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Journal of Karamia Dawnstrike

I heard the rumors and could not believe it. Tyrael? I am struck by how odd it is he is alive, or seems to be. Or is it someone else who has somehow taken his body? I thought we buried him...we had a service after all. I can remember how hard I cried, I was struck to my core with his death. It took me a long time to get over it.

I have yet to see this one who calls himself Tyrael. I am sure it is someone else. I struggle to get my head around any other reason.

I am trying to get back to my feet and stronger. I want to be able to stand at my wedding. To let Cyaer know I love him and to be his wife. I may never be able to do much more than that. I am afraid my days of fighting may be a long time in returning.
Kel'tira Sunblaze

I do not care what others think of me. I do not care what others wish to say of me. I know what is true, and that is all that matters to me. I have suffered, and I hate it. I wish I could throw it all away, all of the pain, then self-contempt, the fear. I wish I could let it all go, and I wish I could run, and keep running. Some days I wish I had nothing holding me back, nothing holding me down, and I wish I could just go, and let go, and forget everything that has ever happened to me. I never do, though, and it kills me inside knowing that I am not even strong enough for that.

Even now, the knife sitting on my knee mocks me in the way it glints in the light, the way it taunts me with the edge I cannot bring myself to turn against myself. Light knows I have tried. Light knows I want to let go. I wonder, sometimes, why the Light is still with me, why it has not abandoned me for these thoughts I have about my own death. I wonder if I was convinced it was the right thing, if the Light would aid me in my death.

But to be honest, I am not convinced I want to die. Not yet. In the words of a wise priest, things are better brought out into the Light. So here it all is.

Aseria took me, bound me, and had some sort of malicious intent, and then Sol and Auxi showed up, and Ash vanished. Sol and Auxi took me to Ravenholdt. I ran.

Aseria was in my -head-. In my Light damned head again. Goading me, calling me, telling me to run. I ran away. I left Sol, and Auxi, and I can only guess at what they think about that. What she did to me... what she made me think Cy did to me... I will not write about it in depth, I cannot bring myself to, suffice to say that she aimed to break me, and break me she did, simply not the way she might have hoped to break me.

I think the part of me that still harbored some love for Cy as something more than family died. I know it sounds cruel, but I can look at him and see his faults again, his weaknesses, in a way that I could only see them before anything was between us. I sat and talked to him about Aseria, and what she did to me, and cried on his shoulder, and there was nothing between us save the love we share as a brother and sister.

My life has devolved into chaos, it appears, however. And Tyrael... Light. He claims he is Tyrael, he -looks- like our Tyrael, even sounds like him, and acted a bit like he did... But it cannot be. Our Tyrael died, and has been dead.

What is the world coming to?
I wonder if the rumors are true. If so, will our love be strong enough to get through it. Why does my heart tremble that Tyrael has returned? I am strong and confident in our love, light, please don't let it be so. She doesn't need that right now.

Karamia grows stronger every day. Yesterday she walked. Albeit slowly and with determination, but by the light, she walked. Light, I am so very proud of her. I tried to hide the tears as I watched her walk out into the lobby and back. We even joked of racing back to the bed. Light thank you for watching over your champions.

I have been seeking ore for Karamia in Icecrown, and came across a paladin in distress, Crusader Bridenbrad. We tried several things to save him, but I was awestruck as I brought a blessing from A'dal the Naruu. There was three of the Naruu as I watched Crusader Bridenbrad ascend into the night sky. And what A'dal told me was he was in paradise, without evil. Tears came to my eyes, as the Naruu told me I had been selfless in aiding the paladin.

I have changed so much since I met and befriended Karamia and Kel'Tira, and they accepted me into the ranks of the Rising Sun Fellowship. Slowly, I have grown in character, and become more directed by the light, and the tenets of the Fellowship. Is it any wonder that I look upon our members as my family, my brothers and sisters? For it has been with their help and interactions that I have become the man I am today. Light bless each and every one of them. I am humbled in your presence.
Jahana saw the statuette, and seemed to be pleased with it. I wasn't quite done with it, but I have finished it, and wish for Sydric to see it. I wonder if I missed the art exhibit that was scheduled. I am rather proud of how she turned out. The buffing and care I put into it shows, and she fairly glows. But then again, I maybe somewhat biased in my opinion.

