming, she held up a Red leather book, her name inscribed on the front. "I left it here when I came to visit my niece, by the way." She stalked out of the room and down the stairs slamming the door on her way out.

"Don't you call my wife psychotic! If anyone's mentally ill it'd be you Ly! Its not healthy to be so alone, perhaps if you weren't so hostile youd actually have some friends!" Alarius shouted this from the door, his face red. A small face peeked out from the curtains watching her aunt ride off down the road, screaming something at the man.

Lyrilia sat in the shade of a large tree, leaning up against the rough bark of its trunk. She had been riding for some time, and needed to rest. Her face was flushed red, her eyes flaring and tears streamed down her cheeks. Wiping them away she pulled out a quill and began to write in the book she had retrieved.

Its not true what Al can't be. I have friends...don't I? What am I saying..I don't. At least I don't think I do. No matter. It does me well to not get close to people. I can leave when I wish, and go anywhere I like without having to worry about anyone extra. I can take care of myself and I need no one to help me. I have taken care of myself for so long, who says I can't do it now? My brother most certainly can't, nor his mad wife. I'd do away with them and never see them again if I could, if that didn't mean being accused of not caring for Calithara. I will not have anyone think I do not care about family, because that is one thing I actually do care about. And I don't care about much.

I must participate to some degree in the fellowship's activities, so it doesn't look like I do not care I suppose. So I shall be attending a guild meeting later today...if I can. I'm not so sure I want to....Today's events along with Yesterday's were not favorable.....they were rather...I'm not sure.

I returned from my stay in the Undercity yesterday, thank the Light, ugh the Light. That is but another thing troubling me. Anyways, I returned with a cure...or at least I thought it was. Quelisa ported my sister to Silver moon..and we met in the Silvermoon City inn...

Teardrops begin to appear on the page, the farther down you go the more there are.

...and she brought news that Evelise's condition has began to......rapidly decline.....She appeared even more grey...more thin...more sickly than ever before.....and I worry for her...I truly do. Quelisa cares little for her though. She find her! I bet she wishes her dead so she can go back to uninterrupted study...and not have to share her house. I hate her for not caring, but I need her help...

Whatever, as soon as I cure Evelise I will not have to deal with her anymore. My cousin's bitterness towards her is evident though. I must find a cure soon......the one I brought nothing. Her eyes merely fluttered and then she went back to barely moving......barely even breathing.....

I must talk to Kel'tira. Its worth a try to see if she cares enough to help, this I have decided.

The page is rather wrinkled here...blotches of ink dot the page, blurred by what appears to have been tears.

Light I feel so not leave me now...

~ A rather sorrowful, Lyrilia Dawnblade.
The Dark Knight watches his wife as she sleeps, he grins happily to himslef, he takes his journal out of his bag,

A blue leather journal, bound by a rubberband.

I can honestly say that I am having a wonderful time with Aux, She makes me happy, and I hope that I in return am making her happy, I love her with all my heart, and I hope to show that too her, The days go by out here on our honeymoon rather slow, but I am not going to complain because it is more time I get to spend with my wife, We eat we drink wine we look at the sights Northrend has to offer, and then we lay with each other, Im not going to go into detail about that, in case some one happens upon my journal, but I have to say, it is rather enjoyable.

Who knows when we will have to return, hopefully we wont have to for a while, I want to spend as much time away from everything and every one, just as I told her, "Im glad to be away from people, evil, problems, I want to spend as much time with you as I can before we go back."

I love her, I really do, and as I lay here, I think to myself, "I couldn't be happier."

The Dark Knight rises in the early hours of the morning, and Kisses his wife softly on the forehead, he walks outside for a breif moment to look at the sky and thinks to himself, "Wow, I need to show her when she wakes up."
Not one day goes by that I dont think about my beloved tria, she is always there for me, Especially now, since Selenara has returned to haunt me....but still, I love her, and I am happy to make an honest woman out of her, She is not a common !@#$%, maybe at one time she was, but I do not let that bother me, I cannot judge the woman that I love, and soon she will be my wife, and I will get to spend the rest of my life with her.

