Just came back to the game, and I'm terrible

I've just returned to WoW from a ~ 9 month absence (got bored just after 4.3 came out), and I'm really having a bit of trouble getting back into warlock dps. Before I left (where admittedly, my guild was still doing nef and co), my dps was one of the best in the guild. Now... Not so good.
In the week and a half since I've been playing again, I've manged to replace all of the ZG / molten front quality gear I was using (Ilvl ~ 354) with the stuff I have now (~381).

But the problem is my DPS is still /horrid/ and I can't figure out why. Before I left, I enjoyed demo, so I've been going by the guides for pve demo on this forum, and on Noxxic- And as best as I can tell, I've done all of that correctly, and my rotation and CD management has been as advised.

The problem is, though, I'm still only managing ~19k dps sustained (over 5 mins) on the raid dummy, and it often drops to ~ 18k in raids.

I'm hoping someone can spot what I've been doing wrong, some glaring flaw in my itemization or rotations or something. Because I don't like being a drain on my groups in raids / instances.



Coe->Immol->Doom->Corruption -> Hand of Gul'Dan -> CDs -> Sbolt filler. Refresh corr, coe as they fade, doom after final tick, refresh immol with hand whenever it comes off CD, use bolt whenever not refreshing things. If molten core procs, replace bolt with incin for 3 casts, if target under 25%, replace bolt with soulfire. Use trinkets / meta / demon soul whenever they come off CD if boss fight will last longer than duration of spell.

Using FG for AoE friendly trash or bosses with a strong AoE component, Felhunter for single target dps.

Attack printout from recount for dummy: (5 mins, duration of CoE from cast to fade)

1: Shadow Bolt - 37.6%, Count 86, Damage 1493669
2 Immolate (DoT)- 16.3% Count 120, Damage 548074
3 Corruption (DoT)- 10.7%, count 119, damage 426064
4 Hand of Gul'dan- 10.3%, count 20, damage 410057
5 Bane of Doom (DoT)- 9.6%, count 17, damage 381143
6 Incinerate- 5.9%, count 18, damage 235883
7 Immolation 4.9%, count 54, damage 193417

Pet (Felhunter) was 6.897k dps, I was 12.18k dps for that test.
Noxxic is a start, but kinda vague, try elitist jerks as well.

Your damage drops from dummy to raid because you're most likely hitting the dummy(ies) next to your target, so even with raid buffs your single target is not as strong as aoe. Keep in mind that as well, demo is nowhere as strong as affliction or destruction in single target so you might wanna keep one of those as off spec and switch accordingly.

Also check this: http://raidbots.com/dpsbot/

Warlocks are in the middle range, which means that if you're with an equally geared/skilled fire mage, your damage will be mediocre at best while his will skyrocket. He's not better than you, he's just playing the fotm. Don't be discouraged, warlocks bring utility and burst (particularly demo) that mages can only dream of, this might not be relevant in normal content, but it is during heroics where mages can't afford to go fish for procs.

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