Journal of the Rising Sun Fellowship (IC #2)

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Alenthis Sunstrider lay on his belly on top of the plateau in the barrens. He looked down at the war torn landscape between Mulgore's new wall and the human settlement not one mile down the road. This was where the rune of war was SUPPOSED to be. He frowned and scanned the landscape again. No glittering runes to be seen. He thought for a moment. Perhaps the rune of war needed a bit of warfare to activate. Alenthis chuckled to himself. He could make that happen.

As he continued to watch the plains he thought of Lyrilia. He had to find a way to speak with her...perhaps that dreadful deathknight could be of assistance. He frowned slightly. He would look into it.
Azurick Sunstrider sat in his study, legs crossed, quietly reading a book. Several scrying orbs lay around the room and tattered books covered the shelves. A journal embedded with the emblem of the blood elves sat on the desk in the corner. Azurick was a quiet man. But he was hard-working. He had been reading and studying endlessly for the past few months. Afterall, he had been in training a little over a hundred years. He sighed to himself. What a terrible century it had been.

Azurick was one of the few remaining Blood Mages in the world. Most had been killed when Arthas invaded and still more had joined with Kael'thas at the Sunwell. Only a handful of Blood Mages stayed in Silvermoon. Although they were appreciated for their loyalty, Azurick and his colleagues were distrusted. There were whispers that they were Kael's avengers, sent to secretly wreak havoc on the remaining blood elves. Azurick turned his nose up at such ridiculous accusations. He and Kael'thas were blood cousins. But that was the only parallel that Azurick wished to share with him. Azurick was quite content to wield a fair amount of power and live his life. He had no want to side with the Burning Legion or drain a distant planet of it's magic. His quiet study in Quel'Thalas would do just fine.

Azurick thought of his brother-in-law. Alenthis had never been the same since Mira's death. And understandably so. Azurick missed his sister dearly. But Mira had been Alenthis' life. He and Alen had become fast friends over the years and he had taken it rather hard when Alenthis had been spotted as one of the Lich Kings death knights. When Alenthis had returned from Northrend, battered, beaten, and free, his family had shunned him. He was a monster...but Azurick could see through that. Deep beneath his brother-in-laws curse and hatred...he was still there. Azurick spoke with Alenthis often and helped him out of a depression when he first returned. Since then, the two mailed letters back and forth regularly. Absently, Azurick considered that Alenthis' letter should have come yesterday. He dismissed it in his mind and continued his studies.

Two hours later, a knock sounded on the door. "Come in." Azurick spoke loudly. A lanky courier entered the room and bowed. He took a letter from his pack and placed it on the desk, in front of Azurick.

"Very important, sir. Burn this once it's read."

"Of course. Carry on." The courier bowed again, and left the room. Azurick flipped the letter over. The emblem of the Forsaken was on the front of the envelope. He smiled. Alenthis' letter. He broke the seal and opened the letter. He didn't immediatly recognize the handwriting. He began to read.

Dearest Azurick Sunstrider, it is my sorrowful duty to report to you that your relative Alenthis has gone missing. Our scouts cannot find him and he hasn't contacted the Undercity in over two weeks. We believe him to be dead. There is one place you could ask around for him. Within Silvermoon City, there is an organization; the Rising Sun Fellowship. He was a member of their group and I would humbly suggest you speak with their leader. Best of luck to you. The items from Alenthis' personal bank will be mailed to you within the week.

Azurick leaned back in his chair and sighed. He had an exam the following day on the effects of fire magic when imbued with Fel energy. He frowned slightly. Alenthis would have to wait. Azurick's instructors were quite restrictive. Later that evening, Azurick tracked down some records and mailed a letter to the Fellowships current leader, a woman named Kel'tira. He returned to his study to gather his thoughts. After his exam the next day, he would head to Silvermoon City and see if he could find any members of the Fellowship.
The Knight sits up and looks at his wife in the late afternoon in the hall of respite, after resting from a tireless night he walks into town and leaves a note for auxilia "I'll meet you at home later love Solorin ~ he sits at the in and takes out his green leather journal

