Journal of the Rising Sun Fellowship (IC #2)

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Tislina was sitting near her pond, playing her flute, when Cyaer's message came over the guild stone. When the message was finished she dropped her flute mid-note, and rushed to pick up her guild stone. "Cyaer, this is Tislina. I will indeed accompany you to Fenris Keep. Tell me where I need to be and when, and You can count on my being there." She quickly put her guildstone into her bag, along with her flute. Then she rushed off into Silvermoon City.
The message over the guildstone was delivered so calmly and certain that Karamia felt proud of her sweetheart. Picking up the stone she calmly answered. "I will come with you Cyaer. Just give me a moment to collect my gear." her voice calm and steady.

She got her armor and axe ready and walked out of the Inn. She had been going to jot down some things in her Journal, but this was much more important. The short walk to the Hall was uneventful as she passed the many benches in the center.

The steady clopping of hooves came up behind her and she was surprised to see the old farstrider Darthalas as he came into the Royal exchange square. "Good day to you Karamia." he smiled and waved as he came to the Hall and dismounted his skeletal warhorse.

He bowed to her in respect and followed her into the Hall, his raven flapping wings and squawking as it flew in behind them. Darth glared at the bird and tried to shoo him away. "I do not need your squawking, crazy raven!" but the bird merely mocked him with an insane cackle

Mia chuckled at the bird and continued to stroll to where Cyaer sat. "I am here and it looks like maybe we have some back up if he is willing." as she sat down she leaned over to kiss Cy on his cheek and hug him.

"Back up for the rescue, it is why I am here. Reporting for duty, Master Sunblaze" the aged hunter sat down on the rug and waited for instructions.
Tislina ran upstairs in to her room at the inn. "Okay, what do I need?" She thought to herself. She opened her dresses drawer and removed a few health potins. Then she picked up her staff and raced downstairs out of the inn. She whistled her four notes and Arion landed beside her. She mounted himand raced off toward the guild hall. She stopped just outside the entrance and practically flew off Arion, she dismounted so fast. She calmly walked inside. She smiled her greetings. "Hello Cyaer, Mia, Dart. Good to see you all again." With that she sat down on one of the many cushions on the floor and looked up expectantly.

"So, what's the plan?"
"Thank you all for coming so quickly. It is very much appreciated." Cyaer said smiling.

He steepled his fingers together, and looked at Tislina. "We're going to get Kreindis back, but we will do it peacefully. I want no fighting at all. We are going strictly to negotiate the release of Kreindis, and that's all we are going to do."

He turned towards the others, "I suspect Aseria and the Elven Witch are looking for information. And I'm willing to give it to her, them, whatever, to secure Krei's release."

"I'm bringing you, Tis, because I know you have feelings for Krei, and so does Ash. I thought it only fair and fitting you came along. Just don't let either of them goad you into anything. Okay?"

He turns to Mia, "Love, I'm bringing you for two reasons. One we don't know what shape Krei will be in, and I know from experience, your healing spells will be needed. And two, I need you beside me, helping me, us, to make this transfer of Kreindes a safe and peaceful one. Can I count on you, Love?"

He turns to the elder gentleman, and looks him over. "Dart, I wasn't expecting you, but since you are here. I would like you to keep a low profile, and help us scout out any possible traps or ambushes we may come upon. Alright?"

He looks over his people, and knows they all will follow him. "One last thing, while I told Ash and that witch we were coming peacefully, I also clearly gave Viragona a possible chance to mess with this meeting, and ambush us. So we need to be on our toes, and watch for anything suspicious. Just in case, understood?"

He looked them over, and could feel those feelings of doubts rising within him, after what had happened the last time he went on one of these "peaceful" meetings. But each one was hand picked by himself, and he had the utmost confidence in their abilities, and their staying true to the mission - the safe return of the young paladin Kreindis.

