Journal of the Rising Sun Fellowship (IC #2)

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A new small leather bound journal.

It was a farce. A complete and total farce. I wash my hands of the whole mess. Let those two sword swinging apes take care of everything. They have the trust of Kel'tira, so let them take care of the Viragona mess. I can almost figure out how they would go about it.

I'm slipping away and seeing what I can find out in Redridge. Jahana gives a very good report, but I want to see it for myself. Thank the light she showed me where the witch was living for now.

The young rogue looked about the suite he had called home for so long. Everything that said that was gone, it was merely an empty room in an inn now, ready for the next occupant. He stopped by the kitchen and packed a few items for the stay he expexcted.

"Where you going, Cyaer", she spoke from the shadows.
"Away, mom...maybe for awhile.", he whispered.
She moved from out of the shadows, and moved over beside him. "Then, take these, please, I want you to come back in one piece." Her hands held out two potion vials, and he recognized the markings. He placed the vials into his backpack, with a nod of thanks.

"Mom?" Her arms came around his neck, and she pressed her lips against his, as her lush body pressed against his own. His arms came around her, and he gave as good as he got with the kiss. When they parted, she was panting, and he pushed her gently away.
"I'm engaged, mom, and I won't tarnish the love I have for her. Live well." And he moved into the night, silently.
"She's a lucky woman." she whispered to the open doorway.

The moon cast shadows all about the city. And leaving without a sound and without commotion was easy. Reaching the ruins of Lordaeron, he called forth his most prized possession. The mount sparkled and cast shadows and cosmic dust, as it settles upon the ground on hooves of silver. Cyaer patted the neck of the steed, and jumped up into the saddle. He looked one more time towards his home. "I will miss you." And with a flick of the reins the mount jumped into the night, and they flew off heading south.
Kreindis Blazestride

I was in Orgrimmar for a while this morning when I heard Kel screaming over the guildstone, and Auxilia shouting something. I asked what was going on and Aux told me to get over to the Hall as soon as I could. I arrived soon after, and I saw Kel on the floor, looking as if she was in great pain. I stayed with her along with Aux until it ended, and she said that Ash was doing it to her. I also healed the bite mark as much as I could, which Kel insisted I do, turning it into a scar. I left to go somewhere important for a moment.

I got to talk with Tislina last night. She said she had been in the woods for the past two days. I wonder what she would be doing there for two whole days... Anyways, she was reading a large book and she also asked me if I read alot. I gave the honest answer that I did sometimes if I could ever get some free time with nothing else to do in it. I had to leave soon after, which I wish I didnt have to since I wanted to stay with her for a while.

Nothing else has happened lately. I'm done writing for now.
I left Silvermoon City early this morning after a brief repast at the inn. I'll return to Stonetalon and pick up where I left off. My last promotion there will look good on my resume. Perhaps it will land me a nice commission in the Blood Knights, who knows. I enjoy working in the field, the fresh air, and the smell of combat aound every corner.

While I'm not blood-thirsty like some of the men out there, the clash of weapons upon shield and armor gives me a subtle rush. I thank my parents every day for their sacrifices to get me the training and into the Blood Knights. I owe them more than I can ever repay the debt they made. Being minor nobles has not been a great asset for me. I still remember working hard to pass the mark, and the jeers from my so-called peers. They forget themselves when they don their armor, they become snobs and put on grand airs.

I came from different stock, and I like to think I was raised better than that. I worked late in the night cleaning the blacksmith firepits, the stables, and anything else I could find to make my parents proud of their son in the Blood Knights. I remember enjoying going home in my armor, and the fuss they made over me. I looked in their eyes, and saw the love they had for me. I will carry their legacy within me, and honor them in everything I do. Mother, Father...thank you, I miss you so much.

I removed the pages of Jahana from my sketchbook. And I will mail them to her, perhaps she will enjoy the person I saw in those sketches. Perhaps not.