I managed to see Jahana once this past week, and it was wonderful. She is a most intriguing muse. She keeps my creative juices flowing, and I have had to purchase two more sketchbooks to contain the ideas and things I have wanted to complete. My canvas is never empty...

My commission with the Blood Knights has been continued, and I must return to duty. I guess the punishment for breaking a man's jaw was a blessing in disguise. It allowed me to create the small statue.

By the light, I am truly blessed. I enjoy the talents that I have, the job I have, and the muse in my life. What more can an artist, paladin, and a man ask for?

I grow negligent in my duties to the Blood Knights, a few days at the dummies will help sharpen my skills to where they should be again. Then I will ship out...I wonder where I'll be sent next. Never a dull moment in the Blood Knights.
Darkness invades my thoughts, dark thoughts for a dark knight...why is that amusing to me? I exercise my fighting skills, and never find myself wanting...that is good I think. These paltry Forsaken tell me, tell me, a Death Knight what to do, and how they want it done. They are lucky I restrain myself, and don't slay them all.

I look back over that which I have written, and while it disgusts me, I find truth in it. Perhaps my former lover has it right, I was made for one thing - death. And I find satisfaction in that. Not this silly idea of killing bunnies and such, there is no honor in it, and I seek truer foes, to feel them cry out in anguish, to relish their pain....yes, that is my true calling - Pain, and Death.

I have no need for gold and its pittance of what it can purchase. I shall return to The Outlands, where I can truly satisfy my nature, and enjoy the carnage I can bring to the field of combat. Yes, that's what I shall do.
The Dark Knight lays in his bed, looming to his wife, he smiles and kisses her on the cheek before opening the bed side drawer and takes out a green leather journal.

I am finally home, home with my new wife, I'm glad to be home but I had a lot of fun with her in northrend, it was cold for her I'm sure, but I did my best to keep her warm while she lay next to me, but finally we are home, we left to gallywix before we decided it was too crowded and decided to finally come him and spend one more night with each other before returning to Silvermoon, I hope it's not as crowded as it has been as of late.

Who knows what's in store for us as we progress, I love my wife, I love auxilia she is a good wife and a good woman, I hope that I in Return am a good husband, I will do my best, she knows me, she understands me, she knows how to handle me and who I am, I cannot be angry with her, or angry when she is around because the sight of her brightens even the darkest of my days, her brown hair, her soft lips, the way she treats me, I love her

The Dark Knight stops writing for a momen to look at his wife again, he smiles as he watches her sleep, she looks peaceful in her rest.

And I always will.
I'm becoming more and more in like with the warm and sandy area of Uldam. I spent several hours sitting on the banks of the rivers, fishing, and taking in the sights. This is a good place to bring Karamia, let her get a little sun, and just sit back and enjoy an evening walk through the dunes. And bring a blanket just in case something should arise, like a sandstorm or such.

I received a summons from my lady love and Kel'tira to come to Silvermoon City, and I made my way there post haste. She walking! She been released, and she's walking. Praise the light, prayers are answered!

We discussed our wedding, and how we wanted it done. We shall write our own vows, and Kel will officiate the rest of our wedding. Two days away. Karamia asked me if I might get a case of cold feet, and I said no way. This day has been a someday for some time, and it's finally coming to be the day. Cold feet? No, I long to be your husband, and you to be my wife, Karamia.

It has been over a week since I have been able to do anything for this rune on my face. And I find that with Karamia's injury and the wedding occurring all this week, I have been too busy worrying and praying for Mia, and being on pins and needles for Saturday, to let it have any real control of me. Though I must admit I look forward to our wedding night, and our honeymoon. Time alone with my new wife, time to talk, share, and love. Oh, patience is a virtue...but is it wrong that I want it all now?