It is strange...I can feel things more so now than I ever have before, now that I am emotions have heightened, I was angry when I discovered my bestfriend taken by Alenthis..Alenthis the betrayer...I killed I proud or happy that I did? No..because even before I knew him..he was my brother in death...he was a good friend...but it had to be done so that he could not hurt others...I know lyr will be upset..or well that she is..but she as well as others need to understand, our fellowship..our guild is full of hate and is not to be this is the second month I have been with the know that I love and care about them all, they are all my friends..especially wife my darling..all of them are important to me, wether they realize it or not, I care for them all, and I would do anything for them, if I could have spared his life..if he was to be a good man..then I know in my heart I wouldn't have to carry this day.. When I see him again I'm the afterlife..I shall buy him a drink..for when next we will be as friends... Brothers, not enemies
I was working out of the Bulwark, when I heard her tired voice come over the guildstone. She sounded so exhausted, and I heard it pick up a bit when I told her I would make my way to her in Booty Bay.

As I flew there, I heard her report...and it wasn't good. Kel'tira was missing, or rather may be in some missing pieces of a destroyed altar. Light what was next?

I caught Jahana as she made her way to a room to rest. And I stood guard over her, as she slept. She looked so tired, and yet it was so good to see her. Now I understood why I hadn't seen her for a while. She plays such an important part in gathering information for the Fellowship. I looked down at her with pride and love in my eyes.

Then the blockhead of a warrior came looking for her. He had the audacity to raise his voice and I had to warn him. He may glare all he wants, but I will show him the side of my shield, and a backhanded slap if he ever tries that again. Fool warriors, all brawn, no brains.

She started pulling rank on me, and I had to comply or be found insubordinate. She is my muse, and my superior, I must obey, or be found wanting. I would not want to be found wanting in her eyes, ever. So I complied. She felt wonderful in my arms, and her lips were honey sweet.

I will protect her with my very life if it is called for, and never think twice about it. What does that say about how I feel about her? Or how inportant she is? To the Fellowship, to me.
One can only fish so long, and it becomes tedious, or is it that I'm bored out of my skull? I made a promise to myself to take a full week off, with the guildstone off, and enjoy my new wife.

As they say, the best laid palns of mice and men...well, mine went kaput. I didn't get my moonlight walk in the dunes, or an afternoon picnic basket lunch on a floating rock in Nagrand either. I did get some precious alone time though, and that is a valuable commodity in this day and age.

So tomorrow, I will pack up my kit, and make my way home. Did anyone miss me? Cyaer, who? Ah, well, we all think we are self important to ourselves don't we. A little honesty and a shot to the ego will put me in my place, and life will go back to the normal roar.

I did catch some fish though. And I have the biggest prize, the beautiful Karamia Dawnsrike, she's not so much a prize as a lofty goal, and I still have a ways to go...don't I my love?
An ornate scarlett leather tome with an intricate gold lock and clasp, and gold-edged pages. The name Lyrilia Dawnblade is inscribed on the bottom left corner of the cover, in a flowing, gold script.

A new note has been pressed into the pages of the book, it reads:

Dearest Cousin,

I know I have already given you one of these so I shall keep it short. You know my views on that Death Knight, and on your foolishness with him. I wish for you to rethink the conclusions you have drawn, and draw more acceptable ones. I know these words must be wasted on you, so I have found a way to keep many things, but make them slightly more acceptable. We all know of your lovely little temper, and your quickness to hate and take such angers out with battle, so I have found you a warrior trainer. I know you struggle with the light, so please consider this option. I am deeply sorry about your Death Knight, and on that note I have some somber news to deliver.

Evelise is gone. We removed the necklace today and I have enclosed it with this letter for you to dispose of however you wish. I am sorry, but it had to be done. She was causing you so much stress, and at least now that has been lifted from your shoulders and she isn't suffering now. I offer my deepest apologies for not asking you first, but it had to be done.

Your cousin,
Quelisa Dawnblade.

I cannot believe she has done this. Done this without asking! We could have found a way to save her....but now..

She is gone. I hate this and do not wish to write much now, but perhaps my cousin is right. I am better suited for a warrior, my light has left me anyways.

I am strong enough, so I shall consider the path of a warrior.

