>WE NEED THIS< LF Serious raiders for MoP!

WE NEED THIS was founded on 04/02/12. Our goal is to be the best of the best, being noticed as a server top. On US-Blackrock that is something to be proud of, that being said Blackrock has multiple top guilds. We want to be the best with a 9hr raid week schedule.

Because we raid 9hrs a week (tues-weds-thurs 6pm-9pm PST) or (9pm-12pm EST) and we want to be the best we expect raid attendance to be nearly perfect. If you have a rocky real life schedule don't bother posting, if sporadic events occur in your life more then a normal human being don't bother. I say this because i personally have made ever scheduled raid, and i manage to work part time, go to school full time, hang out with friends, and go to the gym. So... if you cant make our raid times don't bother posting.

Now that attendance was dealt with lets look at our player performance. A lot of guilds can talk the talk but can they walk the walk? Right now our core raiders have experience all the back to WoTLK. We are very knowledgeable about our class and have made drops in our roster due to people not being able to perform at the level we want. We will be running WoL's and we will expect a 95% survival rate.

We are a tight niche group of 7 solid raiders looking for 4 more to go into MoP.
What we are looking for-
War tank with dps os [ warrior ]
Pally tank with dps or heal os [paladin ]
Dk tank with dps os [death knight ]
feral tank with either os [druid monk]
monk with a ms heal/tank and os dps if you plan on rolling a monk we want you to hit 85 in a week i realize that's extreme but we will help in anyway possible. If you are another class please still consider we have multiple toons and we can also re roll.

What we expect from you in MoP.
-Maxed professions.
-Contributions to guild.
-Being active.
-Not being sketchy.
-leveling from 85 to 90 in a week.* ( this is important we want to start raiding the tues after exp release).

What we expect from you in raids-
1. raid awareness tunnel visioning will not be tolerated. this means you are anticipating boss abilities as your own to conqueror the encounter.
2. Being vocal. this means staying calm and being able to communicate during a encounter, for example calling out if your filling someones role as a soaker.
3. Being prepared for raid. All flasks, gems, food, enchants, will be provided by guild.
we expect you to know your reforge and state priorities.
4. raging is a nono. for whatever the reason their is just no room to rage on someone else but yourself. If you don't like the strat thats being ran or the way someone is doing something we talk about like men and back our arguments with solid evidence
5. staying focused. during our raid when it comes to a progression fight you need to be focused on whats going on, if its farm content joke/troll/!@#$ do whatever i don't care but on the fight that's for progression all that stops and were focused.

Well thats my speal and some stuff i might have left out is were all about 20yrs of age, pretty mature for the most part, we are drama free, because half of us live with locally.
i dont care how old you are as long as you follow the %^-* above. you can tell im really tired of writing this now.

If interested or want to talk more get back at my real id @ hotshotgamer1992@msn.com
wheres the serious raiders at yo?
Hey :P I hope your still looking. Im looking for a guild for MoP currently and you seem to be what I need and what I was looking for. Throughout Cata I never had the chance to raid due to pugs requiring achievements and the lack of guilds recruiting. My gear sucks ATM but Ive been looking to improve. I study for fights I know Ill never be able to do. I play WoW nearly everyday so I won't be late. Im still working on my gear but I will most likely be Prot MS and whatever OS you need most Ill work towards. I hope you see this. PST me ingame or something :P
Oh yeah, about the rerolling monk, I plan to reroll a Monk AFTER I clear some tier 1 MoP content, I have all leather heirlooms except for head so Ill level pretty fast. As for the 90 in a week, psh, too easy :)

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