He nodded, to each of them, and simply said, "Any questions?"
Tislina shook her head. "Nope, I have no questions." She removed a piece of paper from her bag and quickly read over it. She nodded satisfied and refolded the paper placing it in her bag. "It's just some diplomatic pointers," she explained. "Anyways, Cyaer you can count on me. I'm ready when you guys are."
Nodding at Cyaer, Mia then looked at the others. "Remember something important...this Witch that is with Aseria is insane and she may become unreasonable in her demands. And I do not trust Aseria at all, she seems to like violence and killing, I suspect she is also insane. I pray we can have a peaceful solution to this, but I am prepared to deal out a judgement if I have to. And of course heal anyone who is injured."

Darth looked bored and shrugged, "I have dealt with witches before, it just needs a well placed arrow to silence them...then they are easily subdued. Without their magic they are pretty much helpless."
Cyaer smiled as the group got together, and chuckled at what Dart had said, "Aye, a well placed arrow to the throat...I like that."

"Let us mount up, and head to the Ruins of Lordaeron then out on the road towards Fenris Isle." As he, picked up his backpack. "My hope is that they're both in a lucid moment of thinking, and the crazy will be subdued. But as Mia said, we may have to prepare for the worse. Though, I prefer to think all will go well to get Kreindis safely hame."

The mounts were called, and the small party began it's way to the island.
The man walked silently into the empty room. His black cloak covered his body save for his burnt hand which was covered by a magical glove. He silently looked about the room trying to find what he was looking for. To set his master plan into place he would need to find some "evidance" to place in the right spot and let things go from there. As he searched the room he found. He looked over to the sleeping form on the bed.
She tossed in her troubled sleep. He scowled at her. He wanted to kill her now, so much, but that would not be enough. She needed to suffer! He kept looking until his eyes came upon a special item.
"Yes," he whispered to himself "This will do perfectly. Malt'ar pocketed the wedding band and silently headed out.
"Sleep while you can Keltira, for you will not live much longer." And with that he left the room, an evil smile spread across his lips.
Riding alongside Cyaer, Mia glanced over at him and smiled. He was so romantic and caring. It was an idyllic life she was looking forward to, spending time with her beloved. She thought for a moment she would cry with the emotions welling up inside of her.

{Get a grip!} she told herself silently, now was not the time to day dream about the future. They had work to do and they needed to be calm and pay attention to details. If Aseria was indeed insane, they might have no choice but to kill her and the insane witch that was goading her into such nonsense.

In the distance Darth and his raven scouted ahead, looking for any traps and sentries near the Keep. He moved silently through the forest and kept a close eye on his companion. The raven flew overhead and seemed to be scanning the area in a large circle around them. The elder seemed to have a very different relationship with the bird, he often shouted at it to go away. And yet the bird remained and mocked him with obscure sayings.

Mia looked behind them to see Tis riding close and gazing around. She had a worried look on her face and Mia could understand why. They had no way of knowing if Kreindis was still alive or if the crazed Aseria had harmed him. "I pray for him and you as well, Tislinna. Keep the faith and things will turn out well...I hope."
Kel came awake slowly, stretching luxuriously in her own bed and reaching a hand across to where Nic's warmth had been all night. The sheets had yet to lose all of their warmth, leading her to believe her husband had risen not long before she awoke. Pushing herself up in bed and clutching the sheets to her, she smiled ruefully and ran a hand through her hair, glancing out the window and then rising, dressing slowly. Drawing her stiff leather practice clothes over her street clothes, the paladin reached for the ring that should have been on her table, fingers searching for a moment before her eyes flew wide, and she scrabbled over the table, “Damn damn damn damn damn!”

Dragging out a drawer, Kel dug through its contents, and then took a deep breath, pulling the nightstand away from the wall and searching the floor beneath it. Her movements growing more flustered, she carefully pulled the sheets from the bed, shaking them and listening intently for the clatter of her ring on the floor. Without that sound, the Blood Elf groaned, running a hand through her hair and sitting heavily on her bed.

A good hour later, the room had been torn apart and returned to its original state, and Kel was again sitting on the bed with her head in her hands, “Damn... what did I do with it?”