~Lyrilia Dawnblade

The Paladin stared at her journal, waiting for the ink to dry before closing it. Feeling the tears begin to come she slammed it shut and tossed it aside, leaning back until she was lying on the bed of the inn room, letting the tears stream down her face. She had given up on trying to hold them back, on trying to deal with any of this. Too much had happened too soon, so she cried. For Alenthis, her sister Evelise, and her many broken promises....

Alen. She missed him. And she missed her sister.
The woman with the brown hair moves slowly through the quiet house. Outside it is dark and she can hear the gentle chirping of crickets. She banks the fire downstairs before carrying a mug of tea up the stairs to the bedroom. There, she pauses to set the mug on a table before turning to rummage through a bag for her journal.

(New entry in a plain brown leather journal)

We found Kel and her body is in one piece. I will admit that I was concerned when I heard the words “explosion” and “pieces” over the guildstone. I thought that the woman to whom I was close enough to call my sister might very well be dead.

Her body is in one piece, her mind… Light she has had so much happen to her these past few months that I am not certain if she can withstand much else. She is shaken and troubled and who knows what else after this recent attack.

I cannot imagine what was going through Alenthis’s head when he thought to take and kill her. Why he wanted her, I do not know, but now he has been dealt with. Now I am just waiting to see what other shoe falls…

I never thought that I would say this, but my life in Orgrimmar was never this complex. And here I thought the Fellowship would be a simple matter in comparison.

There is unfinished business that I need to handle and I was going to take Kel with me to do it, but now, she isn’t well enough for the task. I will most likely handle it on my own. Not out of revenge, mind you, but out of preservation. She may still think that Sol is dead and may very well be tracking Xal. While I think that Xal is perfectly capable of handling himself, so is Sol and she nearly killed him. Something that evil just needs to be put in a shallow grave—I can only hope that she stays there.

The woman gently blew on the ink to dry it, before shutting the journal. It was almost full and it was time to buy another in the next day or so. She replaced the journal in her bag before picking up her mug and returning downstairs to wash and dry it.

That completed, she climbed the stairs once more, this time shrugging on a white night gown and picking up a heavy volume that held a collection of stories. She had read the collection once before while a patient in a hospital after suffering a head blow and losing her memory. It was from this collection of stories that she chose her name: Auxilia.

She read through part of the third story before her eyes slowly drifted shut. The book sagged against her chest and soon she was asleep.
Journal of Karamia Dawnstrike Sunblaze

I have started a new Journal, in order to record my thoughts as a newly married Sindorei. I love my new husband, Cyaer is the only one who has given his love to me so freely. To think I once thought of him as a simple youngster who was infatuated...puppy love. How wrong I was. His love has soothed my soul, brought peace to my troubled mind.

In spite of his transgressions, that I do not see as his fault, but as the machinations of that witch Viragona. I know he is true to me and loves me with all his heart. I have forgiven him and we are starting our new life together in peace and harmony.

Another thought has occured to me as I ride my horse through the streets of Silvermoon. The city is full of new faces. The trainees are beginning to come from afar and the Glory of the Sindorei is becoming closer to reality. I was so inspired by the zeal of a pair of young elven warriors sparring in the training area I sent them each a welcoming gift from the Fellowship. I am proud to help them, and encouragement is often all it takes to keep them going strong.

Perhaps a son or daughter of Cyaer and myself will receive some gifts from strangers because of their youthful enthusiasm and zest for life. I pray we will be able to raise them well and to be proud Sindorei.
So much peace. It is painful to watch Malathir suffer, however. I know what a Death Knight is, better than most living can ever hope to understand. It is why I laugh at those who claim I do not... Perhaps I cannot understand on the same level that they understand each other, but they can never understand what it feels like to be on the outside of something which is an unliving killing machine. While they struggle for identity with their new existences, find they take months, if not years to form even the faintest of attachments, I am... a temptress. An inspiration. The light to the darkness. I am the Eclipse that Malathir desires. The perfect mesh of shadow and holy which creates that which is most powerful.




That is why it was painful for me to watch him suffer. Since his fall, he has been recovering slowly. With his revelations, I cannot bring myself to heal him. To force him to feel when he often craves the ability which his undeath does not so willingly offer. We have found a way around it, he and I. And with my tampering with his mind, I know that aspect of him as well. I do not fear the man who hungers for destruction to the point of fear. No. Death Knights do not feel fear, but I know that he worries for my safety. He worries that he cannot trust himself. It may always be like this, but I am convinced... I can handle this responsibility. I have been for a while...

