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Earthen Ring
Asgardian is a horde guild on Earthen Ring - US that is looking for more quality people, and we welcome both men and women.

Asgardian's guild structure allows for multiple raid teams.. multiple pvp teams, crafting support, weekly Raid Finder runs, achievement runs, and more.

Asgardian has a wide range of member ages with the core group of officers ranging from the early 20's to their late 30's.

Whether our members wish to Raid, Quest, Craft, PvP, Dungeon, or just simply Fish or have Pet Battles while hanging out on mumble, we strive to maintain a pool of quality members that uplift and support fellow members with cheer, conversation, good times, and extraneous amounts of laughter.

We do not allow racism or sexism and we do not tolerate bad attitudes, homophobia, elitism, or any other kind of “ism” or phobias that would detract from our members feeling free to be themselves and enjoy the World of Warcraft while enjoying each other’s interactions within the community. We are LGBT friendly and we believe that the people make the guild… and our members are having a blast.

If you are looking for the kind of guild that gives you the freedom to play the game the way you like and is full of members that are uplifting, supportive, and ALWAYS laughing it up, go RIGHT now to http://www.asgardianguild.com/ and poke around our website, then, click on apply and be a part of a guild worthy of your great attitude and fun personality.
Although we seek players at all times of the day, as we prepare for Mists, we have a real need for more daytime players with growth into daytime officership available.
We were just featured in several podcasts this week.

The Azeroth Perspective- about 4:20 in

My Epic Heals - about 39:25 in

and Rawrcast - right at the beginning

Come check us out after you listen...

What are your raid days and times?

My current guild fell apart like a girl in her prom dress after the dance.
Our guild is set up for multiple raid teams, personally, I raid sunday and monday nights. Check out the website, we could use more good raiders for our assembling teams....
In fact... on our forums it looks like Zootz (in game name) is putting together a new hardcore team... hit him up
I just arrived on the server and did hear you guys on Rawrcast! are you still recruiting? I'm a working casual player who likes to PVP and is new to PVE atm :)

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