I oiled and polished my armor this morning. The shield of the Alliance commander I defeated gleams. I take pride in my appearance, mother instilled that in me, and I look at some of the other recruits in the Blood Knights, and how they treat their gear and toss it aside for someone else to take care of it for them. I still shake my head in wonder at people that act that way.

Well, I'm ready, weapon sharpened, shield on my arm...into the breech!
A ghost? Really?! Even if he is a relative I am tempted to remove Cyaer's tongue and shove it where the sun does not shine. Telling ME about MY wife. Bah, He does not know my reasoning for leaving, none of them do! My training from Aran is going smoothly and soon I will be a skilled warrior. It is hard being away from the one I love but it is for her that I put in such grueling time. I will be strong for the fellowship.

I hear talk about Kel's nightmares. She fears she may lose her mind. I know better. She is far to strong. If she were to lose her sanity I could not bear to kill her or see her killed. If Cyaer tries to kill her I will intervene. If she losses her mind there has to be a way to bring her back, there MUST be! I will not see the one I love perish before me. Even if it means going into hell in back, I will walk up to those gates sword and shield in hand!

PS: If Cyaer tries anything again I will break his legs
As the Dark Knight finishes packing he remembers what was said to him, "Oi you Death Knight!, Your being sent to training by mograine himself! SO DON'T !@#$ UP!

Solorin Was confused as to why he needed training he was strong enough wasn't he? As he walked down the corridor he found a small chair, he sat in it and took out his journal

A pitchblack tome bound by a leather strap, As it opens Shadow emitts from it like fog, Solorin Writes.

I had a wonderful time last night with Auxi, We talked and ate, and shared wine, Im really starting to like her, she told me a little about her, about what she does, I admitt I found it quite interesting, altho I wish I could know more, Perhaps soon. After Dinner and Wine I walked her to see my unfinished Project, And I gave her one of the many squirrels that I love to make, Then I walked her back to the rouges guild, and well...We kissed, I enjoyed it Im not sure if she did, I felt a little weary, as I did not know when we would see each other agian, I hope soon.

That Wrech Viragona thinks she can send some fool to scare me? She is the one who is afraid, If she did not want to show her face that night, I would have carved her heart out!
What is it that Kel and Cy don't understand? They don't know anything about what Viragona Wants, And they don't know what she is going to do when she gets -power- They dont understand, and they dont want to, they want to make peace, You Can't Make peace With Mal Ganis Himself, It is Impossible, Hope fully they realize we need to kill her, and we need to do it soon! If she hits us agian, If she even thinks about leaving her little cave! I will crush her bones with my barehands, I will cut out her heart and stab it threw a spike as she did mine! I don't give a rats %^- anymore, if she *!@#s with the fellowship once more, I will defend them.

Alexandria, I miss you so....I was yelling at Kel and I called her by your name....Why did you have to go...why did you have to die, Kel looks just like you you would have liked her, I miss you did not die in vain.

The dark knight gets up as he seals his tome and places it in a large bag, he places the bag on the back of his horse and rides to Silvermoon, He will spend one more day with his friends before he has to leave, where will he be going? When will he return? No one knows...Who knows what the High Lord Darion Mograine has instore for Solorin, We will just have to wait and see.
Dawn. The world is quiet, and only a very slight breeze moves the leaves about on the trees. The young rogue glances around seeking to find any possible guard or sentry before he drops silently from the branches of the tree. He stretches his arms and legs as the sun rises over the Redridge Mountains, painting the cliffs and bluffs in its golden rays. He smiles in the simple beauty of the sunrise, and removes a dried biscuit from his pack. As he gnaws on it, he watches the awakening of the larger keep. She's would be easy to slip in, cut her throat and set her on fire. But he waits...and watches.

I have been dividing my attention between the two keeps. The smaller "tower" is where I suspect Viragona is keeping the tome. There is some kind of powerful ward over the entrance, that I cannot break or get around. I'll give the witch (with a "B") credit, her security is strong and tight. Both buildings are secure, tho one with the right skills finds loopholes. I have often thought if one wants to make a fortress secure, contract a rogue to check its defenses.

