WHITEHAND Recruiting

WhiteHand is a leading, vibrant guild and has a long illustrious history in Proudmoore. It is one of the founding guilds, has been around for 6+ years and is committed to top level 10 man and future 25 man raiding.

We are currently looking to shore up our numbers for raids in MoP and are looking for mature, family oriented people (18+) who know how to play their character.

This is an exciting opportunity to become part of our raiding guild (currently near completion of HM DS) and join a dedicated and fun team of raiders who are committed to achieving good things in WOW.

Our raiding times are:
Server time: 3.30 am Sun, Mon and Wed

At present, we are looking for additions to our core raiding team:
DPS: Warrior, Boomkin, Lock, DK
Healers: Shammie, pally and particularly Druid
We will consider all classes and specs.

If this is you then don't hesitate to contact us or put in an application at www.whitehandguild.net and make a decision for a better gaming future.

The Officers at Whitehand.
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