Journal of the Rising Sun Fellowship (IC #2)

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Lyrilia sat on a rock facing the ocean, her blonde hair blowing in a slight breeze. The water in front of her sparkled in the early morning light, reflecting the soft pinks and yellows of the sunrise, hints of a blue sky peeking through. Opening the red and gold journal on her lap, she picked up her new quill, the breeze ruffling its deep amethyst feather. Smiling, she dipped her quill into the bottle of ink next to her and steadied the bottle after as it tipped precariously off the edge of the rock she had placed it on. Holding down the pages with arm, she pressed the quill to the blank page and began to write.

An ornate scarlett leather tome with an intricate gold lock and clasp, and gold-edged pages. The name Lyrilia Dawnblade is inscribed on the bottom left corner of the cover, in a flowing, gold script.

Azurick and I have found Alenthis. Alen…I had to leave him at Scholomance, he’s hiding there from Viragona….Solorin did kill him, I still hate Solorin even though Alen said Sol did him a favor because the demons are gone from his head now. I suppose it’s just hard for me not to dislike people, especially when they do something like that. I suppose I don’t hate him…just dislike him a bit…a lot. I still don’t like Azurick even though he helped find Alen…but then again he did drop us into the lake from that rocket. I left him at Scholomance as well, Alen accidentally knocked him out. I wish I didn’t have to leave Alen there, he says Viragona has a piece of his soul she seems very strong and I don’t want her to find him. Hopefully Azurick can help with that…maybe Quelisa could help as well.

As much as I hate my cousin I do miss when we would speak, when we were younger and we didn’t have so many things to worry about. I miss that time she speaks of in her letters when she begs for my forgiveness…those times when my brother didn’t hate me and Quelisa wasn’t so uptight and serious. When Alarius, Vandras, and Salethorian would play-fight and Quelisa, Evelise and I would just watch them. When Evelise wasn’t sick….when everyone was still…alive. I must mend things with my cousin; I cannot let it go on like this. I will not let the remainder of my family be so far apart…I am not on good terms with my brother either, but he can wait. I might need Quelisa’s help and she would be considerably easier to deal with, more willing to fix things. She has sent me many letters and gifts, and I am thinking she may be truly sorry for what she did to Evelise, but I am not sure I will ever be able to fully forgive her for what she did. Things are falling back into place, and I must fix this too. Or perhaps, I am just becoming too soft.

I will send her a letter today and arrange a meeting with her. It will take some time for my brother to want to speak with me, he hates me for something even I hate myself for…but he is just as stubborn as every other Dawnblade…so maybe it isn’t justified? Perhaps it wasn’t my fault Salethorian died…Alarius says I killed him not once, but twice by my incompetence. I did care for Salethorian, Alarius just doesn’t know how much. Never mind them. I will work on getting Alarius to talk to me again….as for Salethorian… he is gone, and I have Alen now. I lost Alen once, and I mustn’t lose him again.

I just won’t let it happen.

Lyrila sets down her quill and holds the journal open, the pages flat, for the wind to dry the ink. Closing it she slides down off the rock, her bare feet softly thudding onto the sand, a strong gust of wind from behind blowing her hair wildly into her face. Smiling, she straightens her robes, pulling her hair out of her face. Reaching up for her bottle of ink, she grabs it and closes it, shoving it swiftly into her bag with her journal and quill. Picking up her shoes, she runs for the tree she left her hawkstrider under, bag in hand, a smile stuck on her face.
Azurick sat in a grassy field in the Valley of the Four Winds. He glanced left and right. How the hell had he gotten here. He turned around and jumped. A gnome stood directly behind him. Azurick blasted the gnome to bits without a second thought. "I hate gnomes." Azurick heard a sound and turned around. Two more gnomes stood behind me. He blinked in surprise and there were four gnomes. Azurick turned to run. The gnomes surrounded him. They charged at once.

