Razer Naga or Steelseries WoW Mouse?

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i had a steel series keyboard and steel series mouse - both died in a year. i wanted to love steel series, but the seem to die too quickly.

razor make good products and you can't go wrong with razor. logitech also makes a solid product. i have been using my logitech g3 for 5 years now (i bought my steel series to replace my logitech).
I've always preferred the G8 (now available ast the G9x I believe). Zero resist scroll wheel, swappable weights, swappable grips, large buttons, programmable macros, and enough buttons to get the job done.
I have always been a big fan of the Naga and it most certainly blows the Steelseries mouse out of the water. I have had a few Steelseries products at this point and all are coiled up not in use becuase I found them all to be lackluster at best. That being said, there is a strong chance I will try out the Logitech G600 going forward.
I love my naga, but you have to see what fits best for you. For me the naga buttons were intuitive and the response time is amazing. Make sure you keep your drivers updated, I let mine go for a couple months and it started to act a little funny, but as soon as I updated I was good to go.

01/24/2013 12:06 PMPosted by Parmazana
Dear god I can't believe people pay that much money for mice and keyboards.

Wow, really? Maybe for a teenager making under $10 an hour.

02/05/2013 10:07 AMPosted by Vladimirr
That being said, there is a strong chance I will try out the Logitech G600 going forward.

Apparently that mouse has input lag and other small issues.
01/24/2013 12:06 PMPosted by Parmazana
Dear god I can't believe people pay that much money for mice and keyboards.

I can't believe you'd short yourself if you want to be good at a hobby. It's like building a house with the cheapest materials possible and then wondering why the electricity shorts or the porch is caving in.

I used a cheap Logitech mouse from Vanilla to BC. It was okay and I learned to work around its drawbacks. In Wrath I had a new computer built and picked up a couple of Razer mice(settled on a DeathAdder), 2 keyboards(using Logitech G19), and the Nostromo and Logitech G13 gaming pads(LOVE my G13..even bought a 2nd one when a major key broke). The dramatic increase in my game play and its level of enjoyment was worth every penny.

So I ask would you buy the rusting car because it's cheap, but will break down and need many repairs? Or would you rather shell out the money for the newer car that may end up with issues, but won't need the amount of work the rusty car will?

You get what you pay for when you buy any piece of technology. I work in office retail and laugh at fools that buy computers in our store to run games. And the parents that buy their children these hunks of overpriced junk because "omg I don't want to pay more than $300". Okay, I'll see you in a few months when it's slow and full of viruses. And yes I'll be selling you another $300 POS because you won't listen to me and go to a reputable computer store and have them build you one for a few hundred more than you are spending again. And guess what? With that card swipe you just spend $600 + tax. I could have sent you to a computer store and they spec'd and built you a computer for that price.

Sorry, these type of statements remind me how feeble humanity can be at times.
07/27/2012 05:58 AMPosted by Mogrigg
Cheap plastic all the way, I don't know anyone that had one of those last more than a few months.

I've had mine for two years and it works absolutely fine. The paints rubbed off, sure, but every mouse I've ever owned has done that. Gamer hands.

Let's not even talk about button placement on the Naga. The SteelSeries, though it does have fewer buttons, has them spread aout across the mouse to be used by various fingers. All of the Naga's buttons are placed on the left side, meaning you have to use your thumb for all of them. It's not only lazy design, but they're not as efficient to use.

Besides, just Google "Razer Naga double click" and see the overwhelming number of results you get. The Naga is just as prone to failure as the SteelSeries.

Moral of the story boils down to "take care of your hardware."

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