I have but one concern while we are away...the evil triplets. What will Viragona or Ash and her little witch do while we are away? I will trust in our Fellowship to be capable of handling whatever shall come up. I do not intend to have a guildstone on while we are away, it will be our time, and our alone time. I will not let those three witches with a "B" control my life, and especially now.
Progress report to the Dark Lady:

My Lady, the Fellowship grows more and more powerful. I must again congratulate you on choosing such a fine organization. They will be celebrating a wedding soon, which I will be attending. It's members seem happy, a rare state of mind for our Sin'dorei brothers and sisters. Militarily, the Fellowship is still quite capable. Many nobles of Silvermoon have taken note of our organization and-

"ARRRGH!" Alenthis smashed the table to bits and kicked its wreckage across the room. His left eye was twitching furiously and his hands clenched in and out of fists. The day had not gone well. The death knight Selindria, had overheard him speaking with Detheroc, and threatened to tell members of the Fellowship. She had eluded him in the Undercity. Alenthis took a deep breathe. No matter. She can't hide from me forever. He was simply not in the mood to write a progress report to his "Queen."

Alenthis thought of the other Death Knights threat. Fear gripped his heart. What if she really did tell Lyrilia. Could he convincingly lie to her? Alenthis moved from the dark room onto the balcony that overlooked the throne room within the ruins of Lordaeron. He frowned. What if she were to become angry with him? Or attack him? He didn't want to engage in combat with someone he lov. He loved. Alenthis scowled as he reached the conclusion. He howled in rage at the empty room. His mind raced. For eight months I've sided with those demons so that they can have their master. For eight months I've done this for one reason. To get my wife back. And now I've gone and fallen in love with another? He picked a rock up and hurled it at the wall.

Across the room, a slight humming filled the air. Good. Maybe Detheroc has made some progress. He grabbed the stone and slid his hand over it. "What is it, demon?"

The voice that replied was almost giddy. "He's breaking, Alenthis. It will only be a matter of hours."

Alenthis smiled. "Excellent news, dreadlord."

Detheroc continued, "May I remind you that we will need a blood sacrifice to activate the portal?"

Alenthis thought for a moment. Who can it be?... "I'll get you your blood sacrifice, Demon. Now get back to work. Contact me again when he nears his breaking point."

"I'll speak with you then." The humming stopped. Alenthis frowned slightly. Who would he take with him. He couldn't bring himself to take Lyrilia...and Selindria already was evadding him. It would have to be someone else from the fellowship then...So be it. I don't have the heart to ruin the marriage...but perhaps someone not in peek condition? He thought of one individual in particular and frowned. Soon he would have his wife back. But at what cost to his what cost to Azeroth, for that matter. Alenthis Sunstrider sighed and moved down the stairs, heading for the Translocation Orb.
(New entry in a plain leather bound journal.)

We have returned from Northrend and while I am happy to be home, part of me is a little sad to be back. I enjoyed the time we had away from the Fellowship—there was nothing pressing other than decided on the next location we wanted to visit and the path we would take to get there. We could take our time, relax and worry about nothing. We took one last quiet night to ourselves at home—warmed by the fire in the hearth, talking over our trip and enjoying the sound of the rain on the roof—before we returned to Silvermoon to see what is waiting for us.

The time for shrugging off burdens has passed and now we need to look into what is happening with the Fellowship now. The warlock is still out there—she is being watched and soon she will make a mistake. This time, we are burning the body. Perhaps we should also seek council with a less volatile warlock—I am thinking of the one who helped Cyaer with the rune on his cheek—to see what needs to be done to ensure that she cannot rise again.

The insane mage is still out there running loose—I am half surprised she has not self-destructed yet. I hope that Az has made some progress in getting her out of Kel’s mind. If not, I am not certain what we will be able to do to keep Kel sane.

Now there is word that Tyrael may not actually be dead after all—or he has someone who looks close enough like him to be his doppelganger. I did not know him well, I had only spoken to him on two or three occasions and those were dealing with Fellowship matters. He had not seemed interested in speaking with me other than to give an order, and I did not push the matter. At the time, I was more comfortable at the periphery—the center of the Fellowship was rather rocky at the time.