"DOH !@#$!" Azurick sat up straight. A dream. He let out a long sigh of relief. "Damned gnomes." He muttered under his breath. He looked left and right. The room was empty. Now he remembered. He was on the top floor of the Scholomance. He grinned. "Excellent." He stood slowly and picked his staff up off the ground. He concentrated for a moment and three spheres of Fel energy appeared above him. He thought for a moment.

"Lyrilia?" He whispered. "Lyrilia? How odd." He turned around and stood face to face with a geist. The undead creature smiled at him and pointed at a door. Azurick gave an uneasy smile and followed the creature's point. Azurick poked his head in the door. On the other side of the room sat a Death Knight, studying several books. The roof was gone and it looked like it had recently rained. Azurick took a step into the room and cleared his throat. The death knight whirled around. And smiled.

Azurick gasped. "Alenthis! You are alive!

Alenthis smiled. "Azurick, it's been too long."

The two brothers embraced. Azurick pulled back after a moment and wrinkled his nose. "Brother. You smell like death."

Alenthis frowned. "I haven't actually had time to soap up my rotting body out here, Azurick. For starters. I have no soap. Or warm water." Alenthis glared at Azurick. "Speaking of water..."

Several hours later.

Alenthis goblin rocket sat on the beach of the isle of Caer Darrow. Azurick stood beside him, breathing heavily and soaked to the bone. Alenthis spoke. "Good. Now stand there and be miserable until I fix this thing. THEN you can dry yourself off."

Azurick frowned. "Fine. Hurry it up, then."

After an hour or so of meticulous labor and the use of absurd looking goblin tools. The rocket was flyable. Alenthis handed the keys to Azurick. "Now then, next time Da Docota's meet in Orgrimmar, go there and see if you can find something to remedy my problem."

Azurick nodded. "Will do." He glanced at Alenthis and smiled. "Brother, it's good to see you again." He mounted the rocket.

Alenthis nodded. "And I, you." He flipped the lever on the control panel and the rocket blasted off into the sky. Alenthis smiled. He was togethor with Lyrilia again. Nothing could make him happier. Just maybe he could get escape his predicament and be free. Alenthis glanced around and moved out. "No use staying here all alone. He would do some research. Get back into the world. He would return here at nights to mask his presence from Viragona. Alenthis smiled and walked out the door.
The young Sin'dorei male sat upon the park bench enjoying the sun, and the quiet chatter of others walking along the Royal Exchange. For a moment, he closed his eyes, and laid his head back, and smiled widely. After a few minutes, he sat up, and reached into his backpack, and pulled forth the frayed leather journal, and his quill pen and ink. His hand reaches out and caresses the worn leather cover, and he gently opened the journal to the last page he had written anything on. His eyes studied the words and sentences, and the hand again swept across the page. He dipped the quill into the ink, and brought its sharp tip to the page...

My mind wanders to an old journal I have stored in my bank. It is worn and cared for just as this one is. I took it out last evening to look over my past. To see the young rogue as he grew to a Horde scout of some small skill. And to see the relationships that have grown and come and gone in his life. To enjoy the fun, the adventure and the excitement of those first steps into the journey of my life.

The love that has become the love of my life, and how it began and has grown over time. Of the laughter we shared, the pain we endured, and the new beginnings. Of someday...and the promise it held for us both, until it's recent fruitation and the joining of our hearts and lives for forever.

Between these two journals lies the strengths, the weaknesses, the changes, the decisions, and foibles of a simple man and how he lived his life. I can see where tears have fallen upon the pages, and I see several pages where blood has even tinted the paper of my soul. The stories are here, and I feel the tears rise as I read of my fall from grace with Karamia. And I see the tears of joy of finally being rid of a curse worn on my face for all to see. Tears... tears of my heart, my mind, and my very essence. Tears, pure and simple.

The young man lift his quill from the page, to allow the ink to dry, and to let the tears fall upon the page. Ink and tears, not a good combination for writing, but then life is like that too. They bind the heart and soul to see what has past and what the past can tell us of our possible future. As I live and journal my life, I'm glad I have these to look back on, to show me where I was, and to remind me how I got to where I am today.

