Rate the Mage Transmogrification Above You!

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08/01/2012 02:51 PMPosted by Chie
Very icy... like it! 8/10

9/10, you look like your ready to set the world on fire!

p.s. i know my set gets seen alot, but i think it looks good on Trolls for some reason, maybe cuz its covering up my Troll face :-)
8/10, has been my transmog for some time.
08/01/2012 03:45 PMPosted by Phöbös
8/10, has been my transmog for some time.

6/10, because you're missing the chest...else who could say anything bad about Firelord Regalia.
8/10. Simple. Elegant. I like.
Nice look for a Troll but down rated for the green since you're fire..7/10
8/10 c:
8/10 very unique set! Don't see it often if at all.
8/10 - the crown is the best of the mog and it's hard to make a bulky model like the worgen look magely. Well done :)

My weapons are mogged as follows

Main Hand


Oh yes, staff and sword boys and girls. Going Gandalf on the wittle howdies :P
I know there was gandalf and other white wizards but I'm not a fan of it in WoW, people end up looking like priests. 7/10

Mine's simple but it's a color thing. I love green, don't really like white.
10/10. Love your name btw.
8/10. I like the nice red look.
10/10 (I swear, I don't give tens often!) because you matched your outfit to your guild tabard. And that robe is sexy.
I guess I'm just too picky or something, because I really have a hard time liking a lot of theses sets. I do like Chillaxed's set though.
8/10 get a helm!
^Cute Bete. 8/10
08/02/2012 03:29 PMPosted by Béte
8/10 get a helm!

I have one! The floating gems above mine head!
8/10 - it's been done but still that helm is epic.
I know right. I even have the Gregarious Grell. It's awesome. :)
08/03/2012 05:10 PMPosted by Gylfie
I know right. I even have the Gregarious Grell. It's awesome. :)

I will admit, even though it looks like warlock armor, 9/10.

<--First transmog set on any of my characters. Please excuse the tabard, the armory isn't updating. It's Scarlet Crusade regalia, easy to get however.

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