There is a death knight roaming the compound, she checks the sentries and guards regularly. She looks like she could be a problem in the future. I know the ogres she has wandering the area either fear her, or respect her. They are on constant alert, and not a sleepy eye amongst them. Again, I respect the security Viragona has put in place. I have slipped into the keep once since I have been here. And things look tight inside as well as it does outside.

I watch and wait as I try to detect a rythym in their changing of guards, and the paths they patrol. I'll stay a few more days, then return to the Fellowship with my findings.

[One page is a simple diagram of the larger keep: the rooms, cells, corridors, and offices. Possible entry and exits to the keep are also noted.]
As a side note: Jahana has some concerns over a possible security breach within the Fellowship. I looked into some of her concerns. I also had an agent do a dossier of the member to find out just what might be a serious security concern.

I received the dossier yesterday, and passed it on to Jahana. I must say, the member does not come across paper as he does being watched. His demeanor is not like one I have seen in one of his status. He seems more common, and calmer than most. Though somewhat forgetful.

I will sit down and interview him to see what his opinions are and whether we have a true breach of security or not when I return from Redridge.

I remember this lad coming up to me with a security concern of his own...the guildstones. I admit his possible solution will aid us if our stones fall into unsavory hands shall we say.
The nights are the worst. During the day I can keep my mind and my hands occupied with mundane things like repairing my armor, oiling it, and maintaining the rest of my gear. There are foes to be fought, and my senses are constantly on guard for an attack from, well, anywhere. But at night, when I lie down to rest, to sleep, thoughts of her creep into my thoughts.

I roll around on my bedroll, unable to sleep, unable to get comfortable...unable to forget her. Can an artist run away from the muse who inspires him to do great works of art, dare I say masterpieces? Can he forget the curve of her smile, the dancing mischief in her eyes, the...oh, Fel!

Sometime in the early morning I fell asleep exhausted, and I dreamt of her. Today will be a long one...trying to run away from myself, away from her.
Morning slides into afternoon, the coolness to a deep warmth, and I watch the ogres. I see that some are given privledges, perhaps sergeants or captains? And I watch the death knight, as she moves easily across the compound, she has a confidence in her stride, and bark to her commands to them all.

I caught a brief glimpse of Viragona, but only a glimpse. She keeps herself locked deep within the keep. How does one live like that? In fear, a recluse?

The time moves slowly. It gives me pause to think...about the Fellowship, the people I have come to love like family, and care for. I think of the paladin Kreindis and the young mage Tislina and their love gives me hope for the Sin'dorei, just as Karamia and I. The young rogue Jahana, and her devotion to the Fellowship, she encourages me to remember where I have come from and where I am now, and how important the Fellowship is to all of us.

My eyes scan the compound again, and realize they tend to stand in the shadows to keep out of the sun. As do the patrollers...hmmm. Noted.

I think I'll move from here to a more direct access area. Get a better idea of.....

A large ink blot and a scratch of ink concludes the page.
The woman with the brown hair moved through the rogue’s hall. Gone was the long gown that befitted an evening out, it had been replaced by dark armor and a pair of short swords. She had not taken the time to put her hair up, it still fell about her face in soft curls. She would put it up later, but right now, stuff practicality, she was going to enjoy the curls while she could. Stopping at a chest, she opened it and rummaged through, coming up with three books.

The first two she set aside, opting for a slender volume whose title read, “A Black Rose at Midnight.” She looked at the slender book, flipping through the pages of the familiar play. She had not seen it performed—and would honestly love to see it live—but she had read it numerous times. She had almost recommended that Solorin read it, but a small sense of doubt kept her from mentioning it. She wasn’t certain how well he liked reading plays and didn’t want to give him an unwanted burden.

