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Earthen Ring
Hi! I am looking to get into a new guild. I have a lvl 85 Hunter that I stopped playing once I capped. I also have an 81 mage on a PvP realm that I am currently leveling and a few other alts. I never got into any end game content and really wish I did. I missed WoW during my hiatus but am back for MoP. What I am looking for is a guild that is friendly and willing to work with me in return for me being a good member that participates and is respectful of my fellow guildies. I am still learning the best ways to play my character and my gear isn't that great. I pretty much stink at PvP but it makes me want to get better. Like golf no matter how many times I screw up in PvP the one or two times I don't keeps bringing me back for the abuse :) Previously I was in a lvl 25 guild but they left for a new realm. If I find the right guild I would be willing to bring all my toons over and make this realm my home. Hopefully there are some takers out there. Thanks for reading!

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