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Updated for current needs!
401 IL MM Hunter- Looking for a professional, consistent, Mature raid group, 5/8 H exp and just xfered from Arthas. (I saw no hunter needs but i figured what the heck)

*Also play survival very well.
Yeah Mistaustin, team 3 is actually recruiting the most right now. Déucé is the raid leader for that team, not sure if he has a spot for a hunter. Seems there are hunters everywhere at the moment.

What we are doing is recruiting for MoP as we plan to have 3-4 25 man raid teams in addition to our 8-10 10 man raid teams. If you're interested in joining our guild to get on a raid team in MoP, I can bring you in for MoP.
still recruiting exceptional players for mop ^
Still seeking more skilled players.
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Updated for MoP
@ Divinaty, I'm in Avelade's 25m team 1, spoke with him about switching to your grp 5. If the mage spot is still open id very much like to join your team. Your raid schedule works out perfect for me. Plz let me know one way or another
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put an application to your website!
Look me up ingame Barbarexis

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