Her hand, bereft of a wedding ring, the woman rose and left, lost in thought.
He is finally home! We saved Krei! I waited with Dart on the dockes while Cyaer, Mia, and Kel went into the Keep. I am not sure exactly what happened, but Mia brought Krei to the docks and I ported us home. Oh, and Aseria blew up the keep. And she's still out there somewhere, with that witch. Which could still be a problem, but I'll worry aabout that later. Anyways Krei's asleep right now. I am so, so, SO, glad he is safe. He is gonna be okay.

And for once I don't have an unberable amount of things to worry about.
We received Kreindis back safely. The meeting was, by all intents and purposes, a peaceful one. They wanted information concerning the whereabouts of the various runes. And I was interested in only one thing - Krei. As I told the Elven Witch what little we knew, she allowed the release of the young paladin.

Karamia was on top of it as she looked him over and cast several spells of healing over the lad. And as Mia moved Krei away from the dias where we talked, I watched the Witch. She mumbled something to Aseria, and my sixth sense started going into overdrive.

Even as Ash was telling Kel'tira, I was yelling for Mia and Krei to run, to get out as soon as they could. I tried grabbing Kel, and telling her to, but she was intent on Ash. I heard Ash say something about twenty seconds, and I gave Kel one last look, and I ran. I ran as fast as my feet could go.

We made it out, and a safe distance away when we heard the rumbles and explosions inside the Keep. She blew it up, she blew Fenris Keep up! We took Krei down to the docks where Dart and Tis were waiting. I could see the relief in Tis' eyes and face when she saw that her man was safe. We asked her to take Krei back to Silvermoon City, and watched as she created the portal, and the three of them left.

Now only Mia, Kel, and myself remained...oh, and Aseria. Kel had something to say to Ash, and Mia and I stood by each other as they spoke. Finally, the pyromaniac left. It was only a brief conversation on the docks, before Kel flew off on her carpet.

It went well, at first. We kept our cool, though some of us were goaded. But I was proud of my people. We did what we set out to do, and now, Kriendis is back amongst us, safe and sound. Will there be issues later? Certainly, but for now, I know a special mage is a little happier than before. And it does my heart good to know the Fellowship came through.
The red-haired woman sits in the snow in Northrend, her eyes glazed, either with tears or anger is not clear, and a handful of snow is pressed against her right wrist. As she sits in the cold, she drops the now-crimson snow from her arm and scoops up another handful, muttering something over the cut on her wrist before pressing the snow against it.

A long moment later, Kel again throws the snow aside, prodding the angry gash on her wrist and placing a hand over it, murmuring words softly, a prayer to the Light.

As she lifts her hand away, she scrubs the blood off of her flesh, and rises, looking at the jagged scar she left on her skin. Looking pained, she thinks back to the events of the day, and again wishes she could change time, change the past, instead of having to live with herself now.

'Your choice was to live, girly, so live.'

The voice startles her, and she spins, finding no one. The voice sounds again, 'You don't want death that badly, if you can't do it once the death knight set you to thinking about it, hm?'

Again, Kel spins, her eyes hunting the snowy mountain-top for the elusive speaker. Silent, the paladin flinches as a dull chuckle rings out, and a tusked, seal-like form shakes off snow, 'You scared away my game, what can you expect me to do? Leave?'

'No,' he continued, 'but your cousin-issue... Kel, is that what the death knight called you? Anyways, you made him mad, but it shows that he cares. If you want my advise, hell, even if you don't, you'll come clean about whatever it is exactly that you're guilty about.'

Seeing Kel's speechless face, the old man shrugs, 'I've seen my fair share of life, girly, and I know I probably won't be doing much to convince you one way or another, but... take it from me, secrets come out, it's better to do the telling yourself.'

With a slight nod, the old, whiskery, seal-y fisherman turns, descending down the mountain the way he came up, silently, by foot and hand, with metal spikes. Kel, in turn, paces to the edge of the cliff, unfurling her carpet and crouching atop the fabric, guiding it down the mountain in a zig-zag, searching for the dagger Solorin had knocked from her hand before.