No amount of reading can curb it. No amount of talking, or other activities can draw his mind from it. He has to kill. Even with is legs still so damaged and his body beyond stressed from what has happened. He has to kill. He needs to kill. So I finally helped him from bed, and we found prey. Though once again, his senses are forced wide open, I hope that the living he rips through so hungrilly divert his thoughts from his body as my Light conflicts with the Shadow.

It took a lot the first day... we took another break, and then we went back to find prey. This time, not in a group, but just the two of us. My Light is a far more potent weapon than I can recall, and with the right combination of spells, I rival his destructive power. I relish in this newly found art, but I will not pursue it without his presence, least he be lead to worry. Keladryn is becoming a part of Malathir. I see it from time to time, though I'm certain Malathir might well be the more dominant personality. But Keladryn always struck me as someone who needed protecting. Malathir craves his individuality and will not compromise in contrast... I do not dwell on these things often, I simply remain who I am and confident that this change will not break our pact.

Finally, he is sated. For now. The hunger always comes back. A dark passenger needs to be sated... but I am by his side now. I don't recall the last night we spent apart, anymore. No guilt plagues my mind, for I always find him new prey to hone his fangs upon. Or I follow his lead and we come across a new challenge. I support him. He supports me. He destroys and I heal. He... loves me... and I love him.

Our vacation is nearly over. I turned my guildstone off after listening to Mia's party to keep myself from fretting over the Fellowship. It can get along just fine without me watching over it. They have Mia and Kel, I needed to relax and stay calm for Malathir's sake. So I could focus on him. Time alone. Time for us. We might be the longest standing couple in the Fellowship to not get wed, but we are bound. Though I may yet take on his name one day...

An'giel Sunveil...
Whether it is the fates, our own hearts calling out to each other, or dare I say coincidence, I met Karamia walking along the beach along the sea where we were wed. To say she takes my breath away, that my heart skips a beat, or just seeing her brings a calmness and excitement over me is just about right. I saw her as she looked out over the sea, and admired the most beautiful sky one could ask for. She was a part of that scene, and only made it more beautiful.

I held her close, oh she feels so wonderful close to me, and tasted her honey sweet lips, again and again. I looked into her eyes, and saw my own love reflected there within them. I picked her up and carried her to a little knoll overlooking the site where we said our vows. And it was there that my heart exploded with renewed emotions and tears fell down my face as Mia talked to me, expressing her love and how she felt about us. I have written so many times of how that woman affects me and of my love for her in as many ways as I can...but hearing those words spoken to me in her gentle voice full of love...I was overtaken by emotions.

One last thing that makes me love my wife more each time I see her, hear her voice, and look into those beautiful blue-green eyes of hers: she wants children...someday. Someday...I love that word for the two of us, someday. We talked of setting some time for us to grow together, to learn each other, and to be with each other...perhaps a decade or so, then seeking out a nice little place for us to raise our children. Is it any wonder why I love Mia so much? She is a part of me, and I a part of her, and together we are a we.

I want to run away with her, someplace far away, just the two of us, alone and in marital bliss. Is there a desert island out there for the two of us? Has the Rune of Greed taken control of me? Because I want her all to myself, I don't want to share her, Mia is mine, all mine. Light, I love her so very much.





These are what I seek, an end to the weakness that exists upon this world. The master told me to find the runes and so I will and quickly so that I can be unleashed upon these weaklings to kill them.

War will come first, nation shall fight nation and people shall fight people.

Fear will ensue from there, giving rise to Death and from that will come Chaos.

Our victory is already ensured...
Booty Bay

I watch her sleep. She is restless in her sleep, and tends to mumble. I take the blanket from the bed I sit on to cover her, and to gently kiss her lips, and whisper that she is safe. The mumbling ceases, and she snuggles into the blanket with a smile on her lips.