The play was darkly humorous, a style that she liked. The plot was a man who killed a neighbor who inherited a large sum of money and steals it. In an effort to hide from the magistrate, the man took on the guise of a woman and played the part of a wealthy, boisterous, if a bit ugly, widow who was new to the area. The magistrate takes a liking to the “widow” and starts to woo her while trying to solve the mystery of the murdered man. It was unexpectedly funny, the playwright making fantastic use of innuendo, all the while making a statement about murder, love and justice.

Perhaps Solorin would like it, she thought, tucking the book into her bag next to her journal. She wouldn’t know until she handed it to him. She replaced the other books back into the chest and closed the lid. She would need to write in her journal, putting the memories of her dinner with Solorin into words. Maybe then she would let herself believe that it could be real and not something just passing. But not right now, she had many miles to go tonight at Nicias’s behest. She would have time to write tomorrow evening while she ate.

The moon was deep in the sky, hovering over the sparkling towers of Silvermoon like a pendant. She moved down the street, listening as the clocks solemnly tolled out twelve strokes. The steady clomp, clomp, clomp of a guardian’s footsteps could be heard in the distance. She hitched her bag up on her shoulder and slipped out the Shepherd’s Gate, her dark form dissolving into the shadows.
Kel'tira Sunblaze

I need to be honest with myself. Completely honest. After what happened this morning, after what happened the other night, I need to step back and look at things again. Who am I?

Am I so entirely unhappy with my life that I would throw it away? Have I been completely honest with myself regarding my family? Do I want to admit what I may, or may not, feel? Do I know how to handle it if I do?

At the beginning, start at the beginning, Kel.

Unhappy is a relative term. Unhappy is an extreme, but then again, my life is all about extremes right now. Why would I be unhappy? Let me start there. I do not know where my husband is half of the time, and that scares me, because I worry that one day he might not come back. I am under stress, and stress is not good for me, mentally, I suppose because I do not know exactly how best to deal with it. No matter what I do, things seem to go wrong, and that is hard for me to deal with. I know the past is a lesson to learn from, but how am I supposed to press on if what I leave behind me is the doubt that comes from feeling I sent the people I care about and love into danger that I could have taken in their stead?

My husband and my cousin are at each others' throats now, why is that? I pride myself on being a relatively good judge of character, and I know Nic well enough to say with some confidence that he is defending both me, and his honor, or he thinks he is, by confronting Cy. Cy is a little harder for me to read, or he is hiding something. I think he thinks Nic is not good enough for me, which makes no sense, in my opinion. I can understand why he might think that, what with Nic's foray into Northrend, and the fact that he has not always been around when I need him, but that... That does not explain Cyaer's protectiveness.

And then Nic.

(The next sentence is scratched in a heavier hand)

I love him with all my heart, and then some.

The thing that scares me most is that I might wake up one day, and find him gone, for good. Whether dead, missing, or having chosen to leave me. The last scares me the most, and, even though I know that that will never happen, I still worry. I worry that something will happen.

Is that not my fatal flaw? That I worry too much? I think it is. I think that I gain something from knowing that, just what I have gained is unknown to me for now.

Cy is a mystery to me on so many levels. I love him like my brother. (The last word in the sentence is written so ferociously that the ink has torn through to the next page)

I trust him, I try to set his mind at ease by staying behind while he goes to meet with Viragona's messenger, and this is what he does? He leaves them? After he promised to me? Maybe I should have known that a rogue's promise is not worth as much. I knew, in a way, that Nic would probably snap and try something, and I was counting on Cy to balance that out. But it appears my trust was misplaced. I should have gone, consequences be damned.

I should not have let him try to protect me, for whatever reason he tries to keep me safe. His protection goes beyond what a cousin would do, or even a brother, and into something mo--

(The entry is not finished, but rather the ink is pressed into the next page, as if Kel shut the book before it had finished drying completely.)
The journal was ripped from the young rogue's hands, and large hands lifted him from the ground where he though he had been safe and unobserved. He was wrong. The ogre looked him in the face, it's putrid breath assailing the thief's nasal passages, and almost caused him to vomit. "You might want a mint for that breath, big boy."