I am who I am from the decisions I have made in the past. Would I want to change any of them? Without a doubt, no. For even in the pain that resulted, and the changes in relationships that makes me who I am now. A more experienced, and more compassionate person than I was before.

So it goes on, and the world keeps moving forward. I can only hope I am becoming a better man for my friends, my Fellowship, and for my wife. Light make it so.

The young man leaves the journal open for the ink to dry, as he places the cap back on the ink, and places both it and quill back into the backpack. He closes the journal and he runs his fingertips over the worn leather cover once more. Then it too disappears into the backpack. He looks across the park, and watches a cat staring intently on a magical broom sweeping the dust and fallen leaves. He smiles, and gets up to leave the park. He takes a deep breath, then moves off towards the training facilities. Perhaps a good workout will do him good.
Kreindis sits on a low tree branch, much like the last day, looking over the training ground, and the trainees at work on the dummies below. He wanted the day to be over, and to finish the next one as well. He missed Tislina, and wanted to be with her again. He wondered how she had been lately, and what she had been doing in his absence. He was worried more than before about her, especially since her sister had returned, and seems to want to harm Tislina. Then he had his brother to worry about her safety from. He hadn't been seen lately, and from experience, he knew that meant he was planning something, and he wasn't excited to find out what that something was. Kreindis sighed, "I'll just have to wait and find out, I guess..."

Kreindis leaned back against the tree, falling into an uneasy sleep, wondering about Keyadrion's plan, and worried about Tislina's safety...
Tislina Dawnrunner sat down on the bench in the Royal Exchange with a grateful sigh. Amethyst landed in her lap. Tislina smiled and stroked the whelp, pulling out her journal in the process.

I had a very busy day. I did a lot of training, worked on a few documents, and spent some time in the library. I am very proud of Amethyst. She is smart and is getting bigger, but not too big. I think that even when she is bigger she will stay with me. The two of us are inseparable and we have a very strong bond. I hope that I will see Kreindis in the days to come. I miss him so very much. I do not have much else to write of, so I think I will go home and rest.

Tislina stands up and stretches. Amethyst flies up and lands on her shoulder. Tislina smiles at the whelp and starts on her way home. Not far behind, Tradissa Dawnrunner silently slides down from her perch in the tree and continues tailing her younger sister
A leather bound book, with the symbol of harmony embossed on the cover:

Have moved on to a small central location called "The Crossroads". And I am amazed at the diversity of the many races located here. There are a few Forsaken, some orcs, many Taurens, and even a handful of trolls situated here vending various items, potions, and such.

I walk slowly through this place, as I glance about at the various peoples. I have spent a few hours chatting with the Taurens here. They have concerns about the ecology and how the plant life and animal life are affected by the recent cataclysm. I find them a noble race, and I cannot help but like them, but then these are the Bloodhoof Taurens. I try to take everything I learn with a grain of salt, but listening to these people, and their history, it moves my heart.

I must rest and take a long flight to Ogrimmar to sell the ores and herbs I have gathered so far. I think I shall return to the Crossroads to sleep, the chaos and hustle and bustle of this city creates turmoil within me, and I find a headache developing.

The plains surrounding the Crossroads are beautiful, and I found several new creatures roaming the area. The ones called giraffes intrigue me most. I must learn more of this creature's life and manner. Amazing.
The bed feels empty without her beside me. I'm beginning to worry that something may have happened to Mia, and she may be reaching out to me, and I know not where she is. And yet, I do not want to sufficate her, holding onto her, and not letting her seek out her own journey.

I have seen some new sort of people around Silvermoon City. When I inquired about them, I find they are called Pandarens from some sort of lost continent. They pique my curiousity, and I may seek them out. Perhaps I may find my lady love there.

I must make preparations. A journey of this significance requires some planning.

And I have a meeting set up to talk with Auxilia this evening. In my favorite location - Uldam. Yeah, definitely bring my fishing pole!
((again this is Shorrenn hes not on my character list yet sorry))

A first entry in his new joural that has red binding on the spine and shows a triforce on the front. Opening up with the crisp sound of the spine of the book crack at the first opening, Shoren begins to write.