When I spoke to Sol about him, he told me a few things that troubled me. I will need to speak with Kel about these—although she does not need anything else weighing on her shoulders right now. I just hope that this is not going to be another problem.
The light. The Holy light of my life enlightens me in my private chambers as I meditate and hold off the weak cravings of the arcane. Yes, even in my state of affairs I must fight the urges our people find placed upon us. The spirit is strong, but the flesh is weak, and I control that which I cannot and will not allow in my life. If it all were so easy.

In my meditations, the light has shown me something of such a dire evil, that if it is not extinguished, the very existence of Azeroth is in peril. Yes, I am aware of the Rising Sun Fellowship and its involvement with the warlock Viragona. But the scope of her evil, and power she holds will truly test the resilience and strength of our little Fellowship, and the light must prevail. It has to prevail in order for Azeroth to continue it journey through the stars, and for life as we know it to stay in existence.

I purge my mind and body of toxins and prepare for the battle that is ahead. And I spoke with the Naruu A'dal in Shattrath...he too has felt the terrible consequences of what may happen to our world if the warlock is permitted to fulfill her destiny of evil and destruction. The confrontation will be soon, and our Fellowship will be pivotal in the destruction of her vileness. Light bless us, guide us, and protect us in those things which we are about to do to save a world.
An ornate scarlett leather tome with an intricate gold lock and clasp, and gold-edged pages. The name Lyrilia Dawnblade is inscribed on the bottom left corner of the cover, in a flowing, gold script.

Lyrilia sat alone in the Hall of Respite, her back against the walll and journal out on her lap. A small purple flamefly buzzed around her curiously, stopping to settle on her knee. The paladin smiled at the bug, holding her hand out for it to climb on. She brought the bug closer to her face, studying it for a moment bafore it flew away, buzzing around the room happily.

It isn't odd for a paladins only friend to be a Death Knight is it? It is ok right? These are the questions my brother put into my head as I went to visit my niece, his wife's ever-present glare followed me through the house as she watched me play with Caliara. Alarius told me of all the horrible things Death Knights do, as if I didn't know, and how none of the are trustworthy. He also went in to suggest Alenthis is just as bad as the rest, and I should find a paladin friend.No matter, I suppose I could consider Kel'tira a friend, but no. She is just the leader of the Fellowship, someone I told one of my problems to when I became terribly overwhelmed. I've talked to Alenthis much more than that, I've told him much more too. I don't know why I did, but I did. I told him more than I've told anyone since Salethorian's ......first death.

Perhaps, maybe I might......I might just.....No. I do trust Alenthis I suppose...I've decided to let him help me with my sister. I know Kel'tira offered to help, but I suppose maybe I don't quite trust her. Or maybe I just trust Alenthis more. He says he has...friends who could help. I wonder who they are? I assume they aren't a part of the Fellowship, which is something I like. I do not need the members of the Fellowship knowing of my problems, as I told Kel,tira: Some people do not share such things so freely. Maybe I do trust Kel a bit, I did tell her about Evelise.

I like the Fellowship a bit more now I suppose, I'm not sure why. However, they are still somewhat merely a form of entertainment and adventure for me....Perhaps I have come to think of them as a bit of a family. No. Such thoughts are silly. They are not my family, and will never replace them, no mattter how much the remainder of my family dislikes me.

I still worry about Evelise. I spoke to Quelisa last night and she has agreed to bring something of Eve's over, when she can of course. I hate her for this, for not caring for Evelise as much as she should. For wanting her in a hospital just so she wouldn't have to deal with her. I can't believe how uncaring that dreadful woman is! I can't believe I'm related to her....I hate her. Although, she is the only one who doesn't think badly of me for having a death knight friend, as she has one of her own. Selindria I believe. I have never met her, but I have heard much of her, and she does for my cousin. My cousin has many enemies you see, and if they begin to find her, or bug her, she needs them..... taken care of....

