World PvP

Does Zul'jin ever hold organized world pvp events? Still sorta new and haven't seen anything on more than a tiny scale as of yet in the world pvp department.

If not, are there any guilds or players on both sides interested in putting one together in the future?
Yeah I figured it was because of the PvE server status. I have seen lots of PvP talk and I know there are a few dedicated PvP guilds out there. Was hoping there were enough to have a little fun on the side.

I like most about the PvE servers that you can still do PvP but not get ganked/bothered while questing

And thank you, Tieranny for your replies. It's nice to not get trolled and have legitimate responses.
we might we down for some good old fashioned PVP. get at me in game
ZOMBIE LAND does world pvp all the time. i think world pvp is the best kind of pvp so if your interested, hit us up.

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