I have just recentley joined the Rising Sun Fellowship. I was sent to go gather my guildstone and buy a journal to kep my entries in. It's weird I have never wrtten in a journal before, so i guess I will start with what happened today.

I was recentley training and growing stronger when I remembered I needed my guildstone. Heading over to the meeting area I notice a fellow blood elf. Her name was Lyrilia and she was the one that gave me my guildstone. She wasn't one of those pushovers either. Just by the tone in her voice I could tell that she was not to be messed with. Still I am glad she showed enough kindness to get me my guildstone. I think I will announce myself to the Fellowship the next day as I am growing tired.

Shoren closes the book after letting the ink to set and lies against a tree. His eyes grow heavy and he soon falls asleep with the journal in his lap.
Another entry in his journal that was now not as crisp as before. It was a little torn on the edge and when he opened it didn't here the residual crack as before.

Today I met Kreindis and Tislina. They were both very nice to me but I looked at both of their faces and noticed somethng was wrong. Apparentley both of their siblings are messing with them and I had offered to help them. Tislina said her sister was in Murder Row so I will have to see about how I am going to get to her. Kreindis's brother was somewhere in ghostlands and I need to figure out... if there is any small shred of a clue to find Kreindis's brother.

I said my goodbyes and went to go train. My instructer gave me a new sword which I have just recentley polished to keep it in shape. I hope to do my best for Rising Sun Fellowship... especially Tislina and Kreindis. I don't have any siblings but if I did I hope they wouldn't be as bad as their siblings. I'll see what I can do tommorrow for them but now I am tired.

Shoren closes the book after letting the ink set and falls asleep under a tree near the training fields.
Korllis sits on a low branch in a tree, holding a small, dark green journal with a symbol of peace on the front of it. A Witherbark amulet is visible around his neck. He begins to write in the journal,

I have been training well, lately. The Peak of Serenity has provided a great place for me to train with other Monks like me, in peace. I also like the fresh mountain air up there. Its not something you get every day. Atleast, not most people, I have been training there daily.

I have also met some interesting people. One was a Monk like me, who was commenting on my form, her name was May. Another was what looked to be a warrior, who said her name was Lyrilia. I had to leave short after meeting the two, though.

Now here a while later is when I met the most interesting of the three. A treant, named Thanazil, who gave me my Witherbark amulet. He said he was the keeper of the Scorched Grove, or what used to be it. He planned to heal the destruction, or to atleast try. I offered my help to him. I believe sometime that we will heal the Grove, and restore it to its normal health. He also said that the amulet would summon him if I were in need.

I dont know if I ever will need his aid, though.
The Knight Sits in the middle of the forsaken forest, pondering in his thoughts, the sha of fear speaking to him in his head, "SHES CHEATING ON YOU!!! HAHA DON'T TRUST HER! Just look at everthing that happened shes gone, all the time! She even had dinner with Cyaer, hes gonna take her from you! Just like Drixel stole Celean!" Solorin gripped his head, "NO! GET OUT OF MY HEAD!!! SHE.... SHE LOVES ME!!! SHE WOULD'NT DO THAT TO ME!!" Solorin gets up and bangs his head on the nearby tree to make the sha leave his head, but still it stayed.

Solorin layed there unconcious for a long while, before finally awakening, to the little voice again, "Fear her!! Shes cheating!! shes cheating!! HAHA!!!!" "Ignoring the little voice, he took flight to pandaria, he needed help...and he wanted his wife back...he wished that he had never left the house lastnight, regretting everything he did, he went to the house, to find her sleeping alone in the bed, a small tear fell from his eye, he didn't want to wake her...for fear that she would be angry with him...he hurt her by telling her those things, but...he knew it wasn't him...all that time fighing his own Fear...and Anger, and they grew stronger, with the pressence of the sha.