The worries I have for my sister persist even though I am in a better mood today. I hope Alenthis will prove helpfull in finding a cure for her....I will prove Alarius wrong. Alenthis told me not all Death Knights are bad, I assume he is one of those.

~Lyrilia Dawnblade.
(The first half of this post was lost due to Blizzard's website being !@#$ and logging me out mid post :3 I'm going to say that this journal entry was torn in two)


Finally, we were allowed to be together in peace. The Ebon Blade and the Argents relented that neither of us was a liability and were quite the effective team, not only because of our prowess and desires, but because of our passion and need to protect one another. My belly continues to swell and I am fortunate to be able to avoid the Fellowship. Only one other within it, the woman known as Kel'Tira, knows fully of my condition and all of the secrets behind it. But even now, she doesn't know the full truth that was revealed last night... When I lost Malathir.

He fell. Right in front of me, he fell, and in my sheer panic, I couldn't even save him as I wished to have save Keladryn. I watched him fall, I watched his body break upon the cliffs... Even though the undead cannot be destroyed so easily, he looked... I cannot continue on that line of thought.

Even worse was when he tried to move his broken body. So unnaturally. So unlike the usual remnants of life he usually portrayed effortlessly. He challenged me suddenly, pointing his weapons at me. Waiting for me to kill him. But how could I? Even with him seeming to go insane, how could he expect me to raise even a hand against him, except in defense? He wouldn't attack, so I didn't provoke him. As he wept, shook, so different from the man I knew, I wondered... what had happened? How could he so suddenly feel emotions like this when he was usually lacking emotion?

He said things. Things that disturbed me. He talked so much like Keladryn. After I had fought for long and hard to remove that man from my thoughts when I looked at Malathir, he claimed to be him. But, I soon realized it to be true. The initial impression I had gotten of this man, the fact that his grave had been robbed and was now empty... All of it lead to the conclusion I had once drawn.

Malathir is Keladryn.

The man who was so desperate to have a family when he couldn't have one... the one I had told would be the father to my child who was without a father... the man who I trust with my life, my fragile trust, my love... is the same man who is truly the father of my... our unborn, is the first person to leave such a deep impression on me, and the first I could ever trust and the first I could have ever felt anything for.

I know I will stay with him. Even as he thanks me for accepting the mess that he is, I cannot begin to fathom my life alone anymore. I need at least one other in my life, and Malathir, who had proposed marriage to me only earlier that day... how could I live without him? But for him to be Keladryn as well...

I feel as if I have cheated. I feel as if I have wronged him in some way. I do not understand these feelings anymore, but he denies me any chance to worry. He holds me, even though he is the one who is physically and mentally in tatters. Calming me, soothing me. I should be the one holding him. This is one of those moments where I do not like that I have become... calmer. More feminine. These hormones and changes in me leaves me feeling so much less than who... than what I am. I feel as if I am failing him, but I know I cannot do anything but assure him that I will not abandon him. Even though I want to throttle this man...

At least Keladryn kept his promise in the end. He never abandoned me. Though I wonder when the man who tried to kill him comes back. And if he will try to murder myself and our child since his attempt on Keladryn was foiled by a very greedy Death Knight of the Ebon Blade.

But now is not the time to worry. I just... Need to relax. I hope Kel'Tira is around soon. She needs to hear this... she won't believe it. Though I hpoe she doesn't assume I have snapped and am truly trying to replace Keladryn with Malathir. They're such different people... And I care for them both. And yet they are both the same man.

My head hurts.

~ An'giel

They are all weak. I have travelled to the war torn places of Azeroth and OUtland only to find nothing leading me to the Rune of War. There are some that remain unchecked but I doubt I will find much in those places. The races of these two worlds are so weak, such a powerful Rune may not even be here. They cannot see the foolishness of their ways: love, empathy, sorrow, honor, peace... These are things that make one weak.

The Master was right, this world must be purged for a new dawn and age to rise from the ashes of the old. The Darkness shows me many things, some I am ready to receive yet others overwhelm me! To think that they have waited this long with such patience?! This world must be reborn in the fires of War, Strife, Fear and Chaos... Sometimes I wonder what will happen in the future, when the Master's plan comes to fruition. When I think upon these things I smile like a child on their birthday when they receive new gifts.

