Lords of Eternity 25m (A) Recruiting for MoP

Founded: 12/25/2005 on US-Garona(PvE-CST) Alliance side
Website: http://lordsofeternity.guildomatic.com/
Progression: 8/8 HM

LoE is a guild for players who are serious about raiding, but don't have the time to meet the heavy schedule requirements of most progression guilds. We raid 25-mans 3 nights a week, 3 hours a night. Our raids are highly focused, efficient, and successful to meet our raid goals. Loot is given out using a bid based DKP system. We are looking for players with the skill and drive to beat hard-mode encounters.

Our schedule is Tuesday through Thursday night from 8pm to 11pm CST.

An ideal applicant is serious about progression and pushes the limits of their abilities. Above all else, we're looking for players with a 'team first' mentality. Contact our recruitment officers Nessaja or Dunric or visit our website for more information about applying.

It is important to note that we are no longer running official raids in Dragon Soul. We are accepting applications for MoP only. As of right now we are in need of ranged DPS other than hunters. However, we are always recruiting extremely talented players of any class/spec.
8 weeks left. If you're a good ranged dps and want to be in a 25 man environment, give us a shout. We still have slots to fill for mists and perhaps a ten man run here and there until then.

Oh, and certain classes of healers too. idk, maybe druid, pally, shaman, priest, or monk even.
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Bump because I'm Bob Mofo Dole. Join us, NAO!
Still in need of a strong Holy Paladin or 2 and perhaps a Resto Druid.
3 nights a week is a light raid schedule?
When you compare to some guilds (4 nights a week for 4 hours), and considering that we are a progression guild - yes it is light.
Dont mind me, just needed to post something on my alt

Read up, we want peeps who bring a friendly attitude, are willing to learn, and can rock dem bosses!
New raid week...would LOVE to take some new recruits out for a spin!
Le Bump. Needs moar peeps.
I think we need to change this forum and write a new one. Dunric, get right on that mate. =)
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