I have sketched several pages of Jahana as she sleeps. It's interesting the features of one's face as you sleep. If you are truly asleep, the muscles are relaxed and the face looks totally different than when awake. I have sketched some more accurate details of her mouth and eyes. Her lips are so full, like ripe berries, ready to be kissed and nibbled on, their sweetness apparent in their redness. And they say that the eyes are the the windows to the soul, but the shape and lashes, say much too.

My thoughts run to personal and private thoughts of Jahana that I should not share here...but I will say she is an amazing woman. And I feel like I am falling more in like with her honest, love...I can feel her in my heart, she has found a place there, and resides with comfort within it.

And I am happier than I ever have been. My little muse.
An ornate scarlett leather tome with an intricate gold lock and clasp, and gold-edged pages. The name Lyrilia Dawnblade is inscribed on the bottom left corner of the cover, in a flowing, gold script.

I have given it much though, and I have decided to go on with it. In a matter of time I shall begin training as a warrior, the light it has forgotten me. My cousin was right in that regards, but I still am angry with her for doing what she did....we could have found a way to save her, my sister...her cousin. They had never been very close...but Evelise grew on everyone she talked to...Quelisa and her were still blood related...It is just wrong. Just wrong what my cousin did, and I shall never forgive her for that, just as I will never for give Solorin. I hold a grudge very well. This warrior thing seems more suiting with every word I write....

Alen....I spoke with his brother-in-law, Azurick. I told Azurick of his death...of his deal...and he spoke of Alenthis to me, things from before I knew him...Speaking of this to Azurick has made everything so real...and it has finally sunk in completely.

Alen is gone, and I shall never see him again. I shall never forgive Solorin for taking have something one minute, for it to be there, and then the next...Its gone. Never to be seen again....So swiftly taken from you, you can hardly believe it...

How can one not hate someone for doing such a thing?

~Lyrilia Dawnblade

The paladin blows the ink dry, setting her journal on the desk next to a necklace, its purple stone glittering in the flame of a candle. Silent tears fall down her face as she reaches out to touch it, pulling her hand back at the last second, wiping away a tear.
A tall blood elf watched as a woman with brown hair left the Rogue’s Guild. He waited for her to walk past him before speaking. “Is everything alright?”

The woman stopped with a sharp intake of breath and turned to face him as he materialized out of the darkness. The long black hair pulled back in a pony tail was familiar, as were his features. He was not in his armor, but was still dressed in black clothing and boots.

“Blacklist, you almost scared me to death!” she scolded him.

He didn’t look wounded, “I take it you are opting out, sweetheart?”

She didn’t blink at the nickname he had for her. He had called her that ever since they were first introduced and she wasn’t the only one bearing that moniker. “Yes, for now. Things have changed and…” her voice trailed off.

“Your husband is taking exception to all the late nights?” For a moment, he looked empathetic. His gaze went to her stomach, his expression unreadable, but then it was almost always unreadable.

“No, I am not,” she said.

He gave a sigh and turned his gaze back to her face, “I cannot say that I blame him. If my wife were running around in the dark of night putting her life on the line for others, I would be more than a little worried, too, but then, he doesn’t know you as well as I do. You are more than capable.”

“It doesn’t make him worry any less,” she replied. “It isn’t about just me anymore, I have him and his feelings to think of now. I love him too much to want him to be wondering if I am going to return home or not.”

“I understand and I will see that Orgrimmar understands,” he reached out and placed a hand on her shoulder, “but I cannot promise that they will not want to call you out again. Much has been invested in you, sweetheart, remember that.”

This time she replied with a nod before she stepped forward to hug him. “I won’t be a stranger.”

One of his arms wrapped around her like a shadow, “I’ll count on it.”
The morning comes early here and the sounds of the gulls outside remind me where I am. I glance over to the bunk where the lovely Jahana had slept through the night. And she was gone, like the night slips away to the sunrise, quietly and without fanfare. Had I been remiss in duty? Or was she just that silent in eluding my watch?

I made my way to the lower level, and a goblin behind the bar asks me if I need a little hair of the dog. I shake my head, and ask for a glass of cold milk. I do believe he stared at me a good ten seconds before bursting out in laughter. I walked out of the bar with his squeeky laugh following me.