My gift will be the blood of my enemies covering my skin and their bones beneath my feet as I crush them. Chaos will reign with War and Strife wrecking havoc upon the world, the Master has told me these things over and over yet only now has he shown me a vision of the future... Of corpses strewn across battlefields as all creatures fight. Tychus standing upon a pile of corpses and the Darkness ever present... The Master's champions, myself included, surrounding him wrecking destruction and sowing fear...

It will be glorious.
He touched me again. I nearly took his head off. He says I lie when I tell him that I don't like sex. I hate it, really. But I couldn't bring myself to tell him what has happened to me. For there is no fantasy in my world, no fairly tale happy ending. Even the man I nearly wed accused me of cheating on him, yelled... screamed at me. He betrayed my trust and brought me to weep, for he hurt me when he laid with me, and I grew afraid. But now, those memories bring nothing but rage. And disgust. I cannot bring myself to lie with a man and trust him to not turn on me. I cannot allow myself to show weakness, for the moment I do, I will belong to him again.

It will probably be soon when he does it again. I can feel it. Nerves and aggression line my mind as thickly as mice padding a nest in a tiny hole. I would kill him for it, but at the same time, I keep making attempts. Subtle... very subtle attempts to reach out and discover what kind of man he is. Do I trust him? Do I dare? I cannot, not without knowing that his attempts to be with me aren't some type of game. That he isn't simply finding a home for his rusty c*ck. I cannot trust. I cannot trust ever again. I'm so... tired of people. I know their games. I know what they want. I cannot allow myself to be left as the one hurt again. Especially because I can no longer feel the pain of my past losses because of the Cold which has so faded my memory, I know... I am better than this.

I still sympathize, however. I see how tense he is when his back is to me. When he stands guard over his prize. He does remind me of a wolf, and being a Truesong, I know many tales and folklore that have been long since forgotten in these times. I've never spent time with a wolf, but he does remind me of those stories. I will have to look into it more, but for now... I'm waiting for the inevitable. I'm waiting for a sign on what I should do.

Infrequently, I receive letters from An'giel, my younger sister. I spent some time reading them, watching as she tries so desperately to reach out to me. Even though I left her behind to protect her from me, I can only continue to keep my distance to protect her. The woman was gifted with the Light, despite wanting to travel the path of a warrior. I laughed at that. The little paladin of the family, imagine that. She takes to healing quite well, and I wonder what it would be like, having me on the front line and her at my back. But I cannot do that. I cannot let her back into my life, not like that.

She has a man... a Death Knight. I also cringe at that. It seems that kin make the same mistakes of falling for the undead. But he has adopted her unborn child... I am left to wonder how anyone could purposefully procreate. Even An'giel doesn't want this pregnancy. She's only carrying through due to an obligation, not because she wants to be a mother. And I do not blame her. Some faded memory told me that I could have once been a parent, but... I couldn't. My temper is too violent. I could well snap and attack a child for wailing... and be unable to stop myself. No matter my intentions... I suffer this constant and repeating hell of isolation... And I feed it. I do not want people within my life again. I will put them in danger. I need... to... protect them.

Why am I doing this to myself... not again.

