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Aerie Peak
Hello,i'm looking for info on Hordeside guilds here on AP that i cant get in the usual places.i recently got myself a 80 here via a SoR and im looking for level 25 guild.I'm a low level PvP player (twink BG player) and looking to farm myself some Guild boas for new toons i intend to make on this server as my character slots on my home server are full.When im not pvp'n i'd like to be in an Active Social Guild.Its not that i hate raiding (ok i kinda do...lil burnt out on it)but i simply dont have the time or schedule for it anymore and enjoy pvpin with friends here on AP.I'm looking for suggestions on level 25 guilds that Are'nt looking for HC raiders and are Very active and Social ,i like Gchat when im on my 85 doin what i do :P

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