The Sin'dorei found himself flying through the air and landing heavily on the ground several yards from where he had been. "Hey," he moaned as he rose from the ground, "Don't take it so personally." He grinned as the ogre bore down on him. One, two..the rogue fell to ground, just as a blow from the huge creature's fist missed him by mere inches. Cyaer sprang up, with two daggers flashing, one, two and then three quick slashes later the ogre roared from pain, and turned to feel two more fast hits to its abdomen cutting him open and spilling its dark innards and blood all over the dry soil.

Unfortunately, the other three ogres were more careful, and soon had the rogue bound and slightly bleeding. He was picked up carelessly and brutally, and taken into Stonewatch keep. Then dumped in front of a person he had never met, but he was pretty sure who she was - Viragona. She talked civilly to him, and then she opened the guildstone she had in her possession. He reached for it, but before his fingers could find it, a stinging lash whipped about his head, slashing his cheek open.

His eyes opened wide, but he grit his teeth, not giving her the pleasure of screaming as the pain burned into his brain. She merely nodded as he heard the whip crack and several more lashes opened his other cheek, and slashed across his forehead. The succubus was enjoying the pain she was inflicting upon the tied prisoner, and after a few more lashes, he was screaming. 'That was more like it,' she thought as she whipped her helpless victim. Then she stopped at her mistress' look.

He tried to concentrate on where he was, what was happening, but there was only hot pain assailing his senses, and he lay before Viragona, nearly unconscious. She spoke into the guildstone, and her voice roused him from his stupor. He heard their voices through the blood pounding through his ears. Was that his Kel? He tried to speak but it was difficult. Someone asked where he was...he tried to remember, then was able to rasp out "Red..." before the hot blade of a dagger touched his skin.

He was in a new kind of hell, was all he could think, as the blade seared his skin - and the white hot pain seared into his mind. He heard but couldn't think as their words came over the guildstone. He began to lose consciousnes as both the succubus and Vira laid the hot blades against his arms and his neck. Then he felt his body picked up and carried.

When he awoke, he was tied to a chair, and Vira was kissing him! He fell into the blessed relief of darkness and unconsciousness
Kreindis Blazestride

I spent some time with Tislina at our secret cliff spot the day before yesterday. We talked about eachothers families, and also how we came to feel for eachother. We didnt get to stay long before she had to leave, though I did much enjoy that time I got to spend with her, even if it was short.

Yesterday I had been called to help with the training of a few new Blood Knights, which was tiring work. I think I'll find myself training with some of those recruits, the more advanced ones, again soon.

Nothing else major has been happening that I know of. I'm done writing for now.
Journal of Karamia Dawnstrike

My Cyaer, he was so brutally beaten. His face scarred by some rune I have no idea what it is. I am so greatful to the ones who brought him back. I was so shaken by the events I did not thank them properly.

Why does he go off alone like this? I had assigned Jahana to watch over Vira. I may have to talk to her. I know she has others watching. This morning I received Cy's Journal in the mail. I take it to the hospital and find him gone again. On one hand I am glad he was released so soon, he may carry a few scars, but he is healed pretty much.

Sometimes I wonder why he does not come to Northrend with me? Am I no longer in his thoughts enough to be there with me? I miss him so much. He has a lot of work going on in the Fellowship.

Now that I think about it, why is Kel'Tira not doing something about Vira? I now hear she sent a peace mission to negotiate? What follishness is this? That witch needs to die. If she has an army, then we need an army to go after her.

I need to take Cy with me, if Vira has set her hooks into him, he needs to be watched. I cannot let her control him...if that rune means anything. She has found ways of getting to a paladin and a death knight. She will not have my Cyaer!