Catching sight of the tell-tale glimmer of metal, the paladin leaps from the flying carpet with a stagger, stumbling slightly on the landing. Bending to retrieve her knife, her cousin's knife, Kel chokes back a sob, throwing the blade with Cyaer's name on it from the mountain, into the falling snow.
Journal of Karamia Dawnstrike

I had waited for hours for him to come back. Working on my jewelcrafting to pass the time. Thinking about what I had heard. Did Cyaer think Kel'Tira and I sound alike? Was he confused? I distinctly heard him sigh and with a resigned note in his voice. Who was he calling "Honey?"

My heart shrinks and pounds in remembered pain...not again...not another love wandering off to some temptation and leaving me to face the heartbreak...I do not think I could take it again. I try so hard and give him his space. So he can grow and become strong.

Have I crossed the line? Does he feel neglected? I want to be with him so badly it hurts....I need him...I want him...I love him with every fiber of my being. Losing him will destroy whatever faith I have.

He comes in and is so cool to me it strikes my heart like a poisoned dagger. No hug, no kiss, just a desultry, "Hi." I am stunned for a moment. So hurt I can hardly speak. Finally I ask him what is on his mind. I pray to the Light he is honest with me.

I can tell he is upset, I do not know why. I ask him to open up to me, I ask that he not shut me out. The lump in my throat is killing me, but I swallow the pain and reach for him. He gives some whispered excuse about being tired, weary of the responsibility. Kel'Tira has been training him to be a leader, she puts so much responsibility on him. I fear it is too much.

I remind him that Kel'Tira has a husband, and that he should be the one she spends her time with and trains for leadership. He is a member of the House as well and needs to help her. I beg Cyaer to go easy on this thing and not to let Kel'Tira monopolise his time. The look on his face nearly strangles me as he merely nods and says, "I know."

What is he hiding from me? Is there more he will not say? My heart is hammering in my chest like the blacksmiths in Orgrimmar. I nearly faint with the fear of what it might be. Throwing caution to the wind I wrap my arms around him and tell him, "I will not lose you! I will not let anyone come between us!"

For the next hour we sit and hold each other. Trying to keep the world at bay while we connect once again in the peace and joy of loving each other. I will not let anyone come between us. I swear it to the Light! My anger and rage fill me, heaven help the female foolish enough to try to take him away from me!
As I came back to silvermoon, I couldn't help but think about Triana, And When I came back there she was, And we had the most Interesting conversation, And well, now we are an Item...and together! I am the happiest paladin alive!!! And well !@#$, haha She cut my hair and did a damn good job of it too!!

Last night I came across the one they call Kel, She seemed like a nice lady, and well, She was..but she looked a little troubled...Any ways I also re-met Cyaer hopefully me and him can be friends!!! Hes a cool guy! and his fiancee Karamia, Shes pretty, but not as pretty as my Tria!!! But nonetheless they are all nice people, I wonder who else there is to meet in this fellowship.

I ran out of Noggenfogger I need to get more...that stuff is the %^-*!!!

Signed, Loki Soulfire Unsaintly Paladin!
IDIOTS! !@#$ING IDIOTS, It pains me to say such a thing about friend my sister...and yet She leaves me no choice! The longer she decides to hide behind her charade of a Lie that she as painted...I will not stand for this, I saved her life....I saved her from herself, and yet I question myself...Should I have let her Kill her self? Should I have let her get away with what she was wanting to do? I love her as my bestfriend....But...I cannot let her die..I cannot let her quit no matter how hard I have to show her that quitting is not the answer....She can either Live with her guilt or come clean with it...

The Dark Knight's last words linger within his mind like a water lingers on a sponge, "This is the last thing I will EVER do for you! Don't Make me regret it."

