TimeZero In need of ranged

TimeZero , is a newly formed raiding guild! we dowened 5/8 HM on our very first night, and recently had many alts commit to bringing their mains to raid with us! it is a very lively, and positive raiding experience! Our improvements in past 3 weeks have been VERY noticeable, and e are looking at closing in on 8/8 HM VERY quickly,then preparing for MoP Progression!

We are currently in need of very talented and experienced ranged dps! All classes will be considered! We raid monday and wendesday, from 9 pm - 12 server! If Interested please contact me ingame! Either send me mail, or add me real-id! Christian_mauti@hotmail.com
Now Interested in strictly only a Hunter, AND a warlock / boomkin for core!
How about a Elemental sham my.. I'm only 6/8 heroic DS though my ilvl is 401
Edit* only need hunter now!!

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