I nearly died yesterday, but she was there for take me to the hospital to get me help, Light....I love her, She would go out of her way to save me like that, and to be honest, I dont feel Like im any one important, but maybe I am to her, Just as she is to me.

I met a friend, Kreindis, Hopefully I can call him a friend..cause well..I don't have any friends, and he seemed like a guy I could get along with, but there she was again, working her way into my heart, I couldn't just leave her alone, she told me to stay and talk with him, but..I couldn't, So we went home, and I repayed her, *He gives a slight chuckle* I love her, nonetheless, no matter what any one says about her, no matter what people think, we Odd couple, but odd is simply, -Perfect-.
The days flow together as I sit beside my beloved Karamia. She can sit up for periods of time, and it does my heart good to see her up. The other day, she wanted to stand on her own two feet, and she accomplished it for a few minutes. But it left her weak, and she complains about feeling weak.

Sometimes it is hard to hear her moan about weakness and such. I know her as a strong vibrant woman, and to sit and watch her...(Tears have splattered on the page here, but does not ruin the ink that covers the page..) is sometimes hard for me. She wants to walk at our wedding. I pray the light hears our prayers and allows her to..(more tears..) to stand beside me as we make our vows and become wife and husband. It seems so far away, and yet it is in only a few more days.

On a different note, I talked with Kel'tira the other day. On the one hand, I was hesitant, as I didn't know what to expect. Yet on the other, I could not hide or ignore the fact that we needed to talk, privately. And it came to pass, and I was astounded by what she told me about that witch with a "B". Ash has grown more evil and demented as she slides down her slope of insanity. And I held Kel, like I had so many times before, and comforted her.

There was the old love of our friendship and brother/sister love we share, but nothing more. She is so devoted to Nicias, and I have no room in my heart for for anyone but Karamia. And we talked. It was good to be with Kel, like that, talking, and sharing...being close again, like we had been. I told her I would like to do it again sometime, as I had missed just talking with her, and sharing bits of our lives. I only hope Karamia does not forbid me from talking with Kel'tira...I would understand her reasons, but they are no longer a part of either of us anymore. I will share with Mia what we spoke about, with some revisions, as not all of it is open for her or anyone else's scutinity. Somethings must remain private.

One small item. Azmos. While I respect his healing skills and such, his bedside manner needs work. He seems standoffish, and I don't know how to explain it to him. And he calls me child, or youngster...get a grip grandpa, you ain't that much older than I am...what maybe a hundred years? Perhaps I'll find the time to converse with him...
I "feel" a darkness coming over me, something akin to depression amd misery. I "feel" lost somehow, out here mining and picking flowers for profit. I'm "feeling" unsure of myself. What does it mean? How does one such as myself "feel" anything, something dead and yet not dead.

I have spent too much time alone, I think. Perhaps I need to spend time around people more. Not all people find me a monster, or a murderer...I'm just not sure. dark thoughts are better off not being examined quite yet. My time here is not over...I need to...think on it more closely....
My apprenticeship is nearly over. My teachers tell me that I have excelled in my studies, and soon must go out in to Azeroth and make a name for myself. I think it's just their polite way of getting rid of me. I am not of noble birth, so there are no funds to drive them to keep me here any longer. And maybe my mysterious benefactor, or sponsor, has dried up the well of gold.

No matter. I feel confident in my abilities to let me progress on my own. I spend my time in personal study, and going out and helping others with my magicks. Some are openly amazed that I do not carry myself as someone deserving special treatment. That's just the nobleman's way of thinking, I tell them. I'm here to help in any small way that I can. They have taken me in to their homes and treated me like a daughter and I feel lucky to have aided them.

