LFM -ds jul 31st

mostly guildie but stil need a few.. woulde love to have a possible priest heals,lock,rogue!
Please have atleast 385 ilvl and be fully enchanted and gemmed
a few people dont know the fights but we're doing this for people to see content b4 the new exspansion is Released.. so if ur one of the classes/roles above please post here. or pst me in game for calendar invite.Any Exsperience on the fights is appreciated!
i might try to do this weekly with my guild but so far we're lacking a few people but if u come with us and are interested in joining our guild for future raiding or just be a casual member or even for pvp. please look for our recruitment post

Still looking for rogue priest and lock for 2mrws run.. ! if u wanna go and need exp or just bored and wanna help then pst me in game or email !

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