He kissed her on the forehead, and left her a note on the table, "Auxi...I am sorry for everthing I said to you last night, I am sorry for every little thing...I need.... Im going to pandaria, to the temple of the white tiger, if you want to find me...I will be there, Just know that I love you.... and" The sha infects his head again "Write about how much you fear!! how much you think shes CHEATING!!! HAH!!!!" solorin shakes the sha away to finish with "Im sorry Auxi, I love you...Please...come find me..." he places a pear by the note, along with a book entitled 'The Curious Adventures of DR. Anfelan March Volume III' he knew she was looking to complete the set...hopefully this made her feel a bit better, with haste he made his way to the monestary.
Kreindis sits in the dark of a dungeon. His head hurt, and the last thing he could remember was laying on the ground after being hit with a daggers' hilt, and hearing Tislina's tears. He couldn't see anything in the room, but he still looks around the emptiness. He tries to move, but he is bound to the wall behind him.

He sighs and says quietly, "I cant believe it... captured again by a villain.. forced to listen to my Tislina's tears as I am cut and bruised... all over again..." Only then did Kreindis look to his left, and see something that had scared him for a moment, as he hadn't seen it before now. It was a floating ghostly skull, moving its jaw up and down as if it were trying to speak.

"Probably just one of my brother's minions assigned to keep a watch on me so that I dont try anything..." He looked around the room once more, hoping that he might find anything. He spotted a guildstone on a table, but it was too far away from him to be of use to him. Kreindis sighed, and seeing as there was nothing else for him to do, he closed his eyes, in an attempt to get some sleep...
The woman with the brown hair sat curled up in the bed trying to read a book. The hour was getting late, but the events of the evening were preventing her from sleeping. She had read the same paragraph three times now, but had it yet to sink in as her mind was not on the book.

Her mind was churning and she gave up trying to read. Scooting out of the bed, she picked up her journal and sat down on the bedroom floor next to the banked fire. It still provided a small measure of heat, something that was comforting considering how cold and empty the bed was. Lighting a candle, she picked up her quill and began to write.

(New entry in a light green leather journal etched with a tree)

I have failed at many things. I am not perfect, I know I cannot be perfect, and I do not try.

There are many who happily overlook my flaws—people who rely on me to pull them out of desperate situations. There are people who have befriended me despite the wall I put up to protect myself from the hurtful things that were said to me as I struggled to put a life together in Silvermoon without a name or a past—I was nothing then and in Silvermoon, nothings do not survive well.

Now, it seems, I am failing at being a wife and I have no idea what I am doing wrong or how to fix it.

He is obsessed with knowing where I am and if I am out of his sight, he gets upset. He tells me over and over again that he doesn’t know where I am half the time when most of the time I have been with him. When I come back, I tell him where I was and what I was doing without being asked and he still finds a way to throw it in my face.

I know he was married before and I know that she took his best friend as her lover behind his back. I understand that is has to be hard for him with that memory being relived, but I am not her. What I do not understand is why I am being punished for something she did.

I am tired of him picking fights with me, pulling and twisting things to make me look… well, like her. I am exhausted trying to explain myself and fighting against a memory that has nothing to do with me or what I have done. I have been faithful to him but now, it seems that he is trying to find a way to make me look like I have been sleeping around on him.

He is hurting and when I try to help him, he snaps at me and moves away. I do not know what else to do. I have kept stepping forward, moving to him and he keeps stepping back, pushing me away. He walked out tonight, after he picked a fight and I refused to participate. He simply yelled through the door that he would see me in a few days and left.

Now I am left wondering if he really wants me as his wife and if this is his way to say that without actually having to say the words.

I do not want to lose him. I love him despite all the hurtful things he has been saying to me these past days because I remember the man that he was before all this came crashing down. The man that I spent hours speaking to about our day, what to eat… our future, the family we want.

I want my husband back…

She set the journal on a nearby table as the tears started to fall. Wiping the back of her hand against her cheeks to brush away the tears trickling down them, she pulled herself up from the chair and looked at a short missive that had arrived not long after her husband walked out. She was being called out again.

