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Keclox, is your char stealthed or anything?
Not to be nitpicky, but the door is open and the shop is a business, sneaking around into a window will likely get you spotted and arrested real fast. And quite frankly, the party was of Sindorei nobles and I doubt you would have been invited. If I respond as having you grabbed and tossed out on your ear do not be surprised. I will give you time to edit your posts.
It's not nitpicky at all - it's a legitimate point. I edited the post now. On the topic of the party, I understood it as a gathering for wealthier people. His contact was a paid-off noble. I apologize for the... screw up.
Waiting for a response from Tyylur. Hopefully she will accept my TM status and not try to know things IC she should not. Remember this is a forum rp I am expecting you all to go by the rules as set forth in the stickies.

I like your fix Keclox. I can accept you have a Blood elf friend who is part of the social circle.

BTW this is still open if anyone wants to join us. I may bring in a Magister and a guard figure for you to report your losses Mcbarthas.
If you want, I can have my female BElf alt (don't ask) to be a Farstrider, trying to help justice. Sorry again for making that friggin' stupid post.

Sorry to sound mean but Dae could you please start a jew paragraph whenever someone speaks? It's difficult to read your post.
I fixed my sources so that I was still not in the know on your profession aside from being a scribe. All she knows is that you are of intrest to her gang. Also I introduced a name to a member of my gang. I though of his name like off the top of my head. Hope you like it :)

Also, I'm not sure what his name is, but a tauren posted on here a bit ago and his position as a bodyguard intrests me as well. I would love to take him up on that offer.

EDIT: jkjk it was an orc and he is a dk sweetness! @Dugoa: I'm sorry about that racial mishap thing and I would love to have you as my body guard. (not to mention raise my gang stats to 2552 members lol)
I think that's more people than there are in the Italian Mafia.
Sorry.[ ]Had to.

Sorry. Had to.
LOL, I am sorry , how about I just call you Mac? Or Bart? I am terrible at remembering how to spell names...(blush)
This looks like a really good idea but I have been at a loss to come up with a character that I think would work. I'll think about this and see what I come up with and if sign ups are still open, will join you.
Would love to have you Auxi. I think I need more help!!

As for you Keclox, I would think a customer in my office would not be loud enough to be heard downstairs. I apologise if I did not set this up properly, Syd's office is upstairs and over looks the rest of the shop. Look into any of the shops in SMC and you will see something similar. There is an open area and a ramp usually that leads to a smaller platform above. That would be Syd's private area. If you wish to see him you would have to wait until the other leaves. Over hearing the conversation would mean you would be within range of the other customer. Which might give her some pause and she would not like it I am assuming?

That said, Syd does none of his unsavory business here in the shop. His contacts are not allowed to visit him here, and he has only a few trusted couriers who deliver messages and orders to him from his associates. Those orders, if you pay attention, are written in code.

His shop is simply a scribe shop and bookseller, nothing more. The guard I am assuming, Bloods, is not going to be obvious. She is there to make sure no one harms him or any of his innocent customers.

Bart, I like your character, but remember Undead do not need sleep, or food for that matter. Though the cooking dailies in Undercity seem to indicate they like cockroaches and mushroom? Go figure...anyway All of you descending on him at once is kind of funny.

I am going to use some npcs to give this thread a little more interest. I will give the clerk a name and have him as one of Syd's trusteds, and I will send a courier. Keep in mind, if you intercept a courier all you will find he has are orders for innocuous things like books and glyphs. If you do wish to intercept one, give me a chance to reply for him and do not assume he will be helpless.
I will be back in town tomorrow night so I will try to tag you in game and pitch my two ideas character ideas to you and you can decide which one you'd rather have or, if you have one that you'd like to see let me know and I will develop it.
Sorry, I had assumed that Tyylur was speaking loudly, and I did not know that there was a second floor. She did, however, leave and that is why I entered.
Name: Cyaer Sunblaze

Age/Gender: 60/ male

Class/Faction: Rogue (Combat)/ Horde

Description: A young nobleman of average height and weight, in fine physical shape. He wears his dark hair long, with a neat goatee to accent his dark features that seems to make him a hit with the ladies. He normally walks the streets of Silvermoon in a black shirt and black pants of good make and style, with simple shoes. He walks with a confident stride, and seems sure of himself. While he is good looking, he does not appear vain about it.

While he does not appear to wear any weapons, he has several small sharp knives hidden on his person, easily accessible when necessary. Such as a simple belt knife, and knives hidden in his shoes.

Choice of weapons/ armor: He has a preference for dark leathers, and a good sword and a dagger will do as weapons. While he has what he calls his "adventuring" equipment, most anything will be fine. It's not the equipment that makes the man, it is the skills and talents he possesses.

Biography/ general personality: The short of it - an orphan who learned he was the bastard son of a nobleman. He holds his friends and family close to him, and dislikes anyone who threatens them. He is engaged, and holds her very dear (and as said before, will kill those who threaten her).

While he has the abilities, he thinks of himself as a strong arm man (or leg breaker), not a finesse style thief. He may be a possible guard, courier, or bodyguard.

Reason to like Syd: A valued member of his guild, and a person he feels he can confide in, Cyaer holds Syd in high regard, and respects his healing abilities. And he's always looking for a little coin.
Also, guys you need to write out more than a few lines, lets see some more detail and leave less to the imagination. Watch grammar and spelling and try to develop more of your characters than a few cryptic words. Note I may not respond to you directly if I feel your post needs work or if you are not in direct contact with Syd or the clerk Jolen. If you are outside and peering in I may acknowledge your interest, but no communications until you are directly with Syd.

The courier is a rogue by class and will serve as a back up guard in case anyone tries anything funny. Keep in mind there are Guardians wandering in the city and also the city guards that come into the shop occationally to keep the peace. And no Tyylur you do not have all the guards and local police in your pocket.
I edited my post; the gold on the desk was a bribe. Also, when you tell us to go more in-depth, do you mean backstories and such?

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