But I he really mine? Or is he hiding things from me? The innkeeper seems unusually concerned for him. Kel'Tira seems to rely on him...a lot...
Kreindis groans as he lays in the dungeon of a keep, stripped to nothing but bloodied bandages and black cloth pants. He doesnt know where he is. Weakly he manages to sit up, remembering the event that so quickly placed him here. Remembering the sounds of his love sobbing as he bled from Aseria's blades. Remembering Kel attempting to stop her, only to fail. He thinks to himself without making a sound, "I'm going to kill Aseria the second I get out of this damn thing..."

He snaps back to reality when he hears the magic gate sealing him opens, and Aseria walks down into the dungeon. He tried to ignore most of her words, only speaking a few times.

A young looking Sin'dorei woman walks out of the darkness and says a few things to Aseria before walking infront of him. She asked him his name and he replied, "Kreindis... and remember it... it will be the name of the one to kill you." It said something he didnt listen to, before she placed her hand on his forehead. Waves of magic shot through his body, a sensation that would feel as if he was burning, though he was not. The pain stopped as the woman removed her hand from him. "Such a weak and fragile life... I wonder if you will even be able to stay alive while Ash tortures you... but I will give you once chance to not let that happen as long as you answer a few questions I have for you... are you willing to listen? It will save you and your love alot of pain and suffering that can befall you...." the woman infront of him said. Kreindis manages to reply, "No... dont even touch her..." The girl sighed. "Jumping to conclusions already... we dont plan to hurt her... at least not yet. We wont hurt her if you answer the questions I'm about to ask you. I'm trying to be merciful here, but if you persist with this nonsense then you will have none of it, so please, answer my questions?"

Kreindis speaks again, "Well... what are the questions, anyway...." The girl gives Krei a sweet smile, "Good, now do you know the true reason why you are here? Of why I sent Ash to capture a member of the Fellowship? Why all this is happening?" "My guess is she just wants to torment us." The girl tilted her head. "Well.... yes and no. That is not exactly the case. Sure Ash here just likes to torture people, but I keep her on a short leash." Ash mutters, "Too short if you ask me...." The girl glares at Ash before turning her attention back to Kreindis.

"Now, you are obviously aware of Vira, the foolish warlock who is gathering runes for a book that is in her possession. I know her downfall is coming... and like you, I want to bring her downfall alot more swiftly. This is the reason why Ash keeps looking for members of the Fellowship, to get answers on where some of the runes may be. With them, we can plan how Vira's rein ends." The girl narrows her eyes at Kreindis. "Do you understand?" "And you think... that I know where some are?" The young elf began to poke Krei in the head. "I would think that the Fellowship would tell all they're members what is going on at meetings that happen every Sunday, so Ash tells me, so do you know if the Fellowship is guarding any runes currently?" "Only one... I may have missed something.... I wasnt present at the latest meeting... But if you think I'm telling you... you're crazy..."

The girl giggled. "Choose your words carefully, Kreindis... they might decide the fate of how much pain you will be put through, and I can tell you now, Ash's torture is pretty bad, but mine is worse. So do you know which rune is being guarded? All I need is the name, thats it... then you wont have to suffer." Kreindis laughs for a short moment, "Give me your worst... and if you want to know why I choose this, its because I think that you're... going to turn the power on us... after Vira is ended..." The girl crouched down to meet Kreindis eye-to-eye. "You are obviously unaware of the book she possesses... there is no way she can control that power...I dont plan to use its power, infact, despite what I have been hunting down to destroy it.... which is exactly what the Fellowship wants, no? So... which... rune... are... you... guarding." Kreindis made his best attempt to sound like he wasnt lieing, as he fully knew the name of the rune. "I dont know... the last I heard of it was weeks ago, I've forgotten..." The girl stood up, turning back to Aseria.

