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@Beefy, not sure why a Tauren would be in Silvermoon City, you could be someone who is looking for the gunrunners? Either working for them or trying to run them down. The need for just a hired hand is not high on Syd's list since Tyylur dropped out. If you want you can be someone who is charged with stopping the gun runners and going to Silvermoon to talk to the Sgt about what the locals are doing about it.

Keep in mind even as a beginner I expect more than a few lines of dialogue. The rules are pretty simple. Good grammar and spelling and I dont mind occational typos. You are expected to post at least once a day and keep up with the action.

I can help you as much as I can, but it is up to you ultimately to make your character interesting. If you check the stickies at the top of the forums you will see the section about forum rp. Read through that and make sure you know to keep IC on the IC thread and questions here in the OOC thread.

@ Dae, I think Cassie already went through, give us some descriptions about where they are in the IC thread, I know it is late at night. that is already established. You need to try and make longer and more interesting posts. I know you can do it. Do not be afraid of making it too long.

It is cold and windy in Dalaran, there are always npcs around. If there is someone waiting to guide them to the meeting place. All these things you can put in as Syd is right behind Cassie.
Alright I edited my post, added a bit more substance to it.
Thank you much better
I have played around with a post, but not much is coming together. I'll continue tinkering until I come up with something worthwhile.
I am still waiting for Dae to come and pick up the story. I suppose I could post on Darth. I know sometimes threads move slow so I am not worried about it.
No worries here, summer is winding down and school is starting up. I would like to see this thing through though...




A year of linguistics is coming back to haunt me...

Anyway, if this starts to lag, perhaps we can poke a few people in guild.
This thread is moving so slow, I apologise to anyone who is waiting. I will be getting back to it today. I have a few real life issues keeping me busy.
I am muddling through another post for Demetria. At the moment, I am trying not to get her too far ahead of everyone else but still keep her 'moving' while Syd and Daedhl complete their transaction.
Yes, still waiting for Dae to post. I think she is a mom and very busy. Please be patient. I hope she replies soon.
I am victorious in getting something up! Not that it is all that great--sort of a neutral thing that doesn't really do anything to move the story forward, but hopefully Daedhl will be able to come back soon. I understand the whole busy mom thing.

I may end up toying with the post to see if I can get it turned into something a little more palatable.
No I'm not a mom, but I have been busy College starts back up on Monday so I've been getting ready for that.

Also I was trying to wait for Bloods to post but it seems she's dropped from the thread, so I'll get a post up tonight.
Real life comes first, take care of that and we'll see you when we see you :). Gearing up for a new school year is rough and I do not miss those days.
No I didn't drop, I just have also been busy. Just started a job, and I've been doing lessons at a friend's house with her horses (I've started giving them =O )
Hey Bloods, I love horses. I have to have the in game horse mounts on all my characters. Did you watch the Olympic Equestrian events? I love the dressage events and the jumping.

I do hope we can keep this going, I know real life is first and school is starting for some of you. Forum rp can run slow sometimes. But it's ok. Post when you can.
Just an FYI, she had a slight name change due to moving servers. *Shakes an angry first at the level 9 toon holding her name.*
08/22/2012 02:06 PMPosted by Sydric
Hey Bloods, I love horses. I have to have the in game horse mounts on all my characters. Did you watch the Olympic Equestrian events? I love the dressage events and the jumping.

Yeah I did, or at least the ones I could since they were on at like 6am.

I'm working on teaching a pony to jump for horse agility (hehe!) and riding bareback on a horse. I've got pics of the two I work with up on my DA account if you're interested in seeing them. The pony also drives =D
deleted was meant for another thread lol (hangs head in embarrassment)
Name: broketusk
Age and Gender: m/21

Class and Faction: paladin/tauren

Description: bedraggled leather, and stained tunic. a singular broke tusk on one side.
Choice of weapon and armor: a warhammer(2h), with affliation with axes

Brief bio and general personality: fairly stocky(much like a tauren would be) young, yet short & not so bright in the int department. Broke would have a background of simplicity and quite possibly just a impoverished situation which led to the alley life.

Reason why you are either for or against Syd: Syd would be an outlet for this rp-toon in which i processed transactions according to the orders or situation at hand. (leaving it fairly open to work with any variety of rp that may unfold....fairly new at rp'ing so i dont want to go overboard with some deep background and characterization; other than just the basics). As for a role in all this i am essentially a regulator/transaction persons.

would i need to tweak any of this to better fit the RP itself? if so send me some feedback id love to get this going with yall!~
@Broketusk, I actually like the name and concept of using the description as part of it. I am not sure if I understand the "regulator/transaction" thing? Do you mean a courier? Or a contact in the Thunderbluff area?

As for suggestions, if you look to the opening sign up paragraphs: I want proper grammar and spelling. Using capitalizations where needed and punctuation. If you clean it up a bit I can be tolerant.

As for the character, I kind of hesitate on the idea of a paladin being not high on intelligence or working for an underground crime syndicate. It is my understanding that paladins are more of a class that would be in the business of catching criminals and not being one. Does that make sense to you?
Here you go Bloods, watch and see how elegant the dressage horses are. I can watch these a long time and still enjoy them.

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