I strolled along the long pier that traces the shore of Booty Bay, and stopped to purchase a small bite to eat and watch the sun rise over the sea. I liked the morning here, the smell of the saltwater, the early sounds of the town awakening, and getting ready for another day.

I took a flight back to Andorhal. Back to the grindstone as they say, but it really isn't. I enjoy my work, whether it's as a Blood Knight pounding on the Scourge, or a simple blacksmith pounding at the anvil. I'm comfortable with my life. Life is good for a paladin named Neryth of Azeroth. I smile as I shrug on my armor and prepare for the field.

The days are busy with the hustle and bustle of combat, and repairing armor, and sharpening blades. And sometimes the night passes quickly as I fall onto my bed exhausted and sleeping before my head hits the pillow. And other times, I lie on the cot alone, and think of a dark haired Sin'dorei who has stolen my heart. Those nights move slowly, and I pray the light finds her safe and secure. Sleep eludes me those nights, as my mind conjures up our times alone, the mischief dancing in her eyes, that come hither smile, and the taste of her lips and the gentle smell of hibiscus, and I go to sleep eventually dreaming of her in my arms.
I awoke to the birds singing outside my window this morning. And I smiled, remembering I am back home. Home. Can an inn truly be called home? I look forward to Mia and me setting up a house and then I shall be happy to call that a home. They (ah, those proverbial "they" again) say home is where the heart is, and I am home. Silvermoon City is my home, and always will be in a way.

I take an easygoing stroll though my city. And I notice an increase of people on the streets, young people, young Sin'dorei out and about. I like it, I like that there are more young people, and I like seeing my city bustling with activity.

I took a moment at the training dummies to stretch and put in a little practice. I get a good work out, and find a few of the young warriors and paladins watching me. I talk with them, they are our future, and we need to spend time in conversations with them too. I tell them of the pitfalls of the Outlands, and of the wonders of Northrend. And things to watch out for, and what to bring with them. One can never have enough clean underwear or socks.

I take a meal at the fountains in the courtyard. And I relax with the sun on my shoulders, and the sounds of birdsong and splashing waters in my ears. Autumn is coming to the lands, and it's my favorite season and time of the year. Full of festivals, meals of bounty and the Horseman. Perhaps I can take him down a notch this time.

I look forward to walking with my wife amongst the leaves of red, orange, and gold. I just look forward to walking with my wife, her hand in mine, and talking about anything. I love being with her, and sharing each other's thoughts.

Perhaps I can fix her a wonderful feast of wild turkey, cranberries, and stuffing, with a nice dessert of pumkin pie. Ah, autumn I love your smells of apples, and cinnamon, and the crunching of dry leaves beneath my feet.
I am losing touch with the members of the Rising Sun Fellowship. In my efforts to increase my knowledge and grow as an individual, I have failed to grow or expand my friendships within the Fellowship. Sometimes it seems I walk a fine line. Somewhere I must tip the balance more to the greater good of the Fellowship, and not in myself.

I spoke at length with the rogue Cyaer, an officer of the Fellowship. He does not strike me as the rogue type, more of a warrior, perhaps even a paladin. He had a few suggestions on how I might help out and become more socially adept with its members. An astute observer, this young man, a bit on the trusting side, but is that a bad trait? I fear I liked him the moment I met him, and I am not normally like that.

He mentioned his marriage to a paladin also of the Fellowship, a Karamia Dawnstrike I believe. From his speech and mannerisms he seems quite taken with her. Ah, youth, a time for growth and a time to stretch one's wings. And a time for love, though he seems more mature than his physical age. Life can be that way, I suppose, easy with one and hard on another.

So, I will bring myself back to Silvermoon City, I can study in their wonderful libraries and temples, and be more available to the Fellowship. Light be with me as I walk out of my comfort zone to a new found territory, people.
A journal bound in runic locks sits in a chest, locked in a vault.

Diary of Cynil Inestia

How long has it been? A few of my dearest friends and I have escaped the native trolls and are hiding in the mountains of the Hinterlands. My past is wrought with agony and shame. The very ones who led us to Glory betrayed us in the end.

They have settled in a small area north of the continent. I can only go there in disguise for occational forays into civilization. For the most part I avoid it. I can go into the village of the Revantusk trolls and they seem to accept me. I fight the scourge when I find them and the voodoo trolls in the mountains.