"No torture today, but get those explosives ready. We can still have a bit of fun before we leave..." She begins to walk towards the stairs, Ash following. "So where is your old guildstone?" Ash shrugs. "Somewhere in the keep, why?" The girl lets out an insane giggle, "I'm going to need it." They both walk out, leaving Kreindis to himself in the darkness of the dungeon once more.
The mage quietly kneels by the pond, and begins to speak.

"Hey Tavaras. It's me your little sister Tislina. I..." She starts sobbing uncontolably." I need help. I need your help Tavaras. My world is crashing down. Again. I.... I just cant do this anymore. I always had you to help me, but now your somewhere better, and I dont know what to do." her tears create ripples in the pond. "Ive lost everyone I care for. I lost mom and dad, I lost my sisters, and I lost you Tavaras. And now Im losing my beloved. Im losing Kreindis." She sobs even harder ans stares at the sky above. the tears stream freely down her face. "Am I cursed? To lose everyone I care about? Am I not meant to be happy? Tavaras, Im so confused. I have no idea what to think about anything. Was I right to become a mage? How about to join the Fellowship? Are they in danger because they are my friends?" She stares at the ripples in the water. "I heard it all happen. I heard her hurting him and Kel, but I did nothing. Is it my fault? Tavaras, I need you to send me a sign. Please...please.....please" She continues to sob her heart out. The wind picks up and a piece of paper is snatched from her bag. Tislina sighs and runs after it. She finds it on a nearby tree trunk, and stuffs it back into her bag. A mark on the tree catches her eye. It is a heart carved into the trunk. She gasps because she knows this mark. Her brother had carved this in the tree for her, to show he would always care for her.

His words rang in her ears. "Promise me you will always follow your heart." And she knew. Knew she was right to join the Fellowship. Knew she was right to make friends. Knew that she wasnt cursed. And knew she had only done things right. She started backto Silvermoon, and her reply seemed to come on the wind.

"I promise I will always follow my heart."
I spoke with Kel this evening. I feel we are truly friends and that makes me very happy. She confided in me some things. Things i will not write here for I promised not to tell anyone else. And when I make a promise, I keep it.

On another note, I am writing this from Kreindis and I's secrest cliff. We thought it was beautiful during the day, but at night it's just as breathtaking. I put on the white dress he made for me and came here. I wanted to look at the stars. I know that sounds a bit silly, but there's something about stars that make me feel better. So, I got here a bit early. I have had the pleasure to watch the full moon rise. It is completely above the sea now. It truly is amazing, how something so... so simple.... could look so beautiful. I wonder if other things could look so beautiful as well? Perhaps it is time I stop looking at things with my eyes, and start seeing things with my heart?

I wonder if Krei can see the moon where ever he is. I hope he can, though I doubt it. Aseria probably has him locked in some dungeon. I hope he's okay. I want to just go off alone and find him. But that is a very, very bad idea. Not that I doubt my own magics, but Aseria is strong. Plus she has that witch with her. How will it help Kreindis if I'm captured or killed?
It won't.More then anything it will make the situation worse. So, I wait. I wait for the Fellowship to make a move. Cyaer and Mia have agreed to help me, but will the three of us be enough? I don't know, but the longer Krei is with them the more they could hurt him. Light protect Kreindis, and Tavaras where ever you are, please watch over him.

The stars are out now. As much as I'd like to continue writing, I want to see the stars. So, for now I stop the flow of words. So I can lay on the soft grass and stare at the heavens above. I think I'll even stay the night out here. No one would mind, and I have my guild stone on. I can be where I am needed whenever. I see quite a nice spot at the base of one of the nearby trees. I think I shall lie here on the hill, and look at the stars. Then I can sleep over there.
(New entry in a plain brown leather journal.)

If someone told that I would be tempted to take a dirk and carve the work ‘Jerk’ into the breastplate of a high paladin while he was wearing it, I would have told them that they were insane, but I swear that I reached that point the other day.

Since no one reads this but me, I shall vent here:

I fully understand and appreciate that there is a line of people waiting to kill that cursed warlock but really, how about some teamwork? Seriously, we are much stronger as a team. How about someone to cover the door? You are running off now so I guess the answer is no? You certain? Okay… well, she just ran out it…

Because no one was covering the door!