Was it the right thing to do? Yes...I will not question my self, She cannot matter how much she wants to, She knows what she did..she knows it was wrong of her...But it is alright, I need a %^-*ing drink of Bourbon...Ill be in shatt for a few days...I need to clear my head before I even THINK about apologizing to her...She needs to realize that she not only hurt me or herself...but Her husband...I will try and Hold Nicias from Hurting Cyaer..Or maybe I should just let him....I helped Cyaer twice! I saved his !@#$ing Life and he still hates me? Bah what ever...Still...I should not be cruel...
Journal of Karamia Dawnstrike

My heart is flaming! I can hardly believe Cy's words to me! He has held another woman in his arms and kissed her! I broke down in angry tears...I cannot come to grips with Cyaer is being tempted by another! I will kill her, whoever it one will come between us. I swear it...I will not leave his side now...he is mine! I will not make another mistake and let another female take my man. I will not let it happen...I will fight for him...I will not let him go!

The night is full of passion, I finally let him fall asleep near dawn...he sleeps now beside me. I will not let him out of my sight...I seethe in my anger and despair. I am so keyed up I cannot sleep. I watch him as the sun rises...the rays touch his face with Light. I love him so much...I need him...I curl around him and pray to the Light. Do not take him from me...
Kel'tira Sunblaze

I told him the truth, and I am afraid that my actions, or my lack thereof, may have torn us apart irreparably. Light guard him in Northrend... Light bring him back to me, that I might be able to set things straight.

I am so sorry, Nicias Sunblaze... So sorry...

I love you.
Kreindis Blazestride

I have returned to Silvermoon... and I am glad. I still hold a faint mark from that witch, a couple burn marks on my chest. Thanks to Mia those are almost gone entirely, though. I was happy to see Tislina after we ran from the keep, as Aseria blew it up. If it wasnt for Cyaer, I wouldnt be here right now. He's the one who noticed it first and told us all to run. Anyways, Tislina teleported me and her back to Silvermoon City. I went to the Hall of Blood and simply just fell asleep on the pillows quickly.

Nothing much happened the next day besides Tislina coming to see me. She asked me how I was healing, and we ended up talking about when Aseria had me in her possession. Tislina said that she was so worried that she might lose me, and her eyes began to have tears in them. I moved closer to her and pulled her close. She put her head on my chest, and I tried to comfort her. And it worked. She laughed to herself softly after a little while of us staying like that for a while and asked me what my favorite color was. I said blue, which was the truth. She said purple, because it felt magical to her. Hmm... maybe sometime I'll make her something, maybe a dress, and I'll have it be purple. We also made plans for today for after I get released from the infirmary. She left soon after, and I went to sleep again for the night.

Today I heard Kel call for Nicias all the way from the infirmary. I ran to her to see what was going on, and it was just her standing alone. I asked her what happened, and she made me promise that if she told me, I wouldnt tell anyone else. I promised. What she said came as one of the biggest surprises I've ever heard. She said that she had almost f*cked Cyaer. I was unsure how to respond. She said that she hates herself for it, and what shes done to Nicias, and she walked away. I came back here to the Hall of Blood to write, and thats all thats been going on.

There is nothing else for me to write about... I'm done.
Tislina yawned as she leaned against her windowsill. She had opened her window so she could enjoy the fresh morning breeze as she woke up. It was looking to be a gorgeous day. The sun was shining, the sky was blue, and fluffy white clouds dappled the sky here and there. Her smile turned to a frown as another breeze blew in. She moved to her bedside and picked up her journal and her quill. Moving back toward the window she began to write.

Tension. It's in the air, I can feel it. Something big is about to happen, but what is the question. Most likely it has something to do with the Fellowship. As it seems there is never a dull moment for us. The day seems like it's going to go so nice, but then again it's always calm before the storm. I just have to be on my guard. Whatever is coming I will be ready for it.

She pauses to again look out her window.

On a lighter side, I have plans with Kreindis today after he is released from the infirmary. I am very excited. He is healing well, eaten, and gotten plenty of sleep. This news makes me very happy. I actually slept well for once too. Usually I toss and turn, but not last night. Anyways, I have a big day and nedd to go get ready for it.

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