[This entry is left unsigned after the last line, the ink smudged from Silver suddenly slamming the journal shut.]
Today I have discovered an... interesting spell. I believe I will use it on my brother, sometime. The spell burns a rune on the target, and allows the caster to hear the thoughts of the victim, and speak to the victim in their head... Maybe I could use it to make him do my work for me... and watch the heartbreaks come rolling in as he betrays love and friendship... that would be delightful. On another note, I saw Kel'Tira in the Court of the Sun. She didn't recognize me, but I didnt expect she would. Once I had revealed myself, she gave me an insult and walked away. I'll get back at her for that one, once I'm done with my brother and his beloved young mage... Ah, but for now I must train. I'm not strong enough yet, I must learn more spells, and increase my demonic power.
I continue to guard Tislina, I made a promise to her that I would keep her safe, and I intend to keep it. A few days ago, Kel had called for us over guildstone. Well, more meant for Tislina, but I stay by her side, for now. Anyways, Kel said something about Aseria, and what she had done to her. Then she asked me if she could speak privately with Tislina. I wanted to say no, and continue to stand by her side, but I did not. I moved out of hearing range, but continued to watch. Someone walked up beside me and asked how my day was going, and I said good enough. We ended up talking about me guarding Tislina. He told me to never rest, and be ever vigilant. We went back inside by Kel and Tislina and talked a little more, before the man and Kel left. Tislina and I decided to go swimming at at the river we did before the day I went to Hellfire. After a while we sat on the beach together and talked for a while. She asked me what I thought was the most beautiful thing I had seen was, which is mostly just nature, life and such, but I also said she was one of the things. We also discussed what to do about my brother. We discussed about wards he might have, and how we could break through them. We also just -talked-. No real specific topics, but we just talked with eachother. Nothing else happened since then, but what I promised to be doing. Keeping her safe...
I don't think of it as having cold feet, but more a warm heart. I have been having some ideas of where I want to be with my Karamia, my new wife, for our honeymoon.

Uldam. As I said a walk among the dunes on a moonlit night. To see her smile in the sand, and hold her seems right to me. And at the extreme opposite, I would like to go to Northrend, and to a little Tuskan village I remember, bundled up in some furs, and watch the night lights play across the sky, while I kiss her. And finally, a nice restfull time in Nagrand. The gentle plains, the floating islands in the sky, and a picnic basket of goodies. Spending an afternoon snacking and chatting about our future, and possible residence on Azeroth.

So, no not cold feet, but our future together. I still desire to fight alongside her, and even sit and fish with her. And I want to learn to really cook, to cook different dishes to delight her palate, and to serve her in bed, or on some pillows. I want to spoil her, is that so wrong? To care for her, and enjoy her presence, just to be with her without a hurry to be somewhere.

To explore the vastness of Azeroth alongside each other. To sleep under the stars, and hold her close. An idyllic vacation of spending time together in each others arms, and loving each other. And seeking a final place to nest and set down roots, for a family. We are young, and have plenty of time for children...I want to be at least 150 to 200 before I even think of fathering children.

And it also gives me some true alone time with my new wife. Finding out her morning routines, and her secrets. I know it sounds stupid, but I look forward to just getting to know Karamia on a much more intimate level than we have now. She'll probably want to kill me after a week, but I want to know more about her. Does she like poetry? What's her favorite foods? What types of wines and such does she like? Silly? I know, but I want to know her closer.
Alenthis Sunstrider sat in the Hall of Respite. His eyes flicked back and forth over the official documents. How he hated tedious paperwork. He set to work signing them and stamping the various diplomatic letters. He was almost done when he heard his communication stone humming. He almost jumped with excitement. It must be time! Alenthis grabbed the stone and hovered his hand over it. "What is it, demon? This had better be good news..."

There was a moment of silence and a deep sigh. "A group of druids from the Cenarion Circle happened upon us. We killed them, but not before they gave their life energies to Marl. He hasn't escaped. But they've bought him time. Days perhaps..."

Alenthis shook with rage. "I was counting on you! My identity is starting to unravel here! I can't keep this up for much longer, Detheroc. Summon reinforcements or something! I want him broken. I've chosen a sacrifice for you but I can't simply kidnap her in broad daylight!" Alenthis took a deep breath. "Dreadlord, I'm starting to think that this deal with you may not be worth it for me."

A dark laugh answered him. "Alenthis. Do you want your wife back or not?" The voice was quiet for a moment. "I could just as easily arrange for Nethecus to kill your new woman...then you'd need her back."

Alenthis eye's widened. He hadn't realized how closely they had been watching him. "I..."

The stone glowed a bright red as the Demon's voice boomed through the stone, "WE ARE THE NATHREZIM! I WILL NOT BE ORDERED AROUND BY A HALF DEAD ELF! YOU WILL DO AS WE SAY! We will keep our half of the deal, but mark my words if you betray me, it will not just be your wife that you will have lost. You can count on that!"