Once the tears dried up, she went to her wardrobe and pulled out a length of ribbon and a small paper journal and tore out a sheet from the back and wrote 'Solorin' across it. She flipped to the front page, added the date and wrote:

‘I have been called back to Kun-Lai Summit. I will be working out of Eastwind Rest, but staying the nights at Binan Village. Love, Auxilia’

She cut a five inch piece off the ribbon and once the ink was dry, used it to mark the page in the small journal. She then closed the book, placed the paper with his name on top, and tied the remaining ribbon around it. She walked down the stairs and set it on the table before moving back upstairs and slipping into the empty bed.
Tislina sat on her bed, hugging her knees to her chest. Near by Amethyst was curled up on the bed, watching her sadly. Tislina hadn't slept. She hadn't eaten. She hadn't even picked up a book. The tome that had been so intriguing to her the day before lay forgotten on the desk. Her eyes were red from crying all night. Finally trusting herself to write, she reached over to the night stand and picked up her journal and quill.

I lost him. Again. I had to listen to him being hurt over the guildstone. Again. And once again I could do nothing about it. It was my sister. She attacked him and now he is gone. But I still cannot bring myself to hate her. I wish I could but I can't. I do not want to lose someone else. It seems I can only lose those close to me. I have to find Krei. I absolutely have to. I don't care if I have to fight my way across the whole of Azeroth. I won't lose him too. I refuse too.
Lyrilia flew through the city, juggilng her wyvern's reins, a letter, and a map in her hands, nearly dropping the letter as the wyvern came to an abrupt stop in front of the spire she had nearly ran them into. Looking up from the map, she turned the wyvern towards the lower city, landing him on the street. Looking at the map one last time, she urged her wyvern towards the World's End Tavern, dismounting just outside. Folding the map she tucked it into one of .her bags, toying with the neatly folded letter as she stepoed inside.

There was an assortment of patrons inside, a slender Blood Elf with caramel hair waved to her from beside a curtain. Turning her nose up at some Night Elves, she crossed the small inn to where her cousin waited, stepping past the curtain behind the mage.

"I trust you like my choice of meeting places? I would have met you at one of the inns in the Scryer's Tier, but this one is always so intersting. Nevermind though, it is good to see you again cousin." The mage gestured for Lyrilia to sit at the table, offering her one of the two wine glasses on top of it.

"You know I like Shattrath Quelisa. As for this seems full and you know I don't like that sort of thing. Now. We met for a reason, so lets get to it then. I do not have time for meaningless talk. I am now the busy one."

"Busy with what Lyrilia? Brewfest? Or perhaps you've be-" Lyrilia tossed the mage a withering glare and Quelisa quickly clamped her mouth shut. "Very well then. Lets get to it."

"Good. I don't need any of your snide remarks, you know how I can keep a grudge very well Quelisa and I still have not forgotten or forgiven you for murdering her."

"I did not murder her! You know just as well as everyone else that it was better for me to di that then to leave her to suffer like that. Or did you even really care about her Lyrilia? Are you just as heartless as Alarius says?"

"Don't you ever suggest I never cared for her. Don't you ever suggest I am heartless you know how much family means to know why I asked to meet you are you su-"

"You know very well what I am suggesting Lyrilia! And I know why you asked me here. I have no intention of helping your Death Knight in any way. In fact, I hope he runs into Solorin so that he can do a better job of kil-"

" I AM THE HEARTLESS ONE? YOU MURDERED EVELISE AND NOW YOU SUGGEST YOU WANT ALENTHIS DEAD AS WELL? YOU DO NOT UNDERSTAND WHAT HAS GONE ON WITH ME, YOU NEVER WILL BECAUSE YOU ARE NO COUSIN OF MINE, !@#$%!" Lyrilia pushed back swiftly from the table, her eyes flaring and fists clenched. Grabbing her weapons, she leaned in closer to her cousin. "If I find out any harm comes to Alenthis because of you, it will not end well." Stepping back she picked up her bag and stalked swiftly out of the inn, pushing people away and giving them withering glares if they said anything about it. Mounting her Wyvern she flew from the city, heading for nowhere in particular.

An ornate scarlett leather tome with an intricate gold lock and clasp, and gold-edged pages. The name Lyrilia Dawnblade is inscribed on the bottom left corner of the cover, in a flowing, gold script.