I will admit some fault on that, since I could have been covering the door but honestly was more concerned at the moment from keeping some traps from going off and cutting Cyaer loose from his bonds.

I am an infiltrator. I wear dark armor—why? So it is harder to see me. I am trained to keep to shadows—why? So it is harder to see me. I do not walk down the middle of the road in bright shiny armor—why? So it is harder to see me. Why do I want to make it so difficult for people to see me? Because if I am trying to slip in and take something unawares, they cannot be unaware if they see me!

Oh yes… the guards saw you. Pointed you out, scratched their heads for a moment. Why do you think she wasn’t that surprised to see you? Just be happy that ogres are really stupid.

I can deal with being referred to as ‘rogue’. It is difficult to get upset over someone not using my name when I can’t even remember what name my parents gave me. I can deal with the condescension (high paladin and all). I got angry and pointed out that hard truth that he gets to stay in the light because there are people like me who are willing to walk the shadows and darkness so they don’t have to.

I am not certain if he got it or not. I find that many paladins like to overlook that little tidbit.

I do hold issue with charging in unaware of the situation and without a safety net in place and then brushing off valid concerns like lint from a sleeve. Certainly I have ventured alone into places but there was always a team behind me.

In the end, we pulled Cyaer out and that was the most important thing for that day.

The woman with the brown hair put down the quill and took a deep breath, trying to clear and collect her thoughts. There was a soft whirl of gears and she turned her head to watch a mechanical squirrel work its way around the base of the desk where she was writing.

It has been a long, tiresome week filled with too much stress and frustration and not enough sleep. I know precisely why I got so upset, but I need to let it go.

I need some fresh air.

She set the quill down and gently blew across the page to dry the ink before closing the journal. She tucked it into her bag and set about the room, collecting a few items—some food, a bottle of moonberry juice and a copy of a play. Settling the contents into her bag, she picked it up and moved out the door.
Kel'tira Sunblaze

(The next entry picks up with a blank page in between the two latest entries, and the handwriting is not Kel's)

I do not remember much of what happened last night. I recall talking to Sol that morning. He is going to train with the Highlord.

After that, everything seems to run together... It is all foggy, blurred...

Ash. Ash and Krei were in the Scorched Grove.

The healers tell me I have a Concussion. Broken ribs, and a punctured lung.

Vaguely, I know Ash took. Krei through a portal...Somewhere. An island with a castle on it. Last night Tis found me, I think.

She brought me back here, she said. Cy – Oh, Light. Viragona had him, she tortured him. I could do nothing. I remember his face, here, in the Hall of Blood...

I felt like... Light, like I had made another wrong choice. All of my choices seem to be the wrong ones.

I failed Cy. I let him be captured. I failed Krei and Tis.

I can't... I cannot do this anymore, I am afraid. I want so badly to give up, even while I know I cannot, and never will...I don't...I do not know what to think, or feel right now.

(There is a note at the bottom of the page, as with the rest of the entry, not written in Kel's hand)

"I couldn't stop those death knights from taking you... I'm sorry, too."
A dark tome locked in a chest, sealed and trapped. Only Jahana has the key.

I cannot believe it! Cyaer was caught by that witch Viragona and then Kreindis gets himself taken by the crazed mage Aseria. Seriously Fellowship is in desparate need of a strong show of force. We need to take out these evil doers and settle things.

I have been in Outland and come back to this news. I must see if I can get more scouts trained. We need some assassins to go after these witches. Put them away permanently.

On a brighter note I saw Neryth today. He is such a shy guy! He thought I did not like him. I even had to offer to pose for him for drawings so he can realize I do not hate him!

I have so much work to do! I have a flying machine now and need to get more fel iron ore, Outland is so full of demons and odd boars that change into raging pigs, and they are mean!

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