Alenthis stared, horrified at the stone, unable to find his voice.

"DO YOU HEAR ME ELF! ANSWER ME!" The Dreadlord shouted.

"Ye-" Alenthis voice cracked. He cleared his throat. " Lord."

"And don't you forget it!" Detheroc spat. "You will contact ME when you have a suitable sacrifice and bring her to ME. And then. You will have your wife's life. No more, no less. Understood?"

"Cr-crystal clear." Alenthis forced out.

"Good." The stone shut off. Alenthis collapsed onto the floor. What have I done! His wife's voice echoed through his head. Your sin's have caught up with you...You've destroyed everything I believed about you, Alen.

Alenthis Sunstrider stood up and took a deep breathe. "You are only a voice. My wife needs me." He, himself, didn't really believe what he was saying. His heart broke. He thought of his friends in the fellowship...his family. He thought of Lyrilia. He hardened his heart against them. "I will do what needs to be done to save the one I love." A single tear left his eye and crawled down his cheek. He pulled his hood up over his head and walked off. Afterall, there was planning to be done.
The question arises: How do I put together a vow for my wedding day. My past, my present, and my future with the lovely Karamia Dawnstrike. From a love-at-first-sight to a wide-eyed boyish puppy love to a deep relationship based on friendship and respect to the future mother of our children.

I close my eyes and I remember seeing her laying on a divan in the Hall, she had just been rescued from the clutches of Viragona's dungeon. My heart went out to her then, and I wanted so much to comfort her, hold her, to let her know she was loved and important to us all, to me.

The nervousness of being in her presence, and how her very voice left me weak and shaky. To have felt her hands on my brow as I lay recuperating from an excercise in futility, and my heart racing, and she thinking I had a relapse. And the joy of a simple gift given in friendship and love.

The ecstacy of hearing her own soft voice saying she loved me the first time. The excitement of feeling her lips on mine the first time, while I was conscious, and not sleeping. And how my heart soared when she said yes to a future someday for the two of us.

The simple dream of a life together, shared in love and devotion...and the three children - an elder son, so much like his father and two beautiful daughters, so much like their mother. A life complete and glorious.

How do I put the feelings I have had for this beautiful Sin'dorei woman into words that can truly express where my heart is at? The joys, the successes, the sorrows, and forgiveness. I cannot express how much I love her...I can put words on the page, but they don't know the the intense love, desire, and ...

(tears have ruined the next several lines, as the ink has run and dried beyond any comprehension)

...only forever and eternity come close.

I want to make her happy. To make life a joy every day, and worth living...and I will strive to do just that...she is my sun and moon, my day and my night...she is everything to me.

How do I make a vow from all that? How?
"no, no, no, no, NO, NOOOOOO!" Alenthis screamed at thin air. He stood high in the mountains of Quel'thalas. For the last hour he had been pacing back and forth trying to figure out what to do.

Lyrilia knows! What if she tells? No, she swore she wouldn't. I will have my wife back...I don't want my wife! I want Lyrilia! "DAMNIT ALENTHIS! GET AHOLD OF YOURSELF!" He shouted.

Alenthis Sunstrider was walking a fine line. On one side was redemption and hope. On the other; damnation, betrayal, and an assured reward. On one side; madness. And the other; Sanity. His eye's darted back and forth across the sky and his left eye twitched slightly.

Alenthis could no longer weigh the options. His mind raced in a thousand directions and there was nothing to contain it in. His plans had come so far...he couldn't let himself get in the way of the project. He had to fight on!

"No! I can't let them hurt the Fellowship!" Alenthis eyes changed to a deep red and he screamed again, at the top of his lungs.

Alenthis Sunstrider, like his brother, Kael'thas,' before him, was insane. His quest for power and his obsession with his dead wife was costing him his very soul. Alenthis collapsed onto his back and screamed. He shouted and cried and roared for his predicament to end. "Why me!" cried the elf, "WHY ME?!!!"

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