The dwarves seem bent on killing me on sight. It is a lonely time for me. All of my friends are settled in their complacency. I prefer to fight...even if it is fraught with peril. I am too restless to sit and let life pass me by.

Some times I wonder if I will ever find peace or a partner to share these burdens. I am a warrior of the oldest traditions of the High elves. I wield a runeblade and can command some skill in necromancy. Though I am far from adept at it.
Kreindis swings his mace forward to smash the skull of a nearby Scourge ghoul. Its fragile body snapped in half. He had spent the week in Northrend, fighting the Scourge. He quickly spun around and slammed the mace into the neck of another ghoul that had approached him, and as it fell to the ground he looked around, finding no other enemies. Now, he began to realize how many he had slain. Easily, he had slain a hundred ghouls and other Scourge.

What he didnt see was a heavily leather clothed Undead walking up behind him. Once he heard the crunch of snow under the Forsaken's boot, he spun around again in an attempt to kill it, not knowing it was a Forsaken. The Forsaken expected it, and raised his hands quickly, a thick wall of shadow blocking the mace in thin air. "Hey, what do you think your doing, just tryin' to kill me? Not like I did anything...yet." Kreindis vaguely recognized the voice, but he couldnt quite place his finger on it. Kreindis spoke, "What do you want, and who are you?"

The Forsaken laughed under his hood that he wore, shadowing his face. "You dont recognize your brother? I thought you could pick me out, of all people." Kreindis' eyes filled with anger, "I'll say it one more time before I find a way to kill you. What do you want!?" Keyadrion stood still. "I just want to give you something. Thats all. Not that horrible, is it?" Kreindis still looked angered, "I'm guessing this isnt going to be as good a gift as that necklace you gave me to give to Tislina?"

Keyadrion laughed again, "Oh, of course not." The Forsaken summoned a Felguard at an alarming speed, and it charged and threw Kreindis to the ground. A small ball of fire ignited in Keyadrion's hand as he approached Kreindis who was stuck on his back in the snow, the Felguard holding him down. His guildstone had fallen to the ground beside him, and the fall had activated it. Keyadrion thrusted his arms forward, flame shooting forward. The sound of the fire and Kreindis' cries of pain filled the air of anyone listening to the guildstone. Slowly, Keyadrion formed a rune upon Kreindis' chest, that had burned through his armor to reach his flesh.

As he finished the burning of the rune, Keyadrion glanced at the guildstone on the ground. "Oh... that could be of use to me in the future...." He picks it up, and speaks into it, "Attention, Fellowship. Your friend, and lover to one certain young mage, has a new mark upon his body... courtesy of me. And the next time you see him, he may not seem the same... just a heads up." He turns the stone off, dismisses his Felguard after he walks far enough away, and heads to his hideout.

Kreindis groans and sits up, looking around. He looks to where his guildstone -used- to be. "Damnit... I cant believe that he managed to do this." He looks down at the red glowing rune upon his chest. "And now I have this... what am I suppoused to do about this?" He sighs, "I suppouse I'll just head back to Silvermoon City. I've killed enough already, and I have to see Tislina again. I miss her." He stands, and begins to walk towards the direction of the hold that a Zeppelin passes through that can take him back.
I finally have a new pet. An Onyxian whelpling. I suppose I should explain how I obtained her. I was sent to Dustwallow Marsh to pick up some water samples for one of the magisters. Well, I was thinking about pets because I had a conversation with Xalandir about them. My cat vanished the night my brother died and I haven't had a new pet since. I realized how much I missed having a little life to care for. Anyways, I found her completely by chance. I was ready to head back to Silvermoon, when I heard a soft cooing. I rounded a bend and found an injured Onyxian Whelpling under a bush. At first I was weary because I had heard they were dangerous. But I just. Couldn't stand to see it cry in pain, so I knelt by it and went to work with bandages. I looked at her horns and wings and found she was female. I tried to get her to go back to where she came from, but she just wouldn't leave me. So, I decided to adopt her and raise her. I know one day she will be a big dragon, but I want to play a part in her life. I took her home, and there was only one thing left to do. I named her Amethyst.

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