I cannot believe my cousin. Suggesting things like that! Is this all I get for trying to fix things? Are they all so judgemental they can't even see or want to see what I do? No matter. they are all dense, as most people are. For the time being they are not worth my time.

And people wonder why I hate people.
Kreindis hangs on the wall, bound by iron. He looked around the darkness of the dungeon, searching for something, but finding nothing but the guildstone on the table near a staircase. He wanted to leave the place, and to go be with Tislina again. He missed her greatly, and hated his brother even more for separating him from her once more. Someday, he was going to get back at his brother. Some day...

Kreindis looked up as he heard an iron gate creaking open. He wasn't surprised to see Keyadrion walk down the staircase, into view. He smiled wickedly, "Hello, brother. Enjoying your stay?" Kreindis remained silent. "Oh well. Any ways, I suppose your wondering why I'm here. The answer is, I thought you might want to hear your precious Tislina's voice again, and I'm here to give it to you."

He walked over to the table, and activated the guildstone on it, before walking back over to Kreindis. He raised an arm, bright green fire glowing in his hands. The fire shot forward and washed over Kreindis' body. He managed to stay quiet for a little, enduring the pain, before crying out loudly in pain.

Anyone listening on the guildstone would have heard his cry. Kreindis hoped Tislina had not heard. He didn't want her to be hurt by the sounds of his suffering. After the spell finished, it left a large burn on Kreindis' chest.

"There.. now you must only wait. Then you will hear your precious Mage, or atleast should." Keyadrion walked off, back up the staircase, leaving Kreindis in the darkness, alone with the guildstone, activated.
Tislina sat quietly at her desk, contemplating her next move. She had no idea what she was going to do. She glanced at the large tome written in Darnassian and felt her heart flip as she remembered a few days ago when Krei had helped her to translate it. She reached up to her neck and touched her moon necklace, the one he had given her. She looked at the guildstone on the desk as a cry of pain resonated around her room, coming from the stone. She put her face in her hands and before she knew it she was crying, loud enough to be heard. She looked at the guildstone and managed to get a few words out, her voice shaking. "Kreindis, I'm so, so sorry...." Then she placed her head back in her hands and resumed her racking sobs.
Kreindis looked up at the guildstone as he heard Tislina's voice, and tears. He wanted to go to her and comfort her, but he could not. As much as he wanted to, he was stuck here, bound to the wall.

He reminded himself he still had his voice to comfort her, and he spoke loud enough to be heard.

"Tislina.. none of this is your fault.. and if any of it is, I forgive you... you tried your best, and thats what matters to me... in my eyes you've done nothing wrong..." He wasn't sure this would help her feel better, but he was trying his best.

Kreindis quickly closed his mouth as the iron gate opened again. Keyadrion walked down the stairs, and immediately moved to turn off the guildstone. "We'll have none of that cheering up, brother..." He walked back out, closing the gate behind him, taking the guildstone with him.

Kreindis sighed as he left, leaving him in the darkness once more.
He does not think this is my fault. How is that so? If I had been faster, if I had remembered to whistle for Arion, I could have saved him. My sister is strong, but could she withstand the full force of my magic? I do not think it so. I could have beat her, I am sure. But I was to slow, so I failed to even make a move against her. And I continue to fail. I want to find him, but I have no idea how. I tried every magical trick I could think of, nothing works. Not even my scrying. And that scares me because that means there is some type of magical interference. So, at this stage in the game, what am I supposed to do?
(( Keyadrion ))

Ah, I have captured my brother with the assistance of my... ' assistant', Tradissa. It was wonderful to watch and listen. My brother's cries of pain, mixed with the tears of his precious Mage... absolutely delightful. I have locked him in the dungeon of a keep I use as a hiding place, and I have tortured him a little bit as well. I enjoy hearing the tears of Tislina as my brother cries out. Tradissa seems to like hearing them as well. I look forward to hearing them more, they quench my thirst to wreak havoc on her and my brother...

I'm absolutely sure I will, to quench my thirst, I must...

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