[A]<Innominatus> recruiting again for MoP

Innominatus of Stormrage-Alliance is recruiting again, we took a break until the end of Cata, but we're now working on solidifying our roster for MoP.

Innominatus is a 10 man progression guild that was started during ICC by a group of players from the hardcore 25 man scene who no longer wished to dedicate the level of time commitment required, but didn't want to give up that high level of play. We expect a lot of skill from our members and have maintained one of the highest rates of progression per hour on the server, but we also offer a raiding environment that we have been told is "the most fun we've ever had in a raid".

If you can take a Monte Python or Portal 2 joke while dodging fire and slinging DPS like a pro, and you want to do it on a work-friendly schedule, Innominatus might be the guild for you.

Our raids are from 9-12 pm EST, we raid 2 days a week, adding a 3rd day when we start tackling a new instance.
The current schedule is:

Wednesday 9-12 EST
Thursday 9-12 EST
Monday 9-12 EST

Recruitment is currently open to all classes in preparation for MoP.

If you have questions, or are interested in applying, please feel free to contact Ymris (Levinbolt, Sorelle, Ysolde) in game or any of our other members, check us out on our website <innominatus.guildportal.com>, or our YouTube page <http://www.youtube.com/user/innominatuswow>
We have some fun activities lined up for this week, including LFR, Heroic Dungeons, and Achievement runs.
Apply or face the flame.
We are going for some Firelands gear tomorrow night. It should be a good time.
The FL run was good fun.
Achievements are the next activity scheduled for Monday. We are still looking for quality players to join us for raiding in MoP!
It's exciting to see that the Raid Finder encounters in MoP are being tested now. We are getting a lot closer to seeing the final versions of the boss fights.
Did a few instances on beta earlier, look really fun!
We are reviewing Beta raid encounters to get a leg up when MoP launches.
Planning to transfer to Stormrage in next couple weeks. Should I app now or wait for the transfer?
Hey Cyancyde,

Feel free to apply now if you want. Just keep in mind that your armory profile might not update for a while if you transfer to Stormrage and then apply. Either way, we can see what your experience and personality is in the meantime.

Thanks for your interest in Innominatus!
We got a few of the harder achievements out of the way. I thought we had a pretty good time.
Heading into FL for an achievement run tonight.
Oh man the Lich King got his face smashed in by us last night during the anniversary.
We'll finally be doing Heroic Dragon Soul again this week, need more people for the guild!
Achievement run is tonight!
Another raid lockout reset, another LFR clear with no Souldrinker....
Heroic DS on Thursday, can't wait to get raiding with the guild again!
Heroic DS is tomorrow. You better be ready!
OMG Heroic DS tonight!

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