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Sadly I am thing about leaving my guild atm I lost my grandfather and I had to travel to England to put him to rest and my Gm is holding that to me about my raid attendance. An I am sorry that I put my real life before Wow. On the other had I was gone for 3 weeks and it was hard for me to raid in England when I had to plane everthing for my grandfather's death. I am 8/8Hm with a 403 Item lev Looking for a new home in Mop. I am looking for a guild that Understand that I put My life before Wow. I can raid Sun-Thur but on the weekends I run my own guild. In the last patch I was 6/7Hm and Killed Hm rag this patch. Looking for a laid back guild 10 man rely but I dont mind 25 man and you can be Horde or ally but I dont mind. If you would like to chat in game my real Id is:Tylerchin@hotmail.co.uk

Hello Perfection,
Sorry to hear about your granfather.
But check us out we may be a good fit for ya!
Contact me @ RealID epictankz@gmail.com

Do you enjoy raiding progression content? Do you also enjoy such things as eating, sleeping, spending time with your family - activities that, in general, require you to step away from the keyboard?

Tempest (guild level 25) will give you both raid.
Efficiency is our motto! Our members are skilled, know their classes well and know the encounters.
We have a few core spots currently available! Get them now before they fill up!

Our raid times:
We operate on a 9 hour Raid week.
Wen - Sun - Mon
7:00pm - 10:00PM EST - Invites at 6:30

Class Needs:
Tanks - Monday 100% Attendance required, DPS Offspec req, Gotta impress us!
DK - Low
Druid - Low
Paladin - Low
Warrior - Low

Healers - HM Experience not required
Druid - High
Priest - Holy & Discipline - Med
Paladin - High
Shaman - Med

Melee DPS - HM Experience not required
Death Knight -Med
Enhance Shaman - High
Rogue - Med
Warrior - Low
Ret Paladin - High
Feral Druid - High

Ranged DPS - HM Experience not required
Warlock - Low
Mage - Low
S.Priest - Low
Hunter - Med
Balance Druid - High
Elemental Shaman - High

What We Expect of You:
We are looking for people that are loyal and dedicated to progression. We expect you to know your class well. Our main focus is on progression raiding so we expect for your to show up to raids each week. While we take raiding seriosly, we still know how to laugh and have a good time while doing it.

Prove to us you'll be a valuable member of our raiding group - based on:
* Competency(filling out an app intelligently is the best way to prove this)
* Gear acquired (how good is your gear based on what you've been able to do?)
* Past Raid experience.

For more info, and to apply, visit us at:
or contact Falaise, Valechec, or Bahkwa (Bahtami or Ralaa) in-game & epictankz@gmail.com to RealID.

Hope to see you in one of our raids soon!

About Us:
Tempest's primary focus is on the raiding of progression content in 9 hours a week, with a secondary focus on social interactions, leveling and gearing of alts, and PvP.
We place an emphasis on the interaction between GM and raiders, with raiders providing feedback on almost every aspect of recruitment and raiding.
Officers vote on new applicants as well as provide their own unique opinions on important guild choices, and assist in various capacities during raids.

We like to keep things tight knit and smaller. We do not plan to be a huge 400 member guild where members do not really know each other.

Guild Progression can be found here:
So sorry for your loss. Real life should always come before gaming.

Miscreation is a new 10 man raiding guild on Uldaman (EST-PVE) Alliance side dedicated to experiencing end-game content while fostering mature and rewarding friendships in a team atmosphere.

Working together in new and exciting dungeons, raids, and PvP encounters are the means; having fun and success is the end. Loot is the secondary reward of our labors. We expect maturity, civility, dedication, and the ability to pay attention, learn dynamically and also to poke fun at yourself when needed.

We raid 10-man instances Tues/Thurs nights from 8:00 - 11:00. However, we have no attendance policy for our casual members, you may show up to as little or as many as you want.

Even the most casual, or PvP-oriented players have a place here. Raiders need pals to help them farm, or grind 5-man instances, they need bodies that are still fresh and interested to join along with them. Some off-spec players may need PvP gear for raiding.

For more information, visit miscreation.guildlaunch.com, or look for me or Slipup in game. We'd love to chat with you in vent to see if we'd be a good fit.

Thanks for reading and we look forward to hearing from you.

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