I have joined a guild, a Fellowship of sorts. They seem preoccupied with two adversaries that wish to bring them down. An evil warlock that has some type of book that can possibly destroy Azeroth as we know it. I am not sure of all the particulars. And an crazy mage that once used to be a part of this same fellowship, and wants to destroy this guild too. One part of me doesn't want to be a part of some kind of war within the guild, and yet it excites me that there is such going ons. It means that there is never a dull moment. We shall see what part I will play in all this.
Alenthis Sunstrider stood beside the obsidian altar, leaning on it. He held a single rose in his hand. His eyes wandered from the rose to the ground around him. The Burning Legions scar had still not healed from this world. He could see the Tainted Forest in the distance. The demon directly in front of him was a much better example of Aseroth's still healing wound.

"Alenthis, Marl is breaking. It will only be a matter of days...maybe a week or two, before he breaks. We need you here. Now is not the time for you to be running around with the Fellowships members like a hot headed youngling." Alenthis scowled as the Demon continued, "We are so close and we need you to be here when his shield comes down. You don't have the luxury of time to spend with it's members."

Alenthis thought about his evening with Lyrilia. "Detheroc. I will not be ordered about by you...or your upstart mast-"

The demon took a step forward and pointed his taloned hand at Alenthis. "I will order you however I please if you ever want to see your wife again. Doom Lord Kazzak is fully capable of reviving her. And if for some reason he can't...then his master will. You will assist us with this summoning or I will personally hunt you to the very edges of Azeroth."

Alenthis paused for a moment, digesting the demon's words. He swallowed. "Kazzak's coming here?"

Detheroc grinned. "Once Lord Kazzak arrives we will be making preperations for another summoning." Alenthis shivered. This was getting a bit too real for him. He had thought a deal with a demon Lord would be worth it. Now he was finding out that his deal was to the second in command of the burning legion. He knew in his heart that their would be no hope for this world.

He frowned at the dreadlord. "I'll do my part, Detheroc. And you had better do yours." Detheroc nodded and smiled.

"You will have your wife back." His late wifes voice filled his head, spouting andger and disgust at his actions. Alenthis looked at the dreadlord.

"Good. Now, leave me." The demon smiled at him and turned around, making it's way back to the tainted forest. Alenthis frowned as the demon left. He hopped onto the other side of the Altar and sat down. He thought of the Fellowship. Alenthis growled at his position. Caught between a deal with the devil...and the friendships...and perhaps even love he had with the Fellowship. His wife's voice again scolded him. Alenthis buried his head between his knee's and prayed and cried.

The dreadlord entered the hollowed out tree. The Worgen in the center of the room was slowly dying. The demon smiled. He approached his brother. Nethecus turned to face him. "What of the Elf?"

Detheroc frowned. "He'll do his part. So long as we wiggle his pathetic mate in front of him. But be watchful of him."

Nethecus nodded. "It shall be done brother."

"Master they are weak, ripe for utter destruction! Why must we sit and wait!" I had shouted at Master Tychus, the man who showed me the truth. I was kneeling before him, looking up at the shadows that encased him, he was growing stronger the closer the Darkness got. It pleased me to know this fact but at the same time it bothered me that we simply sat waiting, playing at a game that made no sense to me.

"Patience warrior, we have a ways yet to go before all is made ready to bring upon this world utter chaos and destruction. While the races are weak and unaware of the danger looming over them we must be fully prepared to envelop them. Too many have tried before and failed." Tychus' voice was cold and calculating, an edge to it that showed his insanity, but Tyrael did not care.

Nodding in understanding Tyrael stood and moved to the map that his master used to mark off interesting events and made plans to enact his many objectives. "Which runes would you have me find first my lord?" Was the only question I need ask, the shadow within me had told me much, yet Lord Tychus was still my master. "Find me War first. Let them hear the cries and thunder of war. Teach them its ways my young servant." Tychus' voice boomed as Tyrael awoke from his trance, sitting upon a small hill outside of Silvermoon City.

It was time to begin the hunt. War